Viktor Bout: 'The Lord of War' Quietly Awaits his Fate – The Silence is Deafening Part 2

“A shadow play run from behind the scenes by very powerful people, foundations, think tanks, and governments with far-sighted agendas. The more I delved, the more I realized: This guy is not guilty. He was set up.” – Daniel Estulin.
Viktor in jail

In Part 1 of my article, I sated that “The silence surrounding the upcoming extradition case is not only deafening but quite puzzling as it is suspicious.” I started to investigate, research more and delve deeper into Viktor Bout’s past and into allegations to his alleged ties with international intelligence agencies. In my quest for the facts and the truth I caught a lucky break. I was able to get in touch with author Daniel Estulin, also an award-winning investigative journalist and public speaker. We spoke at length on the facts concerning Viktor Bout’s arrest and allegations.

Daniel Estulin’s recently published book, Shadow Masters, focuses on international governments colluding with intelligence agencies, drug lords and terrorists for mutual benefit and profit. It is Daniel Estulin’s chapters’ dedicated to Viktor Bout that peaked my interest and curiosity. However, I was particularly drawn by the fact that Daniel Estulin interviewed Viktor Bout face to face. For instance, Estulin points out that Douglas Farah co-author of Merchant of Death, “has never met Victor Bout; he has never even actually talked to him.”

Conversations with Daniel Estulin: (any following quotes are paraphrased from my conversation for continuity or are taken directly from the book Shadow Masters)

As per my conversation with Daniel Estulin on Wednesday, it appears that he has more proof and evidence than that of the U.S. prosecution team of lawyers. The U.S. case against Viktor Bout is baseless and without merit, basically he is just a patsy. Viktor Bout has been demonized by the press to portray a merciless villain. Bout was simply in the cargo business and yes sometimes the cargo were arms and weapons. But even as Douglas Farah stated, “It is important to note that much of what Viktor Bout does is, while reprehensible, not illegal.”

Estulin elaborated further and added that Bout’s alleged co-conspirator Andrew Smulian worked directly for the DEA. He also told me that absolutely no money changed hands between Viktor Bout and the DEA undercover operatives. I am certainly not a lawyer but my understanding is that if no money changed hands, then there is no crime. If you read Estulin’s book Shadow Masters he goes into much greater detail about how the current charges hold no merit.

Estulin named names and has documents and transcripts to prove that the current charges against Viktor Bout do not hold any water. As I investigated further, I could not find any evidence or any proof of the allegations and charges brought against Bout. In our conversation he explains in great detail the history of Viktor Bout’s air cargo business as it had its early beginnings in Africa . How Viktor and his brother Sergei began after the fall of the former Soviet Union.

In the early 1990’s Bout gained control of almost all the air transport business in Africa. This was almost by default as air cargo compnaies pulled entirely out of the African continent due to safety concerns. When Bout’s business profile heightened in two areas of great interest to the Bilderberger’s Shadow Masters—arms and air transport—Bout now found himself an international pariah. An intense worldwide defamation campaign was launched, encompassing UN reports, press accounts, and a book titled Merchant of Death, by Douglas Farah who admittedly never met or interviewed Bout. The book’s nickname for Bout is constantly parroted in the US media.

It is less than a hour away from the pending decision on Viktor Bout’s extradition hearing. Already there is a smear campaign and political posturing happening now in the press. U.S. congressmen are warning about dire consequences to the U.S. and their allies if Bout is released. Due to time constraints I can not elaborate further at this time. Viktor Bout’s fate will become more clear in a matter of minutes. I just want to conclude this article with an excerpt from Daniel Estulin’s book Shadow Masters. If Bout’s co-conspirator Andrew Smulian was actually a DEA agent working directly for the U.S. government, can anything he say be trusted? You decide for yourself:

“BANGKOK, Thailand – In the official story, Andrew Smulian, an alleged co-conspirator of supposed Merchant of Death Victor Bout, escaped a locked-down room guarded by 12 DEA officers; then managed to take a taxi to the airport, in handcuffs, with no money and buy a ticket without a passport to the only place in the world where, if convicted, he is destined to spend 300 years in the slammer. Mr. Smulian was detained by US government forces on March 6, 2008 in Bangkok and according to the DEA, both men were accused of a scheme to sell $5 million worth of weapons to member of FARC, Columbia’s terrorist organization.”

Further reading: SHADOW MASTERS by Daniel Estulin:

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