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Bail denied for Richard Chichakli: Inside The Court Room during The Hearing


A court room sketch of Richard Chichakli during his Australian bail hearing.

Chichakli Extradition Pending

Richard Chichakli now 53 years-old has been held in solitary confinement in an Australian prison since last month and he is currently awaiting possible extradition to the United States. Chichakli is facing charges in a joint indictment in the U.S. over his alleged involvement with Viktor Bout who’s been jailed in the U.S. for 25 years convicted on conspiracy charges. Despite Viktor Bout’s harsh sentence he has strongly maintained his innocence and Chichakli denies working for Bout but proudly boasts of their friendship.

According to an article titeled, Police say man wanted in US had 16 aliases:

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have identified 16 aliases for the Syrian-born Chichakli. But lawyers for Chichakli have argued some of the aliases was similar and merely represented cases where his name has been misspelt. Victor Lewis from the AFP told court Chichakli has primarily used the name of Jehad Almustafa for bank accounts, his drivers licence and for travel in and out of Australia.

His lawyers say that his only offence in Australia has been operating under that false identity. Chichakli’s lawyers also argued that his case is complex and need more time than the contraints they are currently working with. My understanding of the Australian law in regards to Chichakli’s extradition to the U.S. is that the Aussie government has 60 days from his arrest. Chichakli was arrested on 10 January 2013 thus the clock is ticking therefore the US authorities have until March 11 to apply for his extradition.

Mrs. Chichakli’s Prison Visit

Slighty over a week ago I wrote an article titled, World Exclusive: Richard Chichakli: “Australian Prison Is Trying To Poison Me”  in which Chichakli’s wife described her husbands abuse and mistreatment in the Aussie prison. Since I wrote that piece she has been able to have her first visit with her husband Richard, however, it was a non-contact visit. This is what Mrs. Chichakli wrote me:

Hello George,

I got a call on Wednesday morning from Ops Manager of MRC Mrs. Smith, she confirmed that I was placed on the list of visitors for non-contact visits only. I can visit Richard once a week and talk to him for 30 mins through a glass wall. I asked to see him the same day.

I heard the clicking sound of shackles being removed before Richard entered the visitors’ room. His face was very pale and skinny. It was very difficult to look at him and keep myself calm–he has lost so much weight since the last time I had seen him, he didn’t look healthy.

Chichakli’s Defense Attorney Silenced

Initially I thought it was strange that Chichakli’s legal defense team had no reply to my queries as to their clients health, treatment and prison conditions. Then Mrs. Chichakli told me they went not allowed to have any contact with the media. Mrs. Chichakli wrote:

I am in communication with Richard’s lawyer and he’s attends all of my enquiries with urgency. Mr. Sim is aware of my concerns about Richard’s health. With respect to bringing Richard’s matter to public domain, they are not allowed, as I was told, to communicate with media.

Later that day I received an official notification from Richard Chichakli’s legal defense team basically telling me the same thing. They said by law they are not permitted to speak to the press or any media while the case is ongoing.


Bail Denied

The judge just hours ago denied Richard Chichakli bail. The reason was that since he allegedly used many alliases as well as traveled frequently in and out of the country — thus maikng him a flight risk.

Inside The Court Room

Before Richard Chichakli’s bail was denied, Mrs. Chichakli gave me a very detailed look inside the court room during the actual hearing. Unfortunately due to unavoidable travel, I was not able to post her comments sooner. In retrospect, now knowing the outcome, it makes Mrs. Chichakli’s observations, insights and intuitions that much more revealing. Here is her description in her own words inside the court room:

Dear Mr. Mapp:

I’d like to send you my observations from the bail hearing that took place on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

The court was supposed to start at 9:30, but due to Australia Federal Police officer’s Viktor Lewis submitting a sworn affidavit right before the court, the proceedings were delayed until 10:30.

Richard’s attorneys Mr. Marsh and Mr. Sim were well prepared for the hearing with strong arguments in Richard’s favor and confidently refuted every concern of the prosecutor Ms. Folie in connections with establishing that special circumstances exist in Richard’s case and that he does not pose a flight risk.

At first, AFP’s Mr. Lewis who was involved in Richard’s arrest and has been examining seized property for almost a month now, was called to give a testimony under oath.

Barrister Marsh enquired on what basis did AFP compile such a long list of aliases (about 16 names) allegedly used by Richard to be included in the search warrant. Mr. Lewis’s response was that the United States has supplied AFP with the list of names.

Mr. Lewis has confirmed that the identity used by Richard in Australia was Jehad Almustafa.

When Mr. Lewis was asked whether the police has found any evidence  of Richard using other identity, in particular the names of  “Robert Cunning, Raman Cedorov, Abdullah Al Subait, and Andrey Romanov” Mr. Lewis said that there’s no evidence supporting such statement.

Mr. Marsh then referred to the remaining names of the list, which were different variations of Richard Ammar Chichakli, about 10 of them. He asked Mr. Lewis if it was possible that some were just misspelled variations, such as Chichalki (misspelled) vs. Chichakli (correct), and whether ‘Chichakli Richard A.’ and ‘Chichakli Richard Ammar’ are essentially the same. He received a confirmation from Mr. Lewis that that could be possible.

He also enquired with Mr. Lewis whether his own first name has ever been misspelled with a ‘c’ instead of ‘k’ in Viktor. The officer said that a few times he received correspondence addressed to him with such a mistake. Mr. Marsh then enquired that maybe ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ could also be interchangeable as they represent the same sound in Arabic. Thus “Chichakli” and “Shishakli” are also the same names, only misspelled.

“Do you know,”- Mr. Marsh enquired,-”that Richard’s birth name was Ammar M. Chichakli and that he legally changed it to Richard A. Chichakli when he moved to the United States?” “Would that be an explanation for another variation on the list?

Mr. Lewis stated that upon Richard’s arrest an equivalent of about $2500 in multiple currencies, including euros, and this significant amount of cash was indicative of Richard’s preparedness to flee the country. Mr. Marsh enquired that maybe instead this money was left over from Richard’s recent trip to Europe, and posed a question of how much it would possibly cost to obtain a false id? Mr. Lewis’ answer was ‘tens of thousands of dollars’. With Richard’s combined cash assets (cash in the wallet and at the bank) amounting to AU$5000, an old Renault-made car and Holden Viva in his name, with bank cards seized by police and no access to frozen funds, it was not likely that a false id can be obtained. Mr. Lewis tried to allege otherwise, his arguments however were not well supported.

Mr. Marsh also pointed out that Richard is on Interpol red alert list, and asked Mr. Lewis to clarify what that means– other countries would be alerted when the person being sought crosses the border.

Richard has significant presence on the Internet with various photos published and it would be very difficult to hide.

With respect to Richard’s character, Mr. Marsh said that the only offense in Australia was Richard’s entering and continuing to live under different name. Richard has actively sought employment, went to school, committed no crime except for perpetuity of his false identity, and just lived a normal life.

Then Mr. Brendan Money was called for testimony. He is an Assistant Commissioner for Sentencing, who is responsible for security classification. Mr. Money returned from his leave on January 30 and met with Richard on that day (after 20 days have passed since Richard’s incarceration in maximum security regime). Mr. Money stated that it was his responsibility to assess the security risk of prisoners, and currently Richard was being treated as ‘high risk’ with all the consequences. Mr. Money assured the judge that he wants to conduct a proper assessment and that it will as much time as required to review all the relevant information within specified time-frame, and up till then Richard will remain in existing condition. Richard is presently held at Exford area for Metropolitan Remand Centre, which as confirmed by Mr. Money, could be called “a prison within prison”. Richard stays all day in solitary, which is 3 by 4 metres in length (*10 by 13 feet), he is shackled to the waist when transported within the prison with only two 1-hr non-contact visits per week allowed since January 30 (none before that). Richard is kept in such conditions for his own safety and security of other prisoners. Mr. Marsh enquired whether anybody has ever escaped from MRC—Mr. Money’s answer was ‘no’, but since Richard is known to access false id’s and guns (*what made him think that?!), Richard has been classified as ‘high risk’. “But MRC is not a point of international departure?”—Mr. Marsh commented.

 “If the proceedings are to take 12 months, would Richard still be kept in such conditions?”—Mr. Marsh enquired noting the loss of weight and worsening health of Richard. Mr. Money answered that usually it takes up to 30 days to make a risk assessment and if more time is required, he would need to approve it (* he who decides also approves extension of time to make the decision!?). But at present Richard would continue to stay in maximum security area of the prison. I was also astonished by the statement of the prosecutor citing some legal precedent case where deteriorating health and severe depression of defendant were not considered by the judge as extraordinary circumstances to grant bail. (*Innocent until proven guilty takes form of ‘sick and weak (or dead) before proven guilty’—Richard has lost more than 10 kilos in 3 weeks he’s been in this prison–he’s severely underweight, he looks frail, he’s not allowed to see people, doesn’t have access to standard prison resources, he’s treated like an animal—do you know that they shackle him and transport him in a metal box, guarded by security, when other prisoners are taken by a standard bus!?) Mr. Money said he didn’t notice any change in Richard’s appearance since he first saw him.

I easily get emotional when I see injustice, but I’ll try to keep going.

After the lunch break, the prosecutor made a statement that Mr. Lewis can provide additional evidence that is supplied by the United States, that would back the prosecution. The judge has allowed it, but then when notified by Ms. Folie that it only can be shown to the Judge and not the legal team of Richard, because it’s secret, the judge has declined the request because it would put defense of Richard in unfavorable position.

Mr. Marsh and Mr. Sim indicated that Richard would challenge the legality of extradition under double-criminality, better explained as whether the charges he’s facing would consist crime in Australia. Since this process is complicated and is expected to take time, they appealed to the judge that His Honor should not allow harm to defendant before guilt is established.

Mr. Marsh also pointed out that Richard’s being on the United Nations list does not give rise to an offense. He was free to leave the United States in April 2005 with no charges then or prior, and it had been long after—4.5 years after he left the US—that the charges were filed against Richard in November 2009. Mr. Marsh has indicated that the Executive Order that placed Richard’s name on the list is closely connected to domestic and foreign policy of the United States, as such giving rise to political reasons behind Richard’s case.

The decision about granting the bail will be announced on Thursday, February 7, 2013.


[Mrs. Chichakli]

Contact Information:

Twitter: Dobroyeutro


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Viktor Bout in Marion, IL Federal Penitentiary -- taken October 2012

Viktor Bout in Marion, IL Federal Penitentiary — taken October 2012

Viktor Bout’s defense attorney, Albert Y. Dayan, recently filed on 30 January 2013 a 55 page appeal with the U.S. 2nd Circuit court of appeals. The link to the entire document can be found here: Viktor Bout Appeal. Bout and his attorney are appealing his 25 year sentence for conspiracy charges. Bout has mantained his innocence throughout the process.

These exclusive documents are from the U.S. State Department, including State Department Cables, Letters to Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder and between the U.S. and the Kingdom of Thailand.

To the best of my knowledge the following exhibits have not been published or seen other than the judge as well as lawyers for the defense and prosecution. Each exhibit has its own link.








Contact Information:

Twitter: Dobroyeutro


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World Exclusive: Richard Chichakli: “Australian Prison Is Trying To Poison Me”

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The Half-Truths and Missing Facts of Disarming Viktor Bout: The Chichakli – Schmidle Files

Exclusive: Richard Chichakli Speaks About the Viktor Bout Trial

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Viktor Bout convicted in ‘arms smuggling’ case, may get life

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Viktor Bout in a Bangkok, Thailand prison.

Drug Smugglers, Gun Runners, Russian Intelligence Officers and Terrorists’ Wives

How, when and why I first met Viktor Bout is too fascinating and too long a story to discuss here. In fact so intriguing that I am currently write a book about it. Viktor Bout is a part of but by no means entails my entire book. The book will also discuss my intimate encounter in the foothills of the Himalayas with David Headley’s — Mumbai’s 26/11 terrorist mastermind — wife Faiza that led to India’s intelligence agency tracking me down for interrogation and questioning along with the FBI. My book is in five parts: India, Thailand, Morocco, America and Russia. For a brief description see below:

In his fascinating new book, Drug Smugglers, Gun Runners, Russian Intelligence Officers and Terrorists’ Wives, George Mapp describes how he went from an international equity trader on Wall Street, to massage therapist to international globe trotter to an accused terrorist. His unique book will discuss international travel to exotic destinations, a spiritual journey, love affairs, diverse cultures, religious clashes, drugs, terrorism, intelligence agencies, spies, lies and spy games as well as his eye witness account of 9/11.

The Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India in flames after the terrorist attacks on November 26 2008.

Contact and Book Donation Details for Viktor Bout

Since I first met Viktor back in October of 2010 in a Bangkok court room, I have followed his case extensively. I attended everyday of his New York trial, form opening remarks to the jury’s decision to the sentencing. I have visited him more than once in prison in Brooklyn and continue to communicate with him frequently via the prison email system dubbed CorrLinks. By default, I got to know him, his close friends, ex-partners and family quite well.

Viktor is quite a gifted linguist — he was able to read my Sanskrit tattoo’s with no problem. I can’t even read them, of course I know what they say but I am unable to read Sanskrit.

When you read the entire interview you will understand what extremely isolated conditions he is currently being held under. I am asking on Viktor’s behalf that anyone that would like to or that has the means to please consider sending a letter — or better yet ordering books for him online or perhaps donate money to him directly via the U.S. prison system so he can buy items from the commissary and phone his daughter, wife and mother in Russia which is extremely expensive.

Just so that there is no confusion — Viktor does NOT have access to the internet — ONLY a prison email system that is tightly monitored and restricted. Thus, Viktor can not read any news or websites, he can not download books or movies nor Skype. He is — with very few exceptions — completely isolated. Viktor would especially love books in Portuguese, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Russian and yes even in English. Please remember — you can NOT send him books directly — they must come from a publisher directly. No more than 5 books at a time.The best way is too order online and have them sent to him — they MUST include his register number along with his name.

PLEASE NOTE: The BOP’s rules are extremely strict, Viktor can NOT receive any books or magazines directly from ANY individual — ONLY a company like Amazon or a newspaper subscription that comes directly from a publisher — for example Gazeta.ru. If you have any questions here are some links:

Inmate Locator

Inmate Mail/Parcels

Inmate Money

Viktor Bout Contact Info:

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you include his prisoner Register number

VIKTOR BOUT Register # 91641-054
P.O. BOX 1000
MARION, IL  62959


Viktor Bout with the Marion, IL. prison inset in foreground. photo credit: © Collage: The Voice of Russia

Viktor Bout Exclusive First Interview from Marion, IL. Prison By George Mapp Jr



Viktor, first of all I want to thank you for taking time out for this interview. I haven’t seen you in person since April at MDC in Brooklyn. A lot has happened to you since then. I would like to first ask you, was your transfer to Oklahoma City from Brooklyn as sudden and unexpected for you as it was for your legal team?

The transfer wasn’t sudden or unexpected, it was clear that it was about to happen.

How were you treated during the transfer process and what mode of transportation did they use to move you to the temporary facility?

BOP [Bureau of Prisons] “bussed” about 25 inmates in same base to upstate’s Steward Airbase, where the infamous “Conair” MD82 was expected by several buses and vans from the region. When the plane landed, the buses and vans went to the tarmac and then some inmates were disembarked, and then they boarded us. The flight was OK, nothing special, just to sit in iron legs, shackles, belly chain, lock and box quite uncomfortable! At Oklahoma City there is a huge terminal like building – welcome to Federal Transit Facility Oklahoma! They called my name on public system and then they got me out first, and quite quickly I was in SHU !!!

Viktor Bout after his extradition from Thailand is shown arriving at Westchester County Airport, in White Plains, New York, Nov. 16, 2010. Photo by U.S. Department of Justice via Getty Images

[The Federal Bureau of Prisons‘ solitary confinement units are known as Special Housing Units aka the SHU.]

So I spent 12 days in the SHU in full and complete isolation from News, newspaper or even TV, only on work days they would take me for “recreation’- for one hour inside a caged roof (size 4mX4m).

I was treated exactly like anybody else in the SHU! I tried to request my legal call to my lawyer and to the Embassy, but they said only after 30 days I can have a call.!!!

How were your conditions and treatment at Oklahoma City?

Conditions at Oklahoma – it is clean, a shining jail like a monument to the prison industrial complex – still same cells ( size wise, same BOP menu, same attitude and even same smells!!

Did you have advanced notice of your final transfer to Marion, IL. Where you are currently being held?

It was clear a week before the transfer that it will be UPS Marion, so here I am, in CMU (you can check what it is your self)

[According to Wikipedia, a Communication Management Unit  or CMU is a recent designation for a self-contained group within a facility in the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons that severely restricts, manages and monitors all outside communication (telephone, mail, visitation) of inmates in the unit. The CMU permits two hours, twice per month, and no contact, meaning the visitor and inmate are in separate rooms with viewing through a glass window and talking via telephone. All conversations must be in English unless special permission is granted 10 days in advance. This is in contrast to ordinary inmates in ordinary units, where the visitation standard includes unlimited contact on their visitation day, once each week or biweekly. In addition to the already imposed restrictions, CMU “prisoners are banned from any physical contact with visiting friends and family, including babies, infants, and minor children.”Compared to other inmates, those placed in the CMU have little contact with the outside world. At least $14 million is spent on surveillance of the CMUs. A counterterrorism team in West Virginia monitors verbal communication remotely.

Thai appeals court denied bail for Viktor Bout.

You have described briefly to me – via CorrLinks prison email system – your conditions in Marion. Can you please describe for my readers your conditions – especially phone privileges and visiting conditions?

CMU’s rules are quite restrictive – only 2 calls of 15 minutes per week with the special forms where you have to use available timing and mention to whom you will call and which language you are going to use, 1 week prior to yours calls. Even a letter you can only send if the address is in the your approved contact list and you must use only the printed labels for the address. Here I will again have non-contact visits (through glass).

Since Putin has been elected as the Russian president, there seems to have been a plethora of political support for you out of Russia – is this just coincidence or is there a connection with Putin to the political support?

As I have very little information about the political support I really can’t comment on something that I am not aware of. I know that many in Russia are concerned what has happened to me, and why it is happening.

Have you noticed an increase or any change in support from the Russian government since Putin’s election?

Again, here in Marion I have very little news from Russia, and I am only calling my family to check how they are.

Viktor Bout speaking into microphone behind bars in Bangkok, Thailand.

Has the support from the Russian consulate and Russian government been affected by your transfer to Marion, IL? If so, how has it changed?

I don’t know of any facts that something was affected, just last week I got a call from the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in the Washington, and soon they are planning to visit me here.

According to The Voice of America’s James Brooke, Igor Sechin visited New York shortly after you were convicted – did Sechin visit you or speak to you during his visit?

As I said many times, I do not have any personal connection to Mr. Sechin, never meet him before, so even to ask about his visit to NYC is useless.

I was standing outside the courthouse last fall when The Voice of America’s Carolyn Weaver [I actually have this on video] asked your wife Alla, “How long have you been in the KGB?” Do you care to comment?

Well, in 2004 I even requested the Archive of the ex-KGB for that, and I do have an official statement, that I never been in there service and never help any position.

An earlier photo of Russian president Putin when he previously served in the KGB.

Viktor, there are many so called conflict awareness groups, arms trade organizations that have been following your case. Do you care to enlighten them to the facts and reality of the international arms trade including the major players?

I think I am not in the position to enlighten them. As I know nothing special, which they didn’t know. What is interesting for me is who finances them and why do they exist? Just there honest desire to help other nations? I never believe in these “cover stories” !!!

The former CIA asset and Liberian war Lord Charles Taylor has been linked to you by various publications. Have you ever met or done business with Taylor?

I never meet C.Taylor, and never had any dealings with his regimes!!!

I was in Russia when an anonymous source notified me that you would not be sent to the ‘Supermax’ prison facility in Colorado. I was actually the first person to publish this on the internet followed by The Voice of Russia. Was this decision and attorney general Eric Holder’s intervention a surprise to you?

I don’t know anything of the interventions by Eric Holder – as I know he is still the Boss including the BOP! So what kind of the intervention your are talking about, this IS HIS PERSONAL DEPARTMENT!!!

Charles Taylor escaped from a US prison in 1985 and some analysts believe the CIA helped with the prison break [EPA

Would you plead guilty if you were guaranteed to be extradited to Russia to serve out your sentence?

That’s a 64kUSD question, I will need legal advice from my team.

Viktor, Richard Chichakli’s name has appeared on a second DEA indictment issued in November 2010 along with your name. Do you care to comment about either your personal and / or business relationship with Richard?

Richard is my friend, and I will not comment or speculate about him – his life is just another example of the reality of this very country.

Their have been many investigative journalists associating DEA sting operation ‘Relentless’ that ended in your initial arrest in Bangkok, Thailand to either your knowledge of or involvement in 9/11. Some like investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said, “Bout was arrested because he knew too much about 9/11 and the intelligence agencies wanted you off the streets.” Others have said that you were arrested to be indirectly blamed for 9/11. Do you care to share your thoughts on these allegations?

Well that’s a nice idea for Hollywood. As all that happened on 9/11 itself. I have to intention to comment on there fantasies and speculations on the rumors.

How is the appeal process going?

Best is to check with Mr. Albert Dayan, I am looking to see him, I Don’t know what is going on for the last one month.

Do your lawyer’s and legal staff have direct access and communication to you? Or has it been very difficult due to your distant geographical location?

That’s another problem, I am in contact with Dayan’s office via corrlink e-mail, but I was denied a possibility to make an unmonitored legal call to him, for which I have to have 2 week deadline in the Court and I have to provide a docket number then maybe I will have chance to call him!!!

Has any of your legal staff been able to see you in person since your transfer to Marion?

Not yet. I know Mr. Dayan was in Moscow and looking to see him soon.

Viktor, I would like to take this time to say thank you for your interview.

Thank you and best wishes to readers of your site !!!

Contact Information:

Twitter: Dobroyeutro


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Viktor Bout scolding DEA agents in the first row during his sentencing.

The DEA sting operation dubbed ‘Relentless’ ironically may have been both Viktor Bout’s demise as well as sparing him a life behind bars in a U.S. Federal penitentiary. U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin said 25 years was sufficient and appropriate because there was no evidence the 45-year-old Bout would have been charged with seeking to harm Americans if not approached by informants posing as Colombian rebels.

“But for the approach made through this determined sting operation, there is no reason to believe Bout would ever have committed the charged crimes,” Scheindlin said.

Inside The Court Room

On Thursday afternoon 5 April 2012 their was a very large crowd gathering outside room 15C that was comprised mostly of journalists but also included sketch artists, Federal agents and other attorneys. The Federal marshals began to let people in at approximately 4:10pm. After several postponements at the request of Viktor Bout’s defense attorney, his long anticipated sentencing would finally take place. They allowed the journalists to fill the entire jury box, the entire right side of the court room as well as having additional folding chairs added on both sides of the room. In addition room 26A was designated as an overflow room for those that did not make it inside room 15C but would see the sentencing via closed circuit TV.

Inside room 15C the Federal marshals were wearing bullet proof vests underneath their shirts for the 1st time during the proceeding as well as having extra marshals and close protection guards for Viktor Bout. I was in the second row directly behind the DEA agents. To my right was Viktor’s daughter Lisa, then Alla and next to her was the New York Russian Vice-Consul Alexander Otchaynov.

Viktor Bout whom I just saw face-face less than 24 hours earlier at his prison in Brooklyn was wearing tan khaki’s. His hair was freshly cut and cut much closer than he has usually been wearing it over the last several years. He told his wife Alla in Russian that everything is going to be okay and gave her a thumbs up and his classic wink. The judge entered the packed court room at approximately 4:41pm.

A sketch of Viktor Bout and judge Scheindlin.

Andrei Garkusha a member of Bout’s defense team — whom would later translate Bout’s Russian to English — got a front row seat during the proceedings. He sat to Viktor Bout’s left and to Bout’s right was defense attorney’s Albert Dayan and to his right attorney Kenneth Kaplan.

Viktor Bout addressed the judge and the court room and spoke for the first time during the proceedings. He stood up tall and straight directly facing the judge and said  “I am not guilty,” in Russian as Garkusha translated. Bout suddenly spun around to face the three DEA agents in the first row — including agent William S. Brown who testified against Bout — less than 3 feet from his out stretched arm and pointed finger. He looked angrily directly into agent Brown’s eyes and said, “The truth is known to these people.”

Bout still staring and pointing at the DEA agents as he continued to speak,“They will have to live with this truth, they will go to bed with this truth, they will have to get up with this truth, they will raise their children with this truth, and they will love their wives with this truth.”

Bout added, “Let God forgive you, and you will answer to him, not to me.

Shortly after Bout sat down lead prosecutor Brendan McGuire stood up to try and make a hard sale to the judge why Bout should be sentenced to life. When McGuire said that Bout had agreed to sell weapons to kill Americans, Bout shouted in English, “It’s a lie!”

Finally when Bout was being led out of the court room, he told his wife and daughter that he loved them. He then sang a line from an old Soviet military song called “Varyag,” saying that he would never surrender.

Viktor Bout's defense attorney Albert Y. Dayan leaving the Federal court house.

Defense attorney Albert Dayan argued on Thursday that the government’s case had “built-in reasonable doubt” because it was based entirely on Bout’s promises, rather than his actions.

Dayan insisted that the case consisted of “nothing but talk,” referring to the hours of secretly recorded conversations in which Bout arranged arms sales with the phony FARC guerrillas.

Dayan claimed that the U.S. Constitution protected such talk. Claiming that the U.S. wanted Bout’s head on a “silver platter,” Dayan compared his client to Alfred Dreyfus, the Jewish French officer whose false treason charges came to symbolize the virulence of European anti-Semitism at the end of the 19th century.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon McGuire said that Dayan’s comparison, and Bout’s outrage, were not worthy of comment. “Frankly, they don’t merit any response,” McGuire said.

A sketch of prosecutor Brendan McGuire.

Bout in a recent Voice of Russia radio interview insists he’s innocent. He said charges against him were fabricated. He accused media scoundrels of repeating “sensationalist and irresponsible coverage of his case.”

An article titled, Viktor Bout: Victimized by U.S. Injustice had this to say,

Twice Thai courts exonerated him [Viktor Bout] for lack of evidence. Yet he was held and extradited to America. It was extraordinary rendition Thailand-style.

According to a Ria Novosti article, titled, Moscow Condemns Bout Sentence and Seeks Return:

“I think he (Bout) was railroaded all the way”, said Russell Mace, a criminal defense lawyer who has been defending individuals and companies in federal court throughout the United States for many years.

He also pointed out some drawbacks in the Bout’s defense. “I cannot believe no defense witnesses were called and in my opinion there should have been a rather extensive defense”, he said.

Questions Remained Unanswered

The biggest question to me that still remains unanswered is, where is Misha? Misha Belozerosky accompanied Viktor Bout from Moscow to Bangkok, Thailand in March 2006. Misha was mentioned very briefly in the trial and even appeared on the DEA’s undercover tapes admitted into evidence. However, during the sting operation, Misha was not charged nor arrested and jumped into a taxi to the airport and flew back to Russia. Misha like a magician turned invisible and escaped the biggest and most expensive DEA sting operation and eluded both Thai and U.S. authorities. According to author and investigative journalist Daniel Estulin in an article titled, The Making of a Legend: Viktor Bout, Misha is a Russian colonel. On Estulin’s website he has a vast amount of links and original documents including a passport photo of Misha which clearly has the Thai arrival and departure stamp on the right side.

The second biggest question in my mind concerning the trial is when exactly did the DEA flip Andrew Smullian? Actually, that question has actually been answered by defense attorney Albert Dayan during the trial and Viktor Bout recently in his recent Voice of Russiaradio interview. Therefore my question is, how come this point wasn’t picked up by the jury?

Viktor Bout's wife, Alla, surrounded by a sea of reporters after his sentence was read.

Perhaps the defense didn’t hammer this point home or focus enough? It is easy to second guess a trial after it is over. The point is that before Bout arrived in Bangkok, Smulian had purchased a one way ticket to New York. This debunks what the DEA said and what Smulian said about when he began to cooperate with the sting operation and help them to capture Bout, his longtime business associate. Smulian shared an apartment with DEA informant Mike Snow — who was contacted by the DEA to capture Bout — and claims to know nothing of Snow’s involvement with the DEA sting. Smulian, a former South African intelligence officer also claims he didn’t know about the wiretaps and used a phone given to him by Snow allegedly without suspicion.

This is extremely significant. Right before the jury deliberated on the verdict, the judge gave her instructions to them. She explicitly said that there can not be a conspiracy charge if Bout was dealing solely with DEA agents and / or informants. Thus, if  Smulian admitted that he was working for the DEA prior to the arrest, the prosecutions case would have be null, void and invalid. Thus the entire prosecutions case relied solely on Smulian and the DEA’s collusion — Smulian admitted to meeting with prosecutors approximately 50 times in preparation for the trial — that they were not working together. Anyone who sat through the entire trial like me could see easily tell Smulian — whom never once made direct eye contact with Bout — would sell his own children for money or his freedom. In other words, his lies were very transparent. But you need not take my word for it, the transcripts of his testimony will back me up. I am also very fortunate to have been to South Africa at least 8 times as well as having traded South Africa equities and Eskom bonds for over a decade. Therefore I am extremely and intimately familiar with both the country and its people.

The curious case of Viktor Bout is not over by any means. There are still court proceedings going on currently in Thailand questioning the validity of his extradition to America. Russian politicians made a lot of noise after Bout’s 25 year sentence was announced vowing to bring him home as well as saying he will be a topic of conversation with President Obama. Albert Dayan also announced his intentions to file an appeal. Rumors of political intervention or a possible prisoner swap for Bout’s return to Russia are rampant. Finally, Viktor Bout said in Russian when he spoke to the court that he is confident that soon he will be back home in Russia. Perhaps he knows something that the rest of  us do not yet know?

Contact Information:

Twitter: Dobroyeutro


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Exclusive: Richard Chichakli Speaks About the Viktor Bout Trial

The DEA’s Insurance Policy

Many people that I have met during the three week Viktor Bout trial in New York including journalists as well as Viktor Bout’s attorneys were unaware of a second pending indictment against him, an insurance policy if you will. All the people that knew about the second indictment, Daniel Estulin, Dimitri Khalezov and attorneys Barry Bachrach and Douglas McNabb all told me the same thing, “I thought everyone knew.”

The confusion for some was that the second indictment was also most identical to a previous indictment levied against Viktor Bout in Thailand that was later dropped in order to expedite his extradition to America.

Richard Chichakli.

There is one other person that obviously knew as well at that is Richard Chichakli. I know this for two reasons, in addition to Viktor Bout, his name appears on the indictment, as well as later seeing a reply to the indictment by Chichakli himself which can be found here: U.S. Announces New Indictment Against International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout and American Co-Conspirator for Money Laundering, Wire Fraud, and Conspiracy. Since Chichakli had all his assets frozen by the U.S. government which led to him and his family eventually fleeing the country and basically starting a new life from scratch. The reason, according to Richard Chichakli is simply ‘guilty by association’ for merely being friends with Viktor Bout. I asked Mr. Chichakli if he would be like to comment on the Viktor Bout case as well as the trial and he was kind enough to oblige.

The Richard Chichakli Viktor Bout Connection

Before I share Richards’ comments with you I wanted to first discuss briefly the connection between the two men. What better way than to let Richard do that in his own words? Therefore, all of the following excerpts are taking verbatim form Richard Chichakli’s website from the page titled What connects Richard Chichakli to Viktor Bout. I did, however, take the liberty of merely rearranging some of the paragraphs but not the words.

Richard Chichakli first introduction to Victor Bout took place about 14 years ago, in August of 1995, in the state of Sharjah, one of the seven states in the United Arab Emirates. At that point of time Richard was an employee of the government of Sharjah, serving as the commercial manager of Sharjah Airport International Free Zone and Victor Bout was one of the hundreds of investors who were interested in setting up a business in that free zone.

Viktor Bout’s defense attorney Albert Dayan facing reporters after the verdict was read.

Richard Chichakli and Victor Bout developed a personal relation since their meeting for the first time nearly 14 years ago in the UAE. The two men were aviation enthusiasts who enjoy developing business, managing aircraft, and working in a fast-pace environment. The families of both men became friends and their children found a mate with whom they can speak and play in that conservative community where they lived. Since the year 1996 Richard maintained personal relations with Victor and his family, with periods of inert and active participation as commonly occur in friendships. 

Richard has always called Victor a “brother and friend” and he is that to Richard, nothing more and nothing less. What was unique in the friendship of these two men is that after the UN [the infamous Johan Peleman] published its report about Victor Bout in 2001 and which led to the financial collapse of Victor Bout, almost all of Victor’s friends abandoned him except for Richard Chichakli.  For those who know Richard that would not be surprising because Richard is a descendant of a large Arabian family with history of values and traditions. Richard will not abandon a friend on the basis of “hearsay”, nor will he accept to “hush up” in order to be politically correct. Therefore, he publicly demanded of those using Victor Bout for personal gains to show evidence and corroborate facts, and that was fatal because he was the only one standing in the face of a current. 

Richard is not and was not an employee/associate of Victor Bout or any of his companies for any length of time. Richard is not, nor was he ever the chief financial manager of Mr. Bout’s, nor the spokesperson for him or any of his organizations, nor was he ever an officer and/or director of any company belongs to Victor Bout and to which account any amount of money was sent or received for any purpose.  It is imperative to understand that Mr. Bout was not sanctioned by the US government until July of 2004, and prior to that date there was not any prohibition to conduct business with him.  

Viktor Bout being led off the plane by DEA agents in White Plains, NY.

A Tale of Injustice

I urge everyone to PLEASE visit this link and read his story titled Richard Chichakli: a tale of injustice. I will just share two excerpts with you from the above link:

It was an early morning in Texas on that Tuesday of April 26, 2005 when a long line of government vehicles was seen approaching a quiet middle-class Richardson neighborhood. The convoy stopped short of the house with a blue door on Syracuse place, and dozens of heavily-armed masked men in armored battle uniform poured from the black trucks and rushed to position themselves around the target house where a family of three lived for twenty years, the house where an accountant named Richard Chichakli lived.  At 6:00 am of that day, a story beyond imagination began, and today, few years later, it is still unresolved despite that all of what it was based upon has been proven false shortly after it began.

On April 26, 2005 shortly after 8:00 am, and while the government agents in Texas were still busy dismantling and destroying the life of the disabled United States Army veteran Richard A. Chichakli, the spokesperson of the Bush administration, in a special press conference held in Washington, DC,…

Richard Chichakli In His Own Words

Dear Mr. Chichakli,

I am asking if you would like to add or say anything in a piece I am writing post trial RE: Viktor Bout? If you care to comment on his trial, the DEA operation dubbed ‘Relentless or perhaps about you and your situation and how you have been effected, I would print your comments verbatim! Perhaps, we could do a piece and an interview solely on you and your story in the near future if you would be willing. Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards,

Dear Mr. Mapp

Thank you for your message, and here are my comments about the trial of Victor Bout.

“ Victor was convicted before he was trapped, captured in the land of US servicemen R&R, illegally transferred to the UN, or, so-called tried.  He was convicted at the time the 50 congressmen and senators pressured the so-called government of Thailand.

Victor Bout was nothing in the world of arms trafficking, he was an armature trying to play a game in the big league, and that is why he was not ever considered by the Russian government.  Victor Bout is the person that was made through a conspiracy of a failing journalist called Douglas Farah, and an opportunist UN clerk named Johan Peleman who was working for the UN panel on Angola.  The Staff of IPIS, the entity where Peleman was working will testify to how Farah and Peleman created Victor Bout for their own financial benefits.

As to the so-called trial, it was nothing but an orchestrated dog and pony show, planned nicely  and done hastily, not surprising with a conspiring lawyer who was relieved 11 times, and who’s record in NY Federal Court is limited to three trial with one win in a minor drug possession charge prior to the Bout Trial. Albert Dian’s [Dayan’s] interest was limited to pocket the$ 750,000, knowingly lying to court, and intentionally refusing to call witnesses who indisputably show the holes in the fabricated story.  Dayan’s knowingly lied to court and intentionally betrayed his client; the money he never dreamed of making and the favor with the government were more important to him than his duty to Victor.

The United States government is not about justice, it is all about domination and control. The US government despite its grave mistakes throughout time, never ever admit being wrong, nor once acknowledge making a mistake. It is crazy to even think that Victor Bout could stand a chance of justice in the US, the US government who is always perfect and always right, will not allow the case of Victor Bout to expose its corruption and flows, it will never allow the Bout case to prove many US cabinet Secretaries, and 50 Congressmen and Senators wrong. Can you imagine the possibility of Victor not getting convicted? It is the Iraq weapon of Mass destruction, the Democracy in Bahrain, Saudi, and Yemen, winning war in Afghanistan and Somalia, and the justice of Guantamo… and people thought Obama will bring change!”

Richard Chichakli

Contact Information:

Viktor Bout is Fair Game: In the Midst of the Shadow Wars

Hung by the Jury

On Wednesday November 2, 2011 I was on the 8th floor cafeteria of the Federal court house in New York located at 500 Pearl street. At approximately 1:35pm,  I stood up from the lunch table as Albert Dayan was walking towards me. Viktor Bout’s defense lawyer whispered to me, “the jury reached a verdict.” Alla Bout was at still at home and she had told me during an earlier phone conversation, “that it was too difficult for her and her daughter to sit around and wait at the court house.”

Alla Bout outside MCC prison before she visit’s her husband Viktor.

I immediately grabbed my bag and started to rush to the pay phones to call Alla so that she might have a chance to make it to the verdict reading in time. A tense and nervous looking Albert Dayan said, “don’t run walk, they told me not to tell anyone, just his family.”

Walking swiftly to the pay phones on the 8th floor and while passing Dayan, I asked him, “did you call Alla?” He replied, “I don’t know where she is.”

At approximately 1:58pm the jury entered the packed court room to read the verdict. There were extra security guards, many journalists, the DEA agents occupied the entire first bench directly in front of mine. The seconds before the verdict were very tense and time seemed to sit still. Then Heather H. Hobson, the jury’s appointed forewoman stood up and read the jury’s verdict to the court room focusing mostly on the judge until after the third count was read, she starred directly at Viktor Bout before reading out loud the the fourth and final guilty.

I called Alla Bout three times since I heard the jury had reached a verdict. The last time was shortly after the verdict was read to warn her of the media frenzy awaiting her so that she had the option of whether or not to come to the court house. Needless to say she did not come to the Federal court house on that unforgettable day.

The jury in only  approximately 2 hours of deliberations on Tuesday and approximately 3 hours on Wednesday, unanimously found Viktor Bout guilty on all 4 counts of the indictment [entire indictment PDF 37 pgs]. You can see a summary of the indictment from the actual charge sheet on the jury verdict form. The previous day the judge ruled, only after agreement from both attorneys, that the jury was able to take the chargesheets home with them on Tuesday night. The Honorable judge Shira A. Scheindlin told the jury explicitly that the were not to show it anyone including their family and spouses.

Jury forewoman in the Viktor Bout trial Heather H. Hobson.

A New York Times piece titled, Arms Dealer’s Own Words Convicted Him, Juror Says ran the day after the verdict. According to the article, jury forewaoman, Ms. Heather H. Hobson was very proud of what she did and said that “she felt a sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Here is a short excerpt from the article:

When it came time to deliver the verdict, Ms. Hobson paused after reading the first three counts. She turned her gaze away from the judge, and purposefully stared at Mr. Bout. Then she resumed, announcing the final finding of guilt. It was a simple gesture, she said, one that was motivated by respect, not scorn.

Ms. Hobson seemed to put a lot of weight into the DEA informants testimony according to her own words.

She said, “the informants, working with the Drug Enforcement Administration, had been “very convincing” FARC representatives who had made it clear to Mr. Bout that their whole purpose was to take down U.S. helicopters with U.S. pilots.”

Ironically, as a person who sat though the entire trial from the opening statements to the reading of the verdict, I personally thought that was the prosecutors weakest argument. During Carlos’ cross examination by Albert Dayan, he got Carlos to say on record that it was DEA informant Ricardo that spoke about about killing Americans and not Viktor Bout. In fact, the honorable judge Shira A. Scheindlin was explicit and crystal clear in her directions to the jury in her explanation of the law. There is no conspiracy charge if Viktor Bout was solely found conspiring with DEA agents and / or operatives. It was demonstrated many times by the defense throughout the trial that the DEA informants in operation ‘Relentless’ were highly paid to pretend, or play a “role” as prosecutor Brendan McGuire repeatedly said. Or as DEA agent William S. Brown said repeatedly while on the stand, it was all part of the “scenario” that they had to create.

An article titled, The $9 MILLION supergrass: How man who helped snare ‘Merchant of Death’ arms dealer was highest paid informant in history, appeared on 7 November 2011 in the UK’s Daily Mail just several days after Ms. Hobson’s piece in the NY Times. According to the article in the Daily Mail, Thomas Pasquarello, a former DEA special agent who headed the Bout probe in Thailand, said Mr Sagastume was among the DEA’s best informants.

Former DEA Special Operations agent Thomas Pasquarello.

If you’re looking at big fish, you need big bait,’ he said. ‘That’s what guys like Carlos are good at. They’re pros at what they do and they have deep connections.’

‘Look at Viktor Bout. He wasn’t going to fall for a rookie informant. Guys like that could see through a rookie undercover in five minutes,’ said Mr Pasquarello, now chief of police in Somerset, Mass.

The media’s character assassination of Bout which I wrote about in The Assassination of Viktor Anatoliyevich Bout in September 2010, apparently holds a lot of water. Here is one more excerpt from the previously mentioned NY Times article:

Another thing also became obvious: her [Heather Hobson] knowledge of Mr. Bout was more expansive than she had realized.

“I had seen that terrible Nicolas Cage movie,” she said, a reference to the film “Lord of War,” which is believed to have been inspired by Mr. Bout, “and I had no idea it was about this guy.”

Finally, Ms. Heather Hobson added, “He’s a very scary man.”
The Spin Doctors

While I am on the topic of character assassination, another interesting article about Viktor Bout caught my eye over the weekend. An Associated Press articled titled, Files Show Convicted Arms Dealer’s Libyan Ties written on 5 November 2011 by Stephen Braun. I actually laughed out loud when I read the authors name. In case you are not familiar with the name, Stephen Braun along with co-author Douglas Farah wrote the book titled the “Merchant of Death” which is about Viktor Bout. Before I continue, it is extremely important to understand that neither Braun or Farah have ever met, spoken to nor met Viktor Bout, not even once. Their book is filled with lies, manufactured flow charts and disinformation. It is filled with opinions and hearsay that are completely unsubstantiated and based almost entirely on one persons imagination and invention. According to author and investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, the Lord of War or Merchant of Death was invented in Belgium by Johan Peleman in 1996. For much more about Johan Peleman, read The Making of a Legend: Viktor Bout.

Johan Peleman.

It is entirely possibly that Braun and Farah believed what Johan Peleman said as truth and did not intentionally spread disinformation and lies. However, it is extremely odd to me that they wrote an entire book about a person without a single conversation or interview by them whether by phone, email or in person. Many of my doubts re-emerged when I read the above mentioned article written by Stephen Braun tying Viktor Bout to Gadhafi and Libya just days after Bout’s verdict was read. Here are a few excerpts from Braun’s article:

“Records found in Moammar Gadhafi’s former intelligence headquarters in Tripoli show that British officials apparently warned the Libyan regime in 2003 about its dealings with Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who was convicted in New York on federal conspiracy charges.”

“The documents indicate that Bout had been trying to expand his operations in Libya.”

“American officials and allied governments have sent teams of weapons specialists into Libya in recent weeks to scour for loose, Russian-made, anti-aircraft missiles and other dangerous munitions.”

“We know there are a lot of conventional weapons floating around Libya now and an important question to pursue is how they got there,” said Lee S. Wolosky a former Clinton administration national security deputy who headed U.S. scrutiny of contacts between Bout’s network and the Gadhafi regime in 2000. “Viktor Bout’s operation in Tripoli would be a good place to start.”

If you understand that some of Viktor Bout’s charges were conspiring to sell SAM’s [Surface-to-air-missiles] specifically Igla’s [A Soviet man-portable SAM], anti-aircraft weapons and RPG’s [Rocket Propelled Grenades], then it becomes clear that the allegations of  a direct connection to Gadhafi and Libya can have extremely serious and grave ramifications for Viktor Bout.

If you are not starting to see a connection, perhaps this will help. In a February 16, 2002 LA Times article titled, Al Qaeda Linked to Russian Arms Broker, written by Stephen Braun as well as Sebastian Rotella and Judy Pasternak. Once again the name Stephen Braun appears as well as his many references to Johan Peleman in this article. Let us examine a few excerpts. First please note that you will also see the familiar name of  Lee S. Wolosky who Stephen Braun quoted in his 5 November 2012 article tying Bout to the deceased Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Russian S-300 surface to air missile sysytem.

Lee S. Wolosky, a former National Security Council official who headed a U.S. effort to stem Bout’s trading, said Ruprah’s arrest “is a very significant development in dismantling the Victor Bout organization.” Wolosky described it as the “largest arms-trafficking organization in the world.”

Belgian investigators have spent the last three years focusing “on money flows associated with Victor Bout through Belgium,” Peleman said. Belgian authorities, Peleman said, have examined “thousands of money transfers” flowing from several Bulgarian-based firms and through several African governments through “aviation and handling companies in Belgium that are run by Bout.”

“Although U.S. and Belgian interest in Bout’s activities predated the Sept. 11 attacks in America, evidence that his far-reaching arms trading empire might have aided Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network and Afghanistan’s now-deposed Taliban government appears to have heightened both nations’ investigative efforts.”

Usama Bin Laden.

One of the things that struck me as peculiar was that in searching for the above mentioned LA Times article, I did not come by it immediately or easily, in fact it took some time. What I did find quite easily was the exact same article but in a PDF file. It seems that this particular article was intended to be found easily and to be able to be used as a reference. I also came across a time line titled A Complete 911 Timeline, that quite conveniently intertwines the name Viktor Bout, Al-Qaeda and 9/11 quite seamlessly.

Smoke and Mirrors

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, among many others, has stated numerous times in an array of different mediums that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since 2001. How does he explain Operation Geronimo? Basically to paraphrase him, “it was staged.”

Author Chuck Pfarrer who is writing a book about how Operation Geronimo went down has been met with some skepticism. Here is a comment on Time’s Battleland blog which catch phrase is: Where military intelligence is not a contradiction in terms. Here is the link: Squawking SEAL as well as the comment below.

“CNN chum Barbara Starr has the inside skinny on the new book purporting to detail the inside skinny of how the Osama bin Laden raid went down – as told by a former SEAL. Author Chuck Pfarrer claims to have spoken to some Navy SEALs who conducted the raid. It seems his story has more holes in it than the post-raid bin Laden.

Here is just one more article of many on the topic titled Osama Bin Laden Has Been Dead Since December 2001. Here is a couple of excerpts from the referenced article:

During the period 4-14th of July, 2001 (only two months prior to the 9/11-WTC terror attacks), Bin Laden was in the American Hospital in Dubai. According to the United Press International (Oct 31, 2001), Bin Laden underwent kidney surgery and treatment under Dr. Terry Callaway. According to both the French “Le Figaro” & the “Radio France International”, Bin Laden was visited by a top US-CIA agent. This report and the one below are further substantiated by CBS anchor Dan Rather, Peter Bergen, investigative journalist Barry Petersen and Prof. Michel Chussodovsky.

More astonishing is the fact that just a day prior to the September 11 attacks, Bin Laden was undergoing treatment in the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi itself (Le Figaro – Jan 28, 2002). So both the Pakistani Military establishment and the ISI as well as the CIA were more than aware of Bin Laden’s whereabouts.

Apache attack helicopter.

A bit off the topic but another example of the secrets as well as the lack of intelligence sharing between U.S. agencies and in some cases the outright withholding of info or in worse cases intentional misinforming can be seen clearly in this article titled the CIA’s Account of 9/11 Under Attack. The article is date 16 October 2011 and I highly recommend everyone to read it. For now I will just share one excerpt:

A growing number of former government insiders – all responsible officials who served in a number of federal posts – are now on record as doubting ex-CIA director George Tenet’s account of events leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. Among them are several special agents of the FBI, the former counterterrorism head in the Clinton and Bush administrations, and the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, who told us the CIA chief had been “obviously not forthcoming” in his testimony and had misled the commissioners.

The biggest contradiction that I find in Operation Geronimo, besides that fact I believe that Osama’s bin dead, is the completely unbelievable claim that the U.S. military wanted to give him a proper burial at sea. We live in a society where the FBI, NYPD, CIA, DHS, TSA as well as the entire U.S. population is fed anti-Muslim propaganda and taught to stereotype. Suddenly we care about giving him a proper Muslim burial? It would be much more plausible, giving the hideous allegations against the former CIA asset Osama Bin Laden, if his dead body were on public display on the White House lawn as opposed to a secret and swift Muslim burial at sea. It is the modus operandi of the CIA / U.S. government to display such victims to the general public whenever possible, i.e. Malcolm X, J.F.K., Che Guevara, Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi as well as former FARC commanders Raul Reyes and most recently Alfonso Cano. If you want to see for yourself, just enter any of the previous names then add dead after their names and then search under Google images. They do now have a few photos of Osama Bin Laden, whether they are real or fakes created by a Hollywood special effects team is for you to decide.

Video Of Osama Bin Laden’s Burial At Sea Leaked [Satire]


The DEA’s New Mandate

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen did a taped RT television interview last January titled Viktor Bout: Lord of War blame game. Madsen raises some very interesting points and topics, he mentions how “the Bush administration probably left him [Bout] alone because he was doing business with that administration.”

Madsen also mentions the broader range of the DEA as well as having a new mandate. He states in the RT interview, “The DEA is not only involved in drugs anymore but they have a new mandate. The DEA is now in the intelligence gathering business which is perhaps out of their league. According to Madsen, the new DEA is “operating far beyond it capabilities and its knowledge.”

Wayne Madsen also states that “Viktor Bout was entrapped in Thailand by the DEA.” Madsen goes on to say that “Bout was not really extradited he was renditioned.”

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has become a vast international spy network as shown by U.S. Embassy cables revealed by Wikileaks. The DEA now has 87 offices in 63 countries and close partnerships with governments that distrust the CIA, such as Nicaragua and Venezuela. Many nations are eager to take advantage of the agency’s drug detection and wiretapping technologies as stated by a Public Intelligence December 27, 2010 article.

According to a Wikileaks cable that was reprinted in the New York Times, “The Drug enforcement Administration has been transformed into a global intelligence organization with a reach that extends far beyond narcotics, and an eavesdropping operation so expansive it has to fend off foreign politicians who want to use it against their political enemies, according to secret diplomatic cables.”

The Birth of DEA Operation Relentless

I first learned about the DEA’s covert Special Operations Division or SOD from investigative journalist and author Jeremy Scahill in his article titled Blackwater’s Black Ops that first appeared on September 15, 2010 in The Nation. Scahill in his article quite clearly shows how the DEA’s Special Operations Division came into existence and perhaps their new mandate that Wayne Madsen refers to as the DEA’s New Madate. As well as perhaps the inception of DEA’s Operation ‘Relentless’ which was to pursue and catch Viktor Bout ‘by any means necessary’. Here are some excerpts from Jeremy Scahill’s article:

While the network was originally established for use in CIA operations, documents show that Prado [former CIA paramilitary officer Enrique “Ric” Prado] viewed it as potentially valuable to other government agencies. In an e-mail in October 2007 with the subject line “Possible Opportunity in DEA—Read and Delete,” Prado wrote to a Total Intelligence executive with a pitch for the Drug Enforcement Administration. That executive was an eighteen-year DEA veteran with extensive government connections who had recently joined the firm. Prado explained that Blackwater had developed “a rapidly growing, worldwide network of folks that can do everything from surveillance to ground truth to disruption operations.” He added, “These are all foreign nationals (except for a few cases where US persons are the conduit but no longer ‘play’ on the street), so deniability is built in and should be a big plus.”

The executive wrote back and suggested there “may be an interest” in those services. The executive suggested that “one of the best places to start may be the Special Operations Division, (SOD) which is located in Chantilly, VA,” telling Prado the name of the special agent in charge. The SOD is a secretive joint command within the Justice Department, run by the DEA. It serves as the command-and-control center for some of the most sensitive counternarcotics and law enforcement operations conducted by federal forces. The executive also told Prado that US attachés in Mexico; Bogotá, Colombia; and Bangkok, Thailand, would potentially be interested in Prado’s network. Whether this network was activated, and for what customers, cannot be confirmed. A former Blackwater employee who worked on the company’s CIA program declined to comment on Prado’s work for the company, citing its classified status.

Time ran a very interesting and informative article titled, The DEA’s Terrorist Hunters in August of this year. The article backs up what Jeremy Scahill first wrote about last year as well as emphasis the astronomical sums being paid to DEA informants. Here are some excerpts from the Time article:

While few think of the DEA as a counterterrorism organization, since 2007 it has leveraged a little-known federal statute passed in 2006 to conduct sting operations across the globe, netting major figures including arms dealer Monzer al-Kassar and the “Lord of War” Viktor Bout by connecting the suspects to terrorism plots.

DEA agents escorting Bout off the plane after his extradition to the U.S.

That statute effectively created the team within the DEA’s multiagency SOD to take on investigations in which drugs and terrorism crossed over, what policy types call a nexus.

Interesting terminology, it said by connecting suspects to terrorism plots perhaps like a sting operation. Oddly, Viktor Bout has never been arrested until March 6th 2008 in Thailand and has never been associated or accused of terrorism until the DEA’s Operation ‘Relentless’ sting or plot was developed. As it is well documented by airplane registrations, company records, cargo receipts that Viktor Bout had no dealings in Columbia. Africa and parts of Europe is where he did the majority of his air cargo business. In fact, the two witness’s that the prosecutors put on the stand that had met or worked for Bout in the late 1990’s were both from Africa and both testified that they had met Viktor Bout in Africa.

DEA Terrorist Hunters

The DEA’s Special Operation Division has poured millions of dollars into its covert activities that span across the globe. Besides the huge sums being paid, I am surprised that the question and legality of jurisdiction have not been raised by watch dog and consumer interest groups. Here are a few more excerpts from the Time article mentioned above:

The arrests and prosecutions do not come cheap. Among the expenses the government has incurred in these investigations is compensation for informants. One DEA informant, Patrick “Paddy” McKay, a former pilot with the South African mercenary company Executive Outcomes said he has received $450,000from the government since 2005. “When I first saw these cases, I found it hard to believe that all these resources were being expended,” Merer says.

DEA drug money and weapons.

Similarly, cooperation can be rewarding for nations partnering with DEA investigations. Liberia’s narcotics- and law-enforcement-assistance package from the State Department has jumped from $800,000 in 2007 to a requested $17 million for 2011, a more than 2,000% increase.

Just to point out, the Russian pilot Yaroshenko who was caught by the DEA and then extradited to the U.S. and recently sentenced to 20 years in prison was arrested in Liberia. As I previously mentioned, the question of jurisdiction has not become a hot topic in the mainstream media but it has raised questions from criminal defense attorney and judges, including the judge that presided over Viktor Bout’s trial.
Jamal Yousef is a dual Swedish and Lebanese citizen that was renditioned by masked member’s of the DEA’s SOD squad  from the streets of Honduras then ferried by helicopter to Guantánamo Bay, Cuba where a learjet then escorted him to Westchester County Airport in White Plains, N.Y., the exact same airport where Viktor Bout first arrived onto U.S. soil. The significance of landing in White Plains is that it by default then creates a legal venue for any court proceedings to take place in The Southern District of New York. One journalist told me the Federal court in Manhattan is nicknamed the DEA’s playground and that the prosecutors have never ever lost a terrorism case in The Southern District of New York.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba prison camp Delta 1.

Yousef’s defense attorney expressed her criticism at the SOD’s tactics as well as Viktor Bouts judge in the second excerpt. The following excerpts are from the same Time article previously mentioned:
“The government creates imaginary links to terror organizations to ensnare people who may not actually have any other connection to terrorists,” says Melinda Sarafa, a criminal defense attorney who is representing Yousef.Prosecutors in the Bout case faced vocal criticism on this issue not just from the defense, but also the judge.
In Bout’s case, he went to a Bangkok hotel to meet with DEA informants who represented themselves as FARC operatives wishing to purchase weapons to be used against Americans. Judge Shira A. Scheindlin accused the government of “bravado” in making its case to prosecute the Russian citizen in the U.S. “There’s a long line of cases where we look at the facts of each case,” she said. “This one is weak.”

Viktor Bout with translations headphones and the honorable judge judge Shira A. Scheindlin on the bench.

I discuss in great detail the topic of manufactured jurisdiction as well as manufactured evidence in my article Imaginary Crimes: The Never Ending Viktor Bout Story as well as give over a dozen examples of the U.S. government exerting pressure on the Thai government to extradite Viktor Bout. I will give just one example from the Wikleaks cable but strongly suggest you read the article cable via the link below:

“Finally, despite the listing by the US and EU of the FARC as a terrorist organization, we understand that the FARC is not listed as such by the UN. A move to have the FARC listed formally by the UN would assist the effort to keep Bout in custody. JOHN”

Here is the link to Wikileaks cable that appeared in the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/220583

Connect the Dots

I have mentioned Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi, former FARC commanders Raul Reyes and Alfonso Cano as well as SAM’s, RPG’s and Igla missiles. What could this possibly have to do with with Viktor Bout. It is actual not very complicated but rather simple. A predated and carefully designed media smear campaign as well as a premeditated witch hunt against Viktor Bout that spanned over a decade was then followed by the DEA terrorist’s hunters mandate to go after Viktor Bout in Operation ‘Relentless’ via their Special Operations Division. It becomes quite evident when you consider the astronomical sums paid to the informants in DEA Operation ‘Relentless’ in conjunction with the decade plus smear campaign and the intentional and blatant character assassination of Viktor Bout.

Moammar Gadhafi and his female bodyguards before he was killed.

Put in more simple terms, Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi and Alfonso Cano were all killed while Viktor Bout was in prison. Raul Reyes was killed just 5 days before Bout was arrested in Thailand but after he had already agreed to meet in Bangkok. Even if you believe Wayne Madsen that Osama Bin Laden was already dead before Operation Geronimo, that means that the U.S. intelligence agencies had a specific reason to stage his death. Now with U.S. enemy number 1 ‘officially’ dead and gone that apparently left Viktor Bout as the new enemy of the state. Conveniently for the U.S. authorities, hired journalists made baseless claims and allegations to Osama Bin Laden and Viktor Bout. As luck would it approximately 6 months later Moammar Gadhafi was killed and was kind enough to leave valuable intelligence in an easy to find location which linked himself and his rogue missiles directly to Viktor Bout.

A NY Times article appeared on March 2, 2008 titled Colombian Forces Kill Senior Guerrilla Commander, Official Says. I have quoted two excerpts from the article:

The death of Raúl Reyes, one of the rebels’ highest-ranking commanders, was a severe blow for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, which has been waging an insurgency against the government for the last four decades.

The United States, which provides Colombia with more than $600 milliona year in military aid, was offering a $5 million reward for the capture of Mr. Reyes, 59, part of the FARC’s seven-member secretariat and believed to be a contender to succeed the group’s top commander, 77-year-old Manuel Marulanda.

FARC’s Alfonso Cano answering journalist’s questions in San Vicente, Columbia on February 2, 2001.

Just three days after Bout’s verdict was read another FARC commander was killed. The article titled FARC leader Alfonso Cano killed in military raid didn’t actual appear until 5 November 2011, the exact same day as Stephen Braun’s article linking Viktor Bout to Moammar Gadhafi. As you can see from the quotes below, Columbia’s President celebrated the death as a victory, they did however also immediately issue a photograph of Alfonso Cano unlike Osama Bin Laden which the U.S. intel agencies squabbled about in the press whether or not to release photographs.
Friday’s killing of Alfonso Cano, a bookish 63-year-old from Bogota’s middle class, was celebrated by President Juan Manuel Santos as “the hardest blow to this organization [FARC] in its entire history.”

Authorities released a photograph of Cano’s head in which his face did not appear disfigured.

Shadow Wars

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen asserts in this RT television interview titled Viktor Bout: Lord of War Blame Game on Jan 21, 2011 that the U.S. wanted Viktor Bout very badly because he knows who was behind 9/11. Wayne Madsen is almost right. The U.S. didn’t want Bout so bad because he “knew” who did 9/11 but instead wanted to pin 9/11 on him!

In addition to all the allegations and alleged connections between Viktor Bout and Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi and his alleged rogue Russian missiles, it is by no mistake that Johan Peleman’s UN report that eventually put Viktor Bout out of business and ruined him financially appeared in 2001. It was the same year that 9/11 occurred as well as former CIA asset Osam Bin Laden officially became America’s number one enemy of the state, at least in the mainstream media. I have taken the following excerpt below from Richard Chichakli’s website from a page titled What connects Richard Chichakli to Victor Bout.

Richard has always called Victor a “brother and friend” and he is that to Richard, nothing more and nothing less. What was unique in the friendship of these two men is that after the UN [written by Johan Peleman] published its report about Victor Bout in 2001 and which led to the financial collapse of Victor Bout, almost all of Victor’s friends abandoned him except for Richard Chichakli.

The Twin Towers burning on September 11, 2001.

Let’s talk more about Osama Bin Laden and 9/11. As many people know especially those who follow alternative and independent news sources as well as those with ties to the the intelligence community know for a fact that Osama Bin Laden was never formally charged with 9/11. Just more smoke and mirrors and diversions to the average American citizen. The article titled Osama Bin Laden never charged for 911 – Inside Job likely is just of many that discusses this very topic. Here are a couple of excerpts from the previously mentioned article:

Osama Bin Laden was never formally charged, because the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation didn’t deliver the necessary evidence to the Department of Justice, which would be the required path in this matter.

“The FBI gathers evidence. Once evidence is gathered, it is turned over to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice then decides whether it has enough evidence to present to a federal grand jury. In the case of the 1998 United States Embassies being bombed, bin Laden has been formally indicted and charged by a grand jury. He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.”

Anyone who has followed the The Curious Case of Viktor Bout either in Thailand or New York for that matter must be asking themselves a question; what happened to Michael Belozerosky aka Misha and why was he not arrested? According to the prosecutors portrayal of DEA Operation ‘Relenteless’, the DEA agents and informants were obviously not arrested but Viktor Bout and Andrew Smulian were immediately arrested. However, Misha walked out of the DEA sting operation unscathed, hopped in a taxi proceeded to the airport and then flew home to Russia. Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to hear him testify before us in the Federal court house. We did however get to see a picture of him displayed in the court room, not to sound cruel or judgmental, and to borrow juror Heather Hobson’s words in her description of Bout, I thought Misha was very scary looking.

Andrew Smulian and Viktor Bout in Moscow, November 2007 photo taken by Misha.

What was much scarier than the photograph of Misha was how easily he disappeared from the DEA’s Special Operations Division and flew back home to Russia never to be troubled again while Viktor Bout is facing life in prison in a foreign country. After all, he arrived with Viktor Bout and accompanied him from Russia to Thailand. Andrew Smulian testified to also meeting Misha in Moscow with Viktor Bout in November 2010. How scary he looked is actually irrelevant but the fact that he was untouchable leads me to believe in Dimitri Khalezov’s theory that Misha was in fact FSB [Russia’s Federal Security Service a branch of the former KGB] working in collaboration with the DEA in Operation ‘Relentless’.

I spoke with an acquaintance of mine on the phone today about the mysterious Misha. We both agreed that Misha was not needed by the DEA thus not detained. Just for the sake of convenince we will call this acquaintance anonymous. It is apparent that DEA Operation ‘Relentless’ was a well thought out intricate plan than spanned over three continents that had very specific objectives and specific ways to execute and achieve those objectives. In fact,one could say that Viktor Bout was treated as a High Value Target (HVT) by the DEA’s Special Operations Division empowered by the U.S. Department of Justice in their pursuit of him.

Russian FSB agents.

Anonymous did not buy the FSB theory but they offered in their own words a non-expert and common-sense opinion. Misha was an unknown variable is this very delicate and previously worked out equation. Thus, being an unknown variable would make him dangerous to the DEA’s case. In addition to that, anonymous suggested that Misha could only collaborate and empower Viktor Bout’s case and by default weaken or even perhaps destroy the case the DEA’s case. I agree with anonymous on both of their points and both seem very plausible. However, I also think that Misha being FSB doesn’t negate anonymous’ two points but in fact would add strength to their argument.

Investigative journalist and author of SHADOW MASTERS, Daniel Estulin delivers an extraordinary and captivating exclusive interview with Dimitri Khalezov. Dimitri Khalezov is a former Soviet commissioned officer of the “military unit 46179”, otherwise known as “the Special Control Service” of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the Soviet Union. Basically in layman’s terms, he worked in nuclear intelligence for the Soviet army. In an interview with Dimitri titled Arms Trafficking, Stolen Missiles, Soviet Submarines, Nuclear Detonations and 9/11: Exclusive Interview with Dimitri Khalezov in Bangkok, he links Viktor Bout, former FARC commander Raul Reyes and uranium. The following is an excerpt from Dimitri Khalezov’s previously mentioned interview:

Primarily, the Israeli secret services – the Mossad and Sayaret Matkal. They have keen interest in this case, too. It was demonstrated by the unprecedented Sayaret Matkal’s involvement in the case of one of the FARC leaders – Raul Reyes and “his” weapon-grade Uranium that was planted by “someone” around his camp in the Ecuadorian jungle. Don’t miss this point – Raul Reyes was murdered on March 1, 2008, while Victor Bout was scheduled to be lured to Bangkok on March 4, 2008, in direct connection with the FARC and Uranium affairs, while all legal paperwork that requested the Thais to arrest him has been submitted to the Thai side by the Americans in the last day of February – that is BEFORE the murder of Raul Reyes.

Former FARC commanders Raul Reyes on the left and Alfonso Cano in the center.

In my face-face interview with Dimitri in Bangkok in February of this year titled, Reality is Stranger Than Fiction: Dimitri Khalezov discusses 9/11 with George Mapp in Bangkok was focused primarily on 9/11. However, we did touch on the subject of Viktor Bout. Here is a sample from the previously mentioned interview between Dimitri Khalezov and myself with just a portion of his entire answer.

I know you are very close to Viktor Bout and his family as well as his Thai lawyer Lak. You were also extremely involved in the actually court case in Thailand. Is there any connection to Viktor Bout’s extradition to America and 9/11?

Yes, of course. The Americans do not even hide this. They openly state that Viktor Bout is “bad guy” in connection to 9/11. But they do not go into details. However, I will. Viktor is actually wanted in America because the U.S. security officials are gullible enough to believe that Victor has allegedly sold the nuclear-tipped missile that hit the Pentagon on 9/11 to “terrorists”. In addition they believe that Viktor also sold several portable mini-nuclear devices (known as “mini-nukes”) to the so-called “Al-Qaeda” prior to 9/11, and they also believe that he sold weapon-grade Uranium to various terrorists who used the Uranium to produce home-made nuclear bombs that were used in several acts of nuclear terror – particularly in the infamous mini-nuke’s bombing at El-Nogal, in Bogota, Columbia, in 2003, that was presented to plebes as a “car-bombing”.

Dimitri actually goes into much greater detail in his interview with author Daniel Estulin. The full text of Daniel Estulin’s interview of Dimtri Khalezov as it relates to Viktor Bout and 9/11 can be found here in a 28 page PDF: http://www.911-truth.net/Victor_Bout/Most_shocking_interview_English.pdf

For anyone interested in the transcripts used in the trial you can find them at the link below. Please keep in mind that these transcripts are only a small sample of all the conversations that took place and these particular segments were cherry picked by the prosecutors. Albert Dayan in his cross of Ricardo Jardenero got him to admit on stand that DEA informant Carlos Sagastume had the ability to turn the recording device on and off at will. Viktor Bout – Government Trial Exhibit 1002-T: [PARTICIPANTS: Viktor Bout, Andrew Smulian, Misha Belozerosky, Carlos Sagastume, Mike Snow, Ricardo Jardenero, Unidentified female, and Unidentified male]

Fair Game

“I am proud to have served my country by working at the Central Intelligence Agency. I and my former CIA colleagues trusted our government to protect us as we did our jobs. That a few reckless individuals within the current Administration [Bush] betrayed that trust has been a grave disappointment to every patriotic American…. I feel strongly that those who acted so recklessly, and who acted in such a harmful way, need to answer for their shameful conduct…” ~ Valerie Plame Wilson, July 14, 2006.

Valerie Plame who was a covert CIA operative whom did extensive work in the CIA’s counterproliferation operations. She began her long career with the CIA sometime in 1985 [the CIA will not release exact dates]. Valerie had served her country first, ahead of her husband and her twins, risking her life on the front lines of terrorism often in foreign countries. Her husband Joseph Wilson, former Ambassador to the United States wrote an article in the New York Times on July 6, 2003 titled What I Didn’t Find in Africa.

Former CIA covert operative and author Valerie Plame Wilson.

Joseph Wilson’s was standing up for the truth, unfortunately for him, his article directly contradicted the White House, the entire Bush Administration as well as attacking their premise for invading Iraq. After that article was written, many insiders on Capitol Hill and inside the White House considered Valerie Plame as ‘Fair Game’. In retaliation for her husbands article members inside the Bush administration ‘outed’ Valerie Plame on July 14, 2003 Robert Novak intentionally revealed her name as well as saying that she was a CIA operative in a newspaper column.

If a CIA covert operative working for the agency for approximately 18 years can get ‘outed’ and betrayed by her own government, then what chance does Russian citizen Viktor Bout have? The short answer is slim to none! The State Department, the White House, the Department of Justice, the FBI [did forensic analysis on Bout’s laptop], the NSA probably helped with the wiretaps and Google records, more than likely the CIA lent a hand and of course the DEA and their secret Special Operations Division with their highly paid informants all collaborated in DEA Operation ‘Relentless’. Not to mention the Thai government that broke international law in their cooperation with the U.S. government in the illegal extradition of Viktor Bout who still had a legal pending court case in the Royal Thai court system. If you believe Dimitri Khalezov’s theory about Misha working for the Russian FSB then that would implicate the Russian government at least at the highest levels also conspired against Viktor Bout and collaborated with the Thai and U.S. governments to help catch him.

Viktor and Alla Bout in a Thai court room October 4, 2010.

On Monday 4 October 2010 in a Bangkok, Thailand court room I had several opportunities to speak face-face with Viktor Bout. Late in the afternoon that day, Bout left me, according to him, with a famous Russian saying, translated into English of course because my Russian is slightly better than my Thai. Bout said, “the circus is gone but the clown’s still remain.” He was referring to the biased, illegal [Thai] court proceedings that have detained him for over two and half years and that have separated him from his wife Alla and their [then] sixteen year old daughter Elizabeth.

I hope to have an opportunity to speak with and interview Viktor Bout directly in the near future as opposed to second-hand via his wife Alla. If so, one of the first questions that I will ask him is what he thought of the entire legal procedure that he had undergone from his extradition through to the verdict. One thing is certain and indisputable, from the Wikileaks cables showing that Viktor Bout was pursued as a high value target as well as lobbying the U.N. to add the FARC as a terrorist organization, the intentional disinformation and lies, all the spin doctoring, all the character assassinations in the media, to the all the resources, time, efforts that the U.S. have expended in their pursuit of him, and that is that Viktor Bout is ‘Fair Game’!

Contact Information:

[Video] Soviet P-700 Granit Missile Launch

Watch this extraordinary footage of the Soviet P-700 Granit( П-700 “Гранит) missile launch. The P-700 Granit is a Soviet and Russian naval anti-ship cruise missile. Its GRAU designation is 3M45, its NATO reporting name SS-N-19 Shipwreck. It comes in ASCM and SLCM variants.

A Soviet P-700 Granit cruise missile.

This is the exact missile that many believe is what actually hit the pentagon and left a hole in the thick concrete layered walls, as opposed to an aluminum plane. As well as scientifically being unable to penetrate the thick walls of the Pentagon, a plane also could not have possibly flown a flight pattern as described by the 9/11 commission. It is not unlikely, it is absolutely, positively impossible.

The Pentagon impact hole on 9/11.



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Dimitri, on behalf of our readers and myself, I want to thank you for these last several days and the wonderful and insightful discussions that we had as well as for your time. I am sure that since I have written quite a bit about Viktor Bout, that many readers would like to know more details about the Viktor Bout case and how it relates to 9/11. Perhaps we will have another discussion soon. Thank you again!

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The Assassination of Viktor Anatoliyevich Bout

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Arms Trafficking, Stolen Missiles, Soviet Submarines, Nuclear Detonations and 9/11: Exclusive Interview with Dimitri Khalezov in Bangkok

The most provocative, prohibited and proven 9/11 book written:

911thology by Dimitri Khalezov

Important information and download links: http://www.dimitri-khalezov-video.com

Download videos and other important files (direct): http://911-truth.net

Radio Show Archive: George Mapp on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio Show

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Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 2/21/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.
First hour: Globetrotting journalist George Mapp, Jr. has met and written about incarcerated arms dealer Viktor Bout, published an article on Dmitri Khalezov (then another one here). He writes extensively about CIA/DEA agent David Headley, organizer of the Mumbai terror attack, at his blog. Can he shed light on the amazing assertions of Dmitri Khalezov? Did Mossad legend Mike Harari really organize 9/11 and the Bali bombing – and even get arrested for the latter crime? Does Viktor Bout really “know too much about 9/11” and if so, what does he know? Who was Headley really working for when he set up the Mumbai terror attack? My head is spinning from all of this intel-insider info – can George Mapp Jr. make the spinning stop? Tune in and see!

BBC Correspondent Alan Hart Discusses 9/11 being a Mossad Operation

Dimitri Khalezov, the whistle blower now living in Thailand who once served as an officer in the Soviet Union’s nuclear intelligence services has shocked the world with his recent controversial, provocative and compelling revelations that World Trade Center buildings 1,2 and 7 were all brought down by ‘underground’ nuclear demolition.

George Mapp and Dimitri Khalezov in Bangkok, Feb 1, 2011.

Author of a book called “The Third Truth About 9/11,” Khalezov describes a party held on Sep. 12, 2001 by a friend of his named Michael Harari who was a well-known Mossad agent and Israeli intelligence officer. According to Khalezov, Harari wanted to communicate to his party guests that he was a key organizer of the 9/11 false-flag event.

I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to sit down with my friend Dimitri earlier this month where we conducted the following interview: Reality is Stranger Than Fiction: Dimitri Khalezov discusses 9/11 with George Mapp in Bangkok. I say fortunate because since Dimitri has been discovered by Senior Editor Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, he has been incredibly popular and busy. Dimitri has been on approximately ten radio show interviews in just the past week. You can go directly to his website to listen to many of them there as well as read some fascinating articles. They can be found here: 911-truth.net

Please do not simply take my word or Dimitri’s word, but read Dimitri’s research or listen to his free video and make up your own mind. However, you should be compelled to listen to author, researcher, truth seeker and former Middle East BBC correspondent Alan Hart. In this video interview with Kevin Barrett, Alan Hart decides to finally breaks his silence on 9/11, the Mossad connection as well as confirming that all three towers were brought down by controlled demolition.

Luckily for my readers, we have learned from Dimitri’s prior knowledge back in the 1980’s from his Soviet Intelligence service that there were ‘underground’ nuclear bombs buried deep beneath the towers during their construction.

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