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The Accidental Terrorist: George Mapp Recounts His Entanglement in the 26/11 Mumbai Massacre

Original Post: The accidental terrorist November 25, 2013 By Vicky Nanjappa

George Mapp

George Mapp

There was a lot of pressure on the National Investigation Agency which was set up post 26/11. The Indian investigators had pegged their hopes entirely on the confession of Ajmal Kasab. However there was more to the case and the NIA was desperately looking for both a foreign and local hand in the case.

In the month of May 2008 a year after the attack, the NIA claimed that it had found an American national who was part of this dreaded attack. George Mapp was down in India on a holiday and a chance meeting with Faiza Outalha, the former wife of David Headley is what led him into the den of the NIA.

A long time has elapsed since that incident. Mapp who was questioned several times by the NIA recalls that incident and tells rediff.com in his own words the ordeal he faced.

Old Manali, India May 2008 – Old Manali is a small village in the Kullu Valley which is in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It sits approximately 2,000 meters above sea level and is located in an auspicious location with an awe-inspiring and magnificent view of the Himalaya mountains.

Old Manali is dubbed ‘magic Manali’ for a variety of reasons, however, one of them being the majestic view of the Himalaya mountains which are snow-capped for nearly most of the year. It is here in May 2008 where I had first met Faiza Outalha.

Since Faiza and I have met our lives have both been drastically altered and has left us, our close friends and our families emotionally scarred for life. The reason and cause can be attributed to one, Daood Gilani, aka David Coleman Headley, a one time heroin addict, a snitch turned DEA agent before becoming a deep-covert operative for the CIA, ISI and LeT.

We met each other through a mutual friend and it was strictly by chance. She was divorced from David Headley but appeared to me to be heart-broken and scorned. She was a young, vibrant, beautiful and an energetic tourist trying to leave her past behind her. We became extremely close in a short manner of time.

About a year after the 26/11 attack, I was walking on the beach in Palolem, Goa with my then pregnant girlfriend, Natasha [now my wife], when policemen and officials from the National Intelligence Agency surrounded me and escorted me back to my flat for days of intense questioning that continued for several weeks. I initially underwent over 30 hours of intense questioning that some nights lasted into the early morning. About 4-5 hours into the process on the first day of questioning, I then learned about the connection between Outalha and Headley.

David Coleman Headley.

David Coleman Headley.

I was shocked and overwhelmed when the NIA first approached me on 23 November 2009. There was much more than a lookout notice against me. I was treated like a terrorist and had to basically prove myself innocent. There was not one shred of evidence whatsoever connecting me to terrorism.

I was the Number One terrorist suspect in India because David Headley and I knew the same woman; I was in Old Manali, so was Faiza; Headley had a 5-year visa, I had a 10-year visa, he was American, I was American, there was a lot of circumstantial evidence. But that’s it!

It would have been much more valuable to the NIA had they treated me as a witness rather than as a terrorist. My United States of America passport was confiscated, as well as my Apple Mac Book pro computer (which the NIA has refused to give back), armed police slept outside our door for over two weeks, and followed me and my nine month girlfriend everywhere we went. They even followed us to the beach swimming practically naked. Natasha delivered our daughter on 12 December 2009, less than three weeks after the never-ending investigation began. Sajid Shapoo from the NIA had alluded to me that if it were not for my white, 9 month pregnant girlfriend, I would have been arrested simply by being guilty by association as opposed to being questioned at home.

Even after Natasha and our newborn daughter Zoya left India to Thailand awaiting Natasha’s U.S. K-1 fiance visa, the NIA investigation also led to an FBI investigation. The nightmare continued.

It was as a direct result of Faiza’s then ex-husband, David Headley, who she later re-married (and is still currently married to him), that our lives became a combination of a surreal dark comedy and a living nightmare. Unfortunately, the inadequacies, unprofessionalism and lack of skill of India’s brand new intelligence agency created specifically to combat terrorism, the NIA, just added to our woe’s.

Indian intelligence has been for years trying to question Faiza. There was actual NIA operation dubbed ‘Operation Morocco’ that has only been aborted within the last year. In my opinion Faiza is a victim. Headley has been found guilty and sentenced to 35 years in a US Federal prison for being the mastermind of a well precisioned, well executed and highly successful fidayeen style terrorist attack. He was in and out of Pakistan and India several times undetected by Indian intelligence. Any person that can do this and not get caught has to be extremely intelligent and be able to keep secrets even from his wife.

I know for a fact that Faiza was lied to and used and abused by David Headley to complete his mission, by any means necessary. If you do any research into Headley’s past you can tell that he was extremely selfish and would turn on anybody including his childhood best friend Tahawwur Rana [currently serving a jail sentence in US on suspicious allegations] to save his own skin. This modus operandi by Headley is what lead him to his career in U.S. Intelligence. He became a DEA snitch in order to avoid jail time. He was very cunning, manipulative, charming and a great liar which enabled him to be such a successful deep-covert operative.

Investigative journalist Vicky Nanjappa.

Investigative journalist Vicky Nanjappa.

Faiza and I were reunited in Morocco face-face for the first time since the 26/11 fidayeen terrorist attacks that occurred in 2008, in December 2010 and January 2011. I spent approximately six weeks with her in Meknes. We saw each other everyday except for two days during my stay. We have remained close friends until this day. Due to our life experiences together and sharing such unlikely and unique circumstances in relation to the Mumbai terrorist attacks and to the man who orchestrated the attacks we have developed a close bond that I imagine will last a life time.

I hope to complete my book titled, The Accidental Terrorist, by the summer of 2014. It is a true account of my travels to India, Thailand, Morocco and Russia. My initial journey to India to meet for the first time my satguru Amma in Kerala, India. When I leave the safe confines of the Ashram my life takes amazing twists & turns. I go from being a tourist in foreign lands to an accidental terrorist. How I met fascinating and interesting people like the arms dealer Viktor Bout [whom I stay in touch with till this day], accused spies in Russia and last but not least David Headley’s third-wife, Faiza.

Faiza Outalha and I still discuss and flirt with the idea of writing a book together. Perhaps one day we will jointly jot down our stories and about how our lives accidentally collided and were turned upside down by a man named David Coleman Headley.

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26/11 Mumbai Massacre 5 Year Anniversary: David Coleman Headley Reexamined

David Coleman Headley.

David Coleman Headley.

Headley and the CIA

The 26/11 Mumbai massacre five year anniversary is nearly upon us. Still it seems that there are many more questions that are unanswered than those questions that are answered. I, along with many others, have written extensively about David Coleman Headley aka Daood Gilani. Recent headlines has seemed only to help ignite the debate about who was really behind the Mumbai fidayeen terrorist attacks as well as who David Coleman Headley was really working for?

For instance, a newly released book titled The Siege claims that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] warned Indian intelligence at least 26 times prior to the horrific attacks. That number is the highest that I have ever heard. Even India’s intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing [RAW] balked at those figures according to an article titled, CIA hid more than it revealed on 26/11: RAW. The article states:

The sleuths in the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) have been startled by the claims made in a recently launched book that 26 intelligence inputs were forwarded by the American CIA to the Indian agencies prior to the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

Officials privy to the files at RAW’s Pakistan Operations Desk confirmed that only two intercepts, on September 18 and September 24, 2008, were forwarded by the CIA desk in Islamabad to the RAW headquarters here.

This recent article I just mentioned only intensifies and corroborates what has been stated over and over again, year after year. The first piece that grabbed my attention was a NY Times piece titled, U.S. Had Warnings on Plotter of Mumbai Attack, which was published November 16, 2010. Here are a few excerpts from that article:

Less than a year before terrorists killed at least 163 people in Mumbai, India, a young Moroccan woman went to American authorities in Pakistan to warn them that she believed her husband, David C. Headley, was plotting an attack.

The Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India in flames after the terrorist attacks on November 26 2008.

The Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India in flames after the terrorist attacks on November 26 2008.

Despite those warnings by two of his three wives, Mr. Headley roamed far and wide on Lashkar’s behalf between 2002 and 2009, receiving training in small-caliber weapons and countersurveillance, scouting targets for attacks, and building a network of connections that extended from Chicago to Pakistan’s lawless northwestern frontier. 

An examination of Mr. Headley’s movements in the years before the bombing, based on interviews in Washington, Pakistan, India and Morocco, shows that he had overlapping, even baffling, contacts among seemingly disparate groups — Pakistani intelligence, terrorists, and American drug investigators.

Despite the number of warnings from a variety of sources over a period of several years, Headley continued to roam free internationally. There is no doubt and there is also documented evidence that proves Headley was protected. A day after the previously mentioned article I wrote an article titled, David Headley goes Viral: Is the FBI really that stupid? which I published on November 16, 2010. [Spoiler Alert] In order to make a point I am saving you from reading the entire article. I do recommend going back and reading it at a later date. Here is an excerpt form my article:

Therefore, to answer my question, Is the FBI that stupid? Of course not. David Headley was a CIA agent and the matter was out of the FBI’s jurisdiction. It was basically out of their hands. If you look at the articles and follow the story closely it is as clear as crystal that the FBI was in this particular case not at fault and this matter was completely out of their hands. 

Earlier in the same article I gave a few examples to back up my conclusions:

“Indian investigators, who have been denied access to Mr Headley, suspect he remained on the payroll of the US security services, but switched his allegiance to LeT. India is looking into whether Headley worked as a double agent, an Indian home ministry official said in December.”

Many Indian politicians and intelligence agencies later discovered that Headley was on the U.S. intelligence radar and despite this he was allowed to enter India and Pakistan freely without notifying Indian officials. Another quote from The Sunday Times, “The feeling in India is that the US has not been transparent,” said B. Raman, a former counterterrorism chief in the Indian foreign intelligence service. That Headley was an agent for the DEA is known. Whether he was being used by the CIA as well is a matter of speculation, but it is almost certain that the CIA was aware of him and his movements across the subcontinent.”

Tahawwur Rana and David Coleman Headley.

Tahawwur Rana and David Coleman Headley.

And lastly from my article I will mention that in October 2010, the then CIA director Leon Panetta visited Pakistan and then one day after visited India and met with two of India’s intelligence agencies, IB and RAW:

According to the Times of India, on Saturday, October 2, one day after he was in Pakistan, CIA director Leon Panetta dropped by India, “The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief Leon Panetta also held a series of meetings with senior government officials here. Official sources said Panetta, who also met with Intelligence Bureau chief Rajiv Mathur and RAW chief A K Verma, discussed various areas of cooperation.” Later in the article it mentions, “This is the first high-profile visit by any American official after a team of the Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) had questioned terrorist David Coleman Headley in May in Chicago.”

There seems to be many references to David Headley and the CIA. Take a look at a few more excerpts from the first article that I first mentioned in this post titled, CIA hid more than it revealed on 26/11: RAW:

Officials privy to the files at RAW’s Pakistan Operations Desk confirmed that only two intercepts, on September 18 and September 24, 2008, were forwarded by the CIA desk in Islamabad to the RAW headquarters here.

“The two inputs had indeed warned of a possible terror strike on Mumbai through sea routes but the claims about 26 intelligence warnings seem to be highly exaggerated.

In the same article, an anonymous source even claims that the CIA was backtracking and in damage control mode. Let’s take a look:

A source said that after the 26/11 attack,the CIA was caught on the wrong-foot for aiding its freelancer David Coleman Headley. Despite having information on Headley’s links with the Lashkar-e-Taiba, the American authorities chose to ignore his activities which eventually led to the Mumbai attacks, that killed 164 and left over 300 injured.

“After the attack, the CIA and American authorities went into damage control mode and distanced themselves from Headley. But they had also pressured the Indian government not to pursue Headley’s extradition as he would have revealed what the CIA was trying to hide from the Indian agencies,” he said.

Faiza Outalha wearing a full Burqa.

Faiza Outalha wearing a full Burqa.

As I stated above in my 2010 article, I also claimed that Headley was indeed working directly for the CIA. Before I continue, let me backtrack. For my new readers and those unfamiliar with this case, let me briefly state that I was directly involved in this investigation. I will simply say that shortly prior to the Mumbai attacks, I met a woman and became very close with her. She turned out to be [I later found out through a NIA and FBI investigation] David Headley’s ex-wife. She and Headley have since been re-married and remain so to this day. I will recommend two articles that go into much more detail about my involvement in the curious case of Headley, Kiss and Tell: Intimacies with David Headley’s Ex-Wife, Faiza Outalha as well as Faiza and I: George Mapp recounts his encounters with David Headley’s third wife Faiza Outalha.

However, after covering the Viktor Bout trial a few years back as well as currently attending Bout’s alleged partner, Richard Chichakli’s trial that just began last week, a new thought occurred to me. Just to give a very brief background to Viktor Bout’s case, he is a Russian citizen alleged to be the world’s most notorious arms dealer was caught and arrested in an elaborate DEA sting operation dubbed Operation Relentless. Subsequently after a hard fought and very controversial two year court battle in Thailand, Bout was finally extradited to the U.S. and tried and convicted on ‘conspiracy’ and ‘terrorism’ charges. My article Viktor Bout Stung By DEA Operation ‘Relentless’: Sentenced to 25 Years, gives a good synopsis.

Viktor Bout arriving in the U.S. in DEA custody.

Viktor Bout arriving in the U.S. in DEA custody.

Having met with, talked with and listened to many DEA agents testify as well as my familiarity with Bout’s case, I have learned quite a bit about the DEA’s operations. Before I continue I want to share one last quote from the previously mentioned 2010 NY Times article:

D.E.A. officials have said they ended their association with him [Headley] at the end of 2001, at least two months before Mr. Headley reportedly attended his first terrorist training. But some Indian officials say they suspect that Mr. Headley’s contacts with the American drug agency lasted much longer.

The DEA’s Special Operations Division 

I first learned about the DEA’s covert Special Operations Division or SOD from investigative journalist and author Jeremy Scahill in his article titled Blackwater’s Black Ops that first appeared on September 15, 2010 in The Nation. I believe that I first wrote about the DEA’s SOD in 2011 in an article titled, Viktor Bout is Fair Game: In the Midst of the Shadow Wars. It is an long piece but extremely comprehensive and goes into much more detail about the SOD. So what exactly is the DEA’s SOD and who are they? Here are a few excerpts from Scahill’s Blackwater article:

While the network was originally established for use in CIA operations, documents show that Prado [former CIA paramilitary officer Enrique “Ric” Prado] viewed it as potentially valuable to other government agencies. In an e-mail in October 2007 with the subject line “Possible Opportunity in DEA—Read and Delete,” Prado wrote to a Total Intelligence executive with a pitch for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The executive wrote back and suggested there “may be an interest” in those services. The executive suggested that “one of the best places to start may be the Special Operations Division, (SOD) which is located in Chantilly, VA,” telling Prado the name of the special agent in charge. The SOD is a secretive joint command within theJustice Department, run by the DEA. It serves as the command-and-control center for some of the most sensitive counternarcotics and law enforcement operations conducted by federal forces. 

I will add a few excerpts from my Viktor Bout is Fair Game article wrich I wrote in 2011 to give a bit more color about the DEA’s SOD.

Time ran a very interesting and informative article titled, The DEA’s Terrorist Hunters in August of this year [2011]. The article backs up what Jeremy Scahill first wrote about last year as well as emphasis the astronomical sums being paid to DEA informants. Here are some excerpts from the Time article:

While few think of the DEA as a counterterrorism organization, since 2007 it has leveraged a little-known federal statute passed in 2006 to conduct sting operations across the globe, netting major figures including arms dealer Monzer al-Kassar and the “Lord of War” Viktor Bout by connecting the suspects to terrorism plots.

That statute effectively created the team within the DEA’s multiagency SOD to take on investigations in which drugs and terrorism crossed over, what policy types call a nexus.

Viktor Bout in Marion, IL Federal Penitentiary -- taken October 2012

Viktor Bout in Marion, IL Federal Penitentiary — taken October 2012

Another very interesting and highly recommend article is titled WikiLeaks Cables Show DEA Has Become an International Spy Network. Here are a couple of excerpts:

The DEA now has 87 offices in 63 countries and close partnerships with governments that distrust the CIA, such as Nicaragua and Venezuela. Many nations are eager to take advantage of the agency’s drug detection and wiretapping technologies.

The organisation has an eavesdropping operation so expansive it has to fend off foreign politicians who want to use it against their political enemies, the New York Times reported on Sunday, quoting a cache of cables published by WikiLeaks . The body’s vast network of informants also had on its roll David Headley, an accused in the Mumbai attacks case, who worked as a double agent for the DEA.

Headley and the DEA’s SOD Connection

Here is where things get extremely interesting, at least in regards to David Coleman Headley. An article written this August titled, DEA’s Special Operations Division in Media Crosshairs, mentions that at the time the article was written, the head of the DEA’s SOD is Chief Derek Maltz. Why is that interesting? This is taken directly from the article that I just referenced:

The SOD is still headed up by Derek Maltz. Maltz, you may recall, was the DEA agent back in 1988 who first busted Daood Gilani, aka David Coleman Headley, for 2 kilos of heroin in Frankfurt. Headley, then a heroin addict, began working for the DEA two days after his arrest. Now serving a 30 year sentence for his role in the Mumbai bombings, it’s never been exactly clear how the DEA missed his turnabout from informant to terrorist

Let’s examine the SOD closer as well as the possibly Headley connection. A Reuter’s article titled, Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans was published in August of 2013. Not to take away from Reuter’s well-written and comprehensive piece but Scahill, myself as well as the journalists at TalkLeft have written about the DEA’s SOD at least two years prior to their ‘exclusive’. Here are a few excerpts from the Reuter’s piece:

The unit of the DEA that distributes the information is called the Special Operations Division, or SOD. Two dozen partner agencies comprise the unit, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Homeland Security. It was created in 1994 to combat Latin American drug cartels and has grown from several dozen employees to several hundred.

Today, much of the SOD’s work is classified, and officials asked that its precise location in Virginia [Chantilly] not be revealed. 

“Remember that the utilization of SOD cannot be revealed or discussed in any investigative function,” a document presented to agents reads. The document specifically directs agents to omit the SOD’s involvement from investigative reports, affidavits, discussions with prosecutors and courtroom testimony. Agents are instructed to then use “normal investigative techniques to recreate the information provided by SOD.”

A spokesman with the Department of Justice, which oversees the DEA, declined to comment.

I communicate regularly with Viktor Bout electronically via the U.S. Bureau of Prison’s [BOP] CorrLinks prisoner email system. Bout has been dubbed the “Lord of War” and “The Merchant of Death” by some media outlets. Bout was the target of a SOD sting operation and is now serving a 25 year sentence. David Headley’s childhood friend, Tahawwur Rana, whom Headley dragged down with him is currently incarcerated in a U.S. Federal penitentiary. Tahawwur Rana, Viktor Bout and just for a name John Kiriakou. Kiriakou is a former CIA officer who is serving a thirty-month sentence in the federal correctional institution in Loretto, Pennsylvania. He was the first member of the CIA to publicly acknowledge that torture was official US policy under the George W. Bush administration. All of these like the majority of U.S. Federal inmates are in the BOP system.

India Today February 11, 2013 magazine cover.

India Today February 11, 2013 magazine cover.

David Headley is not in the system and is and has been in an ‘undisclosed’ location. I even contacted Headley’s lawyer John Thesis approximately a month ago via email asking if could help me locate or at least put me in touch with Headley for my book that I am writing. His lawyer mentioned that he would have to check with his client first and then get back to me. That didn’t happen and I’m sure that it never will ever happen. Faiza, Headley’s wife was in constant touch with her husbands lawyer when I spent 6 weeks visiting with her in Morocco about two years ago, thus Headley knew I was there as well.

Headley was given an immense amount of freedom and leeway by the U.S. authorities, had a longtime relationship with both the DEA as well as the SOD’s current chief Derek Maltz. Also the fact that the U.S. as politely and with as much political correctness as they could muster basically blew India off when it came to access of Headley and Rana. My article, India’s NIA to US: Give Us American Terrorist David Headley Or Else, goes into explicit detail about this particular point. The secrecy concerning his whereabouts even after convicted, all of the warnings to the FBI by his wives, ex-wives and relatives about him attending terrorist training camps, even Headley’s own mother reported his son the the FBI but all of these warnings resulted in no action taken by the U.S. authorities. The fact that Headley was allowed to interview Ajmal Kasab, the only Mumbai foot soldier caught alive who has since been convicted and hanged to death by the Indian government all point to Headley being protected by some very influential people within the U.S. government.

What makes the most sense to me is that David Coleman Headley was in fact a deep-cover agent working for the DEA’s SOD. Whether or not in his mission to infiltrate Pakistan’s intelligence agency the Inter-Services Intelligence [ISI] and the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taeba [LeT] he flipped to their side is not as clear. Whether or not he went rogue is not as important as to to the damage, destruction, death and carnage that he was allowed to cause as being a major participant in Operation Bombay. Or not as important as to whether or not justice was properly served. I also noticed that the DEA’s SOD like to give their operation’s names. In Viktor Bout’s sting, it was dubbed Operation RelentlessOperation Bombay was a name used several times in the book The Siege. According to the book, the operation was named by the terrorists’. But if Headley pitched the idea of the Mumbai attacks to his handlers as the book suggests, then it makes a lot of sense that the name Operation Bombay came from Headley via the SOD?

Many people especially those from India feel that justice has not been served. The Indian intelligence agencies and government have tried repeatedly to get additional access to David Headley. Many point to the fact that Hafiz Saeed, alleged to be Headley’s Pakistani handler and organizer of the Mumbai attacks is roaming around Pakistan freely despite a $10 million bounty.

Earlier this month Bruce Riedel, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst, who has advised four US presidents on South Asian issues was quoted in an article titled, 26/11 was meant to start India-Pak war: ex-CIA analyst, here are a few excerpts from that article:

But “perhaps the most shocking element of the Mumbai attack was the role played by David Coleman Headley, an American citizen of Pakistani descent, in the intelligence collection that preceded the attack,” Riedel wrote.

Yet “the Pakistani mastermind of the Mumbai plot, LeT leader Hafiz Saeed, remains free in Pakistan, where he continues to be a darling of the ISI and regularly calls for more attacks on India and America,” Riedel wrote noting “Five years after Mumbai, justice has yet to be served.”

Hafiz Saeed.

Hafiz Saeed.

Hafiz Saeed has been referred to as a Pakistani Militant Chief whom many have accused as being Headley’s handler as well as msterminding the entire Mumbai massacre. Despite the fact that the U.S. has placed a $10 million bounty on his head he still roams freely about within Pakistan. According to the book The Siege, the authors mentioned in the Afterword that they met with Hafiz Saeed. This is what they wrote:

Saeed in front of an audience of several thousand religious students, ‘I am the West’s boogeyman,’ he said scoffing, ‘worth millions of dollars to someone. But I am not in hiding. I am here only, sitting with you.’ He combed through his beard, and then gestured with two open arms to his students, who cheered: ‘God Is Great.’ Then Saeed stood, pointing to the heavens. ‘They have not come for me, from up there,’ he said, referencing the drone strikes that have killed so many in Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, ‘or from there.’ He pointed to the dusty lanes outside, evoking the extraordinary renditions, that saw terror suspects detained and transported to CIA black sites. ‘And that is because America needs me to distract their people away from the collapse of their own country.’

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Twitter: Dobroyeutro

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The Half-Truths and Missing Facts of Disarming Viktor Bout: The Chichakli – Schmidle Files

Read the exclusive and complete email exchange between Richard Chichakli and The New Yorker’s Nicholas Schmidle. I have attached links to all 19 unedited email exchanges between the two. Richard talks about how, when and where he first met Viktor Bout. Chichakli discusses Bout’s brother Sergey, United States OFAC sanctions as well as how and why he fled America plus much much more.

Illustration of Viktor Bout. Photo Credit: The New Yorker

What is most revealing about these emails is that it proves (once again) that Schmidle was deceptive in his journalism techniques. Simply ‘cherry picking’ bits of  information while at times omitting facts and details. What is worse, according to Richard Chichakli, Schmidle outright twisted, lied and contradicted information contained within the Chichakli – Schmidle email files. At times Schmidle knowing stated in his article half-truths, missing facts and lies that can be proven by comparing what was written in his published article as compared to his email exchange with Richard Chichakli.

When I first received an email with the subject line, Notes concerning the New Yorker Story, from Mr. Chichakli, at first  I did not find it shocking or surprising knowing what is sadly now not uncommon in the mainstream media – the slandering, twisting and editing of stories done for numerous unethical reasons. It wasn’t until an unnamed international journalist asked me my thoughts on Schmidle’s article as well as asking me if I found it factual? The journalist wanted my opinion knowing that I attended the Viktor Bout trial every single day, was now in contact with Viktor Bout via email as well as having written extensively about him over the last two years. When we hung up and I started to Google Nick Schmidle, a Pandora’s Box was opened!

Nicholas Schmidle. Photo Credit: Terminalx.org

Coming Soon

I am currently writing a piece titled, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and Madness in the Never Ending Viktor Bout Saga. I hope to have it published within 24 hours after finishing this article. It goes into great detail about Nick Schmidle’s dubious past, his shady journalism, allegations that his father was a CIA agent, documents stating his two year Pakistan fellowship was paid for by the CIA. It also discusses Operation Mockingbird as well as allegations that the White House spoon fed Schmidle the Navy SEALs take down of Osama Bin Laden story to bamboozle the U.S. media and the American public. As well as details of the sudden appearance and then disappearance of The Ghost of Bulgaria aka Peter Mirchev of KAS engineering.

Richard Chichakli’s Email

Good day George:

I have just read the article [Disarming Viktor Bout] and I wonder if you would like to have a copy of the entire set of the communications Schmidle and I had in connection with writing his article to post for the public on your blog.

I do understand that Mr. Schmidle had to cater to whatever agenda and propaganda he is associated with,; but a small percentage of the truth is not – by any mean – the complete truth.

I am thinking perhaps you posting the complete body of the messages on your blog will help clear all the exchanges that took place between Schmidle and I; thus, providing the reader with what was intentionally omitted in order to serves Mr. Schmidle agenda regardless what that could be.

I have nothing against him and he is neither the first, nor will be the last trying to dwell on the story of Victor Bout. Thus; I seem to have always believed that a version of the truth is never the truth, and if you read the exchanges between us you would clearly see that Mr. Schmidle deliberately lied about “Victor having worked or transported cargo for the US government” as h[sic] claimed in his story without even mentioning that he have heard information to the contrary.

Please let me know


Richard Chichakli

Chichakli Disarming Schmidle

Richard Chichakli.

I have always prided my self as being a rare breed of journalist that reports raw facts. I enjoy passionately seeking, discovering and sharing the truth with as many people as I can. Thus, I felt that if I ignored Richard Chichakli’s email proving that Schmidle once again misled his readers, then I would be as guilty and shameless as Schmidle but for ignoring the truth and not sharing it.

Here is another excerpt from an email sent to me by Richard Chichakli where he specifically points out where Schmidle was dishonest.

In page 5 of the article Sc[h]midle stated that Victor was working for the US government transporting goods in Iraq; however, in the messages he sent me he clearly stated that he knows that Victor never worked for the US – as Victor also told him and he mention in the message. I explained to him that it was me and Sergey who were transporting goods for the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan. The question is why would not he come clean about this point? This related directly to Airbas, which he intentionally did not mention by name. makes me wonder why!

I had heard from an unnamed source that Schmidle’s father was at one time a CIA agent. I asked Chichakli about this and here is his reply:

Considering Schmidle it is also correct, the details of his father is available on the internet.  This is the reason I am questioning why he did not mention airbas by name and why he said “Victor worked for the US government”  My guess is that he was told to do so by the US officials who provided him with information. Remember, there is another case pending against Victor.

What is quite ironic and quite humorous, at least in a dark sense, is that the following quote was extracted verbatim from the Chichakli – Schmidle email exchange:

Thanks Richard,
Again, I cannot stress how grateful I am for your help. It has gone a long way towards making the article better – and certainly more
accurate. A few follow up queries:

Without further ado here are the links to the entire set of emails. Please note in order to keep the thread complete and unaltered and some of the messages may have some repeated content from the previous messages. I preceded the links to each email with a quote or excerpt from each of the corresponding emails.

Chichakli – Schmidle Files

Douglas Farah as you know is making living out of the Bout story, he is “the key expert used by the US government agencies; and par cularly the DOJ in 2005, and
the DEA in 2007.  Email 1

That said, I imagine I’ll have still more questions before we gear up for publication, if you’ll bear with me.
Thanks, Nicholas Email 2

Wanted to ask you a bit about Peleman. I think you’d suggested to me some dubious (potentially criminal) facets of his background.
Could you tell me more? Email 3

Nicholas, these are very simple and very obvious questions that no one is asking, and they are not asking because no one is
interested in revealing the truth about the “white elephant story”. The matter of Victor Bout has became an institution, a political
platform, and a source of revenue and fame to so many; and until someone brave enough, driven enough, and hungry enough
for fame and fortune, until such a person shows up, everyone, perhaps including you will just regurgitate what been intentionally
placed out there for that purpose since more than 10 years. Email 4

Viktor mentioned to me that Air Cess had been named the second-largest cargo operator out of Sharjah in 1997. Is there any
chance you have any record or confirmation of that?
Also, regarding the FBI raiding your office … Email 5

As to OFAC sanctions, rest assured that they are absolutely worthless and ineffective; certainly, except for the political propaganda and scare tactics used by OFAC and the US government –Email 6

On part one, it is true that aircess was the second volume operator in Sharjah as stated by Victor and I think that I mayEmail 7

You mentioned earlier that evading sanctions is easier than buying a hamburger at McDonalds. Email 8

Well, I wonder how would the government could possibly explain puting any kind of strain on Victor? He never had any business in
or with the US, nor he ever had any assets in the or its positions or allies. Email 9

Thanks Richard,
I agree with you entirely about Viktor not having any assets inside the US or registered in the US (besides the one Gulfstream,
currently sitting in Ras al Khaimah, right?), but the sanctions surely affected his ability to conduct business abroad, don’t you think?  Email 10

As to OFAC sanction, it indeed provide credibility and legitimacy to the designated person as an accredited and trusted friend to any entity that despises the US government and its political agenda and propaganda. Email 11

Interesting about the G1 and the Il76s not having any engines. I didn’t know that. The one that’s been converted into a billboard, I’ve
seen photos of that, but whose plane was it actually? Email 12

Thus, I do not understant “you all” perhaps you can explain to me what do you mean by “you all” which seemed to form your later question. Who are “you all”  Email 13

I had a question for you. On your website you write about your relationship with Viktor and Sergei but you don’t mention when you
met them. Email 14

Good day:
IThe first time I met Victor was in about July or early August 1995 few month after I start working for the Government of the State of
Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates as the Commercial manager of Sharjah Airport free economical zone. Email 15

What was his project? And how did he have to adapt to meet the requirements of the free zone? In other words, how did his
business had to change to be admitted to the free zone? Email 16

Also, I wanted to see if you could help me be clear on the corporate lineage of Air Cess, Air Bas, and Irbis. When Viktor effectively
split the company in 1998, what did put in Sergei’s name and what did he keep in his?
Email 17

Okay, so in 1998, when Air Cess splits, Viktor takes 14 planes, Sergei takes 5 and gives him $1.1 million. Do we know why they split the
company? I knew that Viktor had moved to South Africa but was told (by him and others) that he returned to the UAE after, among other
things, his home in Johannesburg was broken into. Email 18

1- The split was the result of Sergey refusal to go to South Africa; he wanted to stay in Sharjah and that was not subject to discussion. Among other, the main underlying
reasons behind Sergey’s refusal were three: Email 19

Contact Information:


India’s NIA to US: Give Us American Terrorist David Headley Or Else

David Headley, U.S. Terrorist, To Be Tried In India Court

Mumbai's Taj Mahal Hotel billowing smoke during the 26/11 attacks.

Multiple variations of the above headline spread across the Internet and social media sites like wild fire and eventually went viral over the last 24 hours. The fact that the story broke over the weekend means that there is likely to be further carry-over on Monday morning in India. It is not surprising, the mere mention of the 26/11 Mumbai Fidayeen terrorist attacks brings up a range of emotions for almost every Indian citizen. The controversial subject mostly invokes anger and rage. From my observations almost everyone has an opinion. While the opinions vary wildly, they all seem to point to one theme and that is blame.

It is very understandable giving the carnage and human destruction that took place in India’s fastest growing city and recent economic hub. Not to mention the huge economic losses suffered by the entire country due to the Mumbai attacks. It is especially understandable when there has been very little actual results from the Indian government and particularly from India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA). Blame has been wide and varied, from Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI, the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, the Indian government as well as their own intelligence agencies have been implicated by some such as the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

Of course David Headley himself has been blamed especially after his admission in U.S. Federal court of being the ‘mastermind’ of the 26/11 attacks on the city of Mumbai. The question that many ask to this day, is who was David Coleman Headley really working for? Many Indian citizens want to know how and why this could happen to them? Besides blaming Headley, they want to hold others involved in the plot accountable for the devastation that took place and quite naturally want to see the culprits involved punished. Depending on who you ask, the answers vary considerably. From what I have read, it seems that the majority of Indian citizens feel that enough has not been done, they crave for more results. Quite naturally, the NIA has taken the brunt of the blame. According to Wikipedia, the “National Investigation Agency (NIA) is a new federal agency approved by the Indian government to combat terror in India. The agency will be empowered to deal with terror related crimes across states without special permission from the states.”

A collage of David Coleman Headley.

Many people in India including politicians were pointing fingers at the U.S. after a New York Times article titled, U.S. Had Warnings on Plotter of Mumbai Attack broke on 16 October 2010. The following excerpts are from the New York Times piece:

Less than a year before terrorists killed at least 163 people in Mumbai, India, a young Moroccan woman [Faiza Outalha] went to American authorities in Pakistan to warn them that she believed her husband, David C. Headley, was plotting an attack.

It was not the first time American law enforcement authorities were warned about Mr. Headley, a longtime informer in Pakistan for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration whose roots in Pakistan and the United States allowed him to move easily in both worlds.

Two years earlier, in 2005, an American woman who was also married to the 50-year-old Mr. Headley told federal investigators in New York that she believed he was a member of the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba created and sponsored by Pakistan’s powerful intelligence agency.

Despite those warnings by two of his three wives, Mr. Headley roamed far and wide on Lashkar’s behalf between 2002 and 2009, receiving training in small-caliber weapons and countersurveillance, scouting targets for attacks, and building a network of connections that extended from Chicago to Pakistan’s lawless northwestern frontier.

Mr. Headley’s American wife was not the only one to come forward. The Moroccan wife described her separate warnings in an interview with The New York Times. Interviews with United States and allied intelligence and security officials illustrate his longstanding connections to American law enforcement and the ISI:

Pakistan Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Therefore, when despite the multiple warnings by several different sources including Headley’s own wives’ to various U.S. law enforcement agencies, many people, especially in India began to cry fowl. I talk more about this in much greater detail in my article titled David Headley goes Viral: Is the FBI really that stupid?, which I wrote one day after the New York Times piece.

However, in another article that I wrote titled, India’s NIA Resorting to Secrets, Lies and ‘Spin Doctoring’ in their Pursuit of David Headley, on Novemeber 5 2010, I give a multitude of examples from mostly Indian government officials expressing their displeasure and distrust as far as the sharing of U.S. intelligence regarding David Coleman Headley. I will include just a couple of examples here:

From the UK daily, the Telegraph, 28 Oct 2010:

“India criticizes US over failure to pass on Mumbai attacks warning. India has strongly criticized the United States over its failure to warn it about the terrorist connections of a key figure behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks.”

India Today went so far as to say that U.S. President Obama’s trip to India was in jeopardy as reported on 17 October 2010.

“26/11: FBI’s failure to warn India to affect Obama’s visit”

The above mentioned article has many more examples with additional commentary. I also talk about the Indian governments blaming of others for their intelligence failures as well the finger pointing by many politicians. Here is just one example of what I have written previously.

Another apparent Indian intelligence failure is that of the the Pune blast in mid February of this year. But again, government officials denied accountability. India Today reported on 14 February 2010,

“Dismissing “intelligence failure” in the Pune blast, Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Sunday said the terrorists have hit a “soft target” like the German bakery which is frequented by foreigners and Indians alike.”

Chidambaram: No intelligence failure in Pune

My main conclusion of that article which was written in November 2010 was that India needs to step up it’s own intelligence game. The following excerpt is taking verbatim from that article:

India needs to come up to speed and to attempt to develop an independent, reliable and competent terrorist task force including their intelligence agencies. The purpose of this is two-fold, to become self-reliant and independent thus eliminating future confusion and bickering in regards to intel sharing and trust issues. Simply, if you have strong, reliable intelligence in place, then you do not need to be co-dependent and thus by default no longer controlled or manipulated by another country.

Okay, now let us fast forward from my criticism of the NIA’s shortcomings in 2010 to January 2012. Reporter Vicky Nanajappa recently wrote an article titled, NIA’s poor record- Who is to blame? this past January that alleviates some or much of the blame of the NIA’s failures. Here are a few excerpts from that article:

Three years have gone by since the National Investigation Agency has been formed. The report card for India’s premier agency probing cases of terror does not look all that good, but the question that we must ask is whether the agency has been allowed to function in a manner that it ought to have.

When the NIA was formed after the horrific 26/11 attacks there was a great deal of hope and it was expected that it would solve each and every case pertaining to terrorism in no time. However that has not been the case and on many occasions it has been found that the NIA has been left clueless and not to mention the delay in cracking cases.

Three years have gone by since the National Investigation Agency has been formed. The report card for India’s premier agency probing cases of terror does not look all that good, but the question that we must ask is whether the agency has been allowed to function in a manner that it ought to have.

Vicky Nanajappa states very valid facts that I agree with especially about the NIA being at the mercy of the U.S. law enforcements agencies especially in regard to the David Coleman Headley case. However, as Vicky Nanjappa’s article does in fact mention many obstacles and obstructions that the NIA has faced especially common for any new intelligence agency, it at the same time only strengthens my argument that the NIA needs to become self-reliant and independent.

New Delhi blast hits Israeli diplomat’s car

An Israeli embassy car burns following the explosion in Delhi on 13 February 2012. Photograph: Ndtv/AFP/Getty Images

For instance, on Monday 13 February 2012 a blast in India’s capital, New Dehli was reported as targeting Israeli diplomats. Ironically, the NIA is headquartered in New Delhi as well. In an article titled, Delhi Blast: Did India become the new theatre of the Middle-East’s great rivalry?, the title alludes to India as being a terrorists’ playground. Which in itself would imply that terrorists can operatel more freely in India, and as a matter of fact it happens to true. However, India has company with its neighbor Thailand which is I would also characterize as being a terrorists’ playground. Here is an excerpt from the above mentioned article:

NEW DELHI: Terror struck in the Capital on Monday, with an explosion rocking an Israeli diplomat’s car near the Israeli embassy in the high-security Lutyen’s zone. Four persons, including the wife of a diplomat, were injured.

My point is that time and time again, the NIA has failed to thwart terrorism even when it has had very specific advance warnings from other intelligence agencies. As far as the responsible group, organization or country in this particular act of terrorism is not the basis of my article but I will touch on it briefly after several more paragraphs. What caught my attention immediately was that the bomb blast at the German Bakery in Pune, India occurred exactly 2 years to the date of the most recent New Delhi bombing that occurred last week. The reason I remember so vividly, is that I was still in Goa, India when the Pune blast occurred. I had just recently been cleared by Sajid Shapoo of the NIA in the David Headley investigation and I finally had my United States passport returned to me. I fled Palolem where I was during the investigation to a another part of India where only a handful of people knew about including the NIA’s Shapoo.

Explosion rocks India as blast rips through German bakery in city of Pune on February 13, 2010.

The day after the Pune bomb blast, my former guest house owner, Taru, called me quite upset, angry and a bit scared. I stayed at the Ganga House in Old Manali more than once and for quite awhile. Taru was visited by the local police again asking him about me the very next day after the Pune blast. I told him, “Taru, tell the local police to fuck off, it is not their investigation.” I added, “Tell them to leave you alone and call Sajid Shapoo from the NIA, he knows where I am!”

It was quite frustrating for everyone involved. Unfortunately, since I had been to Manali quite often for long periods of time and that I knew so many people, including Faiza Outalha, David Headley’s then ex-wife, it made the investigation that much more difficult. Faiza Outalha had since remarried Headley and remains so to this day, although they have not had any contact whatsoever since his arrest in 2009. My relationship with Faiza was no secret in Old Manali. My large social network of friends meant a lot of headaches for me and many other people that I knew that were either questioned and / or investigated by the NIA.

India Today reported on 14 February 2010 [a day after the attacks occurred]:

Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram said that “David Headley had surveyed the Chabad House, that is a fact. At the moment, it is a stand-alone fact. Whether this particular incident is related to that, it is premature to answer that. We have to wait for the investigation to find out who perhaps is behind this incident.”

David Headley was also blamed for this attack even though he was incarcerated in a Federal prison merely because he had been in Pune previously. Getting back to the most recent Delhi attacks and whom is to blame, an article titled DELHI ATTACKS – ‘INSIDE JOB’, had these observations:

A red pulsar bike found abandoned in Delhi. Delhi police, 'believed to be under the control of Mossad', have ruled out that the bike was used by the 'Mossad' attacker on 13 February 2012.

A few days before the 13 February 2012 terror attacks in Delhi, Mossad chief Tamir Pardo and his team were in Delhi, meeting with some of India’s spy chiefs.

“As the Delhi policemen continued to grope in the dark, nine Israeli officials visited the Special Cell office and examined the damaged Innova car. They also visited the crime scene…

“As questions were being raised on the slow pace of investigations, NSG director general R.K. Medhekar said an NSG team was denied access to the crime scene, citing ‘diplomatic reasons’.”

Jewish centres, and Jewish tourists, have become linked to terrorism in India.

The ‘CIA-linked’ planner of the 2008 Mumbai terror was David Headley.

Headley, whose mother allegedly has Jewish links, visited a number of Jewish centres in India.

Mossad and the CIA like to carry out their terror attacks on certain dates, reportedly.

On 13 February 2012, an Israeli diplomat’s vehicle was involved in a terror incident.

On 13 February 2010, there was a ‘false flag’ attack in Pune, close to a Chabad House.

Of course, no Israeli citizen was killed in Pune.

Possible Links between Bangkok and Delhi Blasts

It is important to note that I previously mentioned that Thailand as well as India has a reputation as a haven for terrorism. Several days ago another article by Vicky Nanjappa titled, Thailand probes links between Bangkok, Delhi blasts, appeared in Rediff.com. Below are several excerpts from the article.

Thai authorities were on Wednesday probing possible links between the three explosions in Bangkok on Tuesday and the Monday attack on an Israeli embassy car in Delhi as evidence emerged that “sticky” bomb was used in both the cases

Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul told reporters, “We cannot say yet if it is a terrorist act but it is similar to the assassination attempt against a diplomat in India.”

AFP, quoting unnamed Thai intelligence sources, said Israeli diplomats were the target of Tuesday’s botched bomb plot by three Iranian suspects in Bangkok. “These three Iranian men are an assassination team and their targets were Israeli diplomats including the Ambassador,” the sources said. “Their plan was to attach bombs to diplomats’ cars.”


However, Israel’s Ambassador to Thailand Itzhak Shoham was emphatic when he claimed that the three Iranian suspects involved in Tuesday’s blasts were part of the same network of assailants who targeted the Israeli embassy staff in India and Georgia.

A bomb disposal expert works at the bomb site in Bangkok, Thailand. Credits: Kerek Wongsa/Reuters

Ironically, just as India altered their visa laws shortly after the Mumbai attacks, I just saw an article tonight where Thailand is considering changing their visa laws in the name of terrorism. According to the article titled, Thailand Fears More Terror – May Change Visa Policy:

After last week’s bombings in Bangkok and the arrest of a Lebanese-Swede last month the country of smiles are now considering their ‘open-door’ visa policy.

“We have to admit that there are threats all over the world, and our country is a weak link,” said National Security Council chief Wichean Potephosree to the Philstar, without being to precise on how he sees the visa policy in the future.

The statement comes after authorities have found similarities between the bombs in Bangkok and India last week.

A police expert works at the site of an explosion in Ekamai area in central Bangkok. Credits: Kerek Wongsa/Reuters

When India initially announced changes to their visa laws, they specifically targeted Americans. Being very close with Headley’s ex-wife Faiza as well as being a U.S. citizen and traveling to many of the same places as Headley was not the only things we had in common. Another thing in common that David Headley and I had that lead to the NIA’s investigation of me was that we both possessed long-term Indian visas. Headley had a five year multiple entry visa and I had a ten year multiple entry visa. As far as I know, at that time, the U.S. was the only country that granted ten year Indian visas.

In fact, before the Mumbai attacks occurred, Israelis and  Italians struggled to get six month visas. However, now I hear it is the Russian citizens having the must difficulty obtaining one month Indian visas. That is mostly to due with their infiltration of the drug business in Goa and a few accidental killings of locals by Russian citizens.I thought it ludicrous to change the visa laws for all Americans solely because David Headley was a U.S. citizen. The article titled, Headley effect: India to alter visa rules for US tourists, which appeared on 10 December 2009 stated:

Visa regulations for American tourists wishing to visit India may soon be changed requiring them to take a 60-day break between each exit from India and re-entry. Indian security agencies are said to have pushed for the break following revelations about the activities of David Headley, the US citizen with alleged links with the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, who was arrested in October.

The Indian government did implement the new visa laws rather quickly. In fact, by the time the new laws went into effect they were applied to all Nationalities, that required a visa, even those with Indian origins. Sajid Shapoo during the investigation process was the first to inform me of the pending visa law changes.

India to Seek extradition of Headley and Rana

Tahawwur Rana and David Coleman Headley aka Daoud Gilani

As I mentioned in the opening sentences of this article, the news of the NIA special court order and filing of their chargesheet has gone viral. up until now, I have not seen any reply or response from the U.S. agencies. It is highly unlikely to see an immediate response in the press from the U.S. especially with Monday being a public holiday, President’s Day. However, I have seen this story picked up by Huffington Post, the New York Times as well as the very mainstream Yahoo news.

A Times of India article titled, Backed with court order, India to seek extradition of Headley, Rana stated:

Armed with a special court order, India will soon write to the US seeking extradition of American citizen David Coleman Headley and his Canadian accomplice Tahawwur Hussain Rana for their trial here for plotting with LeT and HuJI terrorists to attack places of iconic importance in the Capital and other cities including Mumbai.

Taking cognizance of NIA’s chargesheet against Headley, Rana, Lashkar founder Hafiz Saeed, the outfit’s key commander Zaki-ur-RehmanLakhvi and five others, a special court here on Saturday sought their presence before it for trial on March 13.

“We will write to the US with reference of the court order.

India’s own Home Ministry by their own admission doubt that the U.S. will extradite Headley to India. In the next section of this article I will go into much greater detail about this very topic. The following excerpts are from same Times of India article:

Though Headley had entered into a plea bargaining with US authorities and got immunity from being extradited to India or any other country, New Delhi has to follow the legal procedure by formally pressing for his extradition backed by the court order.

A section within the home ministry believes that though it is highly unlikely that the US will extradite Headley and Rana, the move may see some legal wrangling between the two countries.

The article also states:

The NIA has, meanwhile, begun the process of sending letter rogatory to Morocco for recording the statement of Headley’s estranged Moroccan wife Faiza Outalha for evidence against him. She had visited India with Headley twice during the latter’s reconnaissance mission.

The NIA has an open case against Faiza Outalha. At first she was thought of as guilty til proven innocent. However, partly due to some recent television appearances by Faiza in India and the U.S., the NIA seems to have a warmer approach toward Faiza. Basically they are asking for her help. I spoke to Faiza this past Saturday and asked her what she thought the Moroccan governments response to the Indian government will be? She told me that she feels strongly that her government will do nothing.

I do find it odd, the NIA’s obsession with Faiza. Back in 2009 in the beginning stages of their investigation, it is quite obvious that they would want to question her. However, if the FBI who was leading and running the Headley investigation did not bother nor have an interest in Faiza, why should the NIA? If she was involved or guilty she would be in the United States and not in Morocco. In fact she herself reported her husband to FBI agents at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad. I do not understand why the NIA continues to beat a dead horse? Even if she agreed to cooperate with the NIA and implicate her husband, what could they do with that information? They still could not extradite him and besides, Headley already admitted he was guilty.

If you read my article written in October 2010 titled, David Headley goes Viral: Is the FBI really that stupid?, you would know that the FBI is not that stupid to ignore the many warnings that it had received as well as why they waited so long to arrest David Coleman Headley. However, I explained in detail that David Headley will not be extradited to India, ever. To quote an anonymous U.S. source, “It ain’t going to happen.”

An eerie picture of the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai.

Case Closed

Unfortunately for the NIA, even though they have a special court order from the Indian government, the U.S. has made it crystal clear that they will not hand over David  Headley to India. In fact, Headley is being held in an undisclosed location. I do know that unlike other Federal inmates, I could not find him anywhere in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I am very optimistic that the U.S. governments reply to India will simply be that they have made a legal and binding plea bargain with Headley. Since he has already cooperated with the FBI and testified in court thus fulfilling his end of the agreement, I see it as entirely improbable and impossible that the U.S. will renege on their plea bargain agreement with Headley.

The following excerpts are taken directly from my article titled, David Headley goes Viral: Is the FBI really that stupid?, written on 17 October 2010:

The following was a headline in the Deccan Herald on March 19, 2010, “India cannot seek Headley extradition”. The following was the sub-headline in the same article: “A day after David Coleman Headley confessed to plotting the Mumbai attacks, it became clear on Friday that the Indian investigators will be able to interrogate the Pakistani-American terrorist in the United States, but he will not be extradited to India.

According to the Deccan Herald, Headley agreed to being tried in America and to cooperate with U.S. authorities, “The US, which has so far denied India the right to question Headley who was arrested by the FBI in October last year, said he has agreed to “fully and truthfully” participate in this process which has to be undertaken only on American soil.

These are not subtle points being made, in fact they are quite defiant as well as unambiguous. Here is another excerpt from the same article:

Recently, in a United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York at the end of September [2010], U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake briefed reporters on the meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and India’s External Affairs Minister S M Krishna concerning David Coleman Headley. According to a published article by Rediff, Blake told reporters, “The issue of direct and complete access to Pakistani American and Lashkar operative David Coleman had not come up at all at these talks. As far as the US was concerned, it was a closed chapter, he said.

Blake continues, “So, I think, as far as we are concerned, this matter is closed, and again, we continue to be very pleased with the very strong counterterrorism cooperation we have with India.”

Blake asserted, “Again, the Indian team got access and I think they left satisfied with the access that they received. So, we consider that particular chapter closed.

Deliver David Coleman Headley, Or Else

It is blatantly obvious that many Indian citizens, politicians and especially the NIA are not satisfied. The NIA has spent an enormous amount of time and has gone through great lengths to produce the 26/11 chargesheet. As stated by the previously mentioned Times of India article,  “In any case, the accused’s appearance for trial through video link cannot be ruled out as a compromise in future,” the official said.

If the NIA’s has any chance at all of seeing Headley, I agree it will be via video. However, I do not see that happening. It does not make any sense for the U.S. to expose him to an Indian trial if there is not the slightest chance of an extradition. In fact, the only way I see the NIA getting any concessions in terms of David Headley is with the full-backing of the Indian government standing up to the U.S. and playing hardball. I spent quite a bit of time in India and corruption is rampant thus making it very difficult for politicians to stand united on almost any single issue.

President Barack Obama and Indian prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

However, I have noticed a tougher India as of late. There were articles alluding to the reason that U.S. President Obama visited India in 2010 was solely to seal a $10 billion arms deal. As reported last May by Al Jazeera titled, Obama dismayed as India rejects arms deal stated:

India’s recent decision not to purchase American warplanes for its $10 billion-plus fighter aircraft programme – the largest single military tender in the country’s history – has stirred debate in defence circles worldwide.

India had never previously purchased an American fighter plane, and the United States hoped that India would cement the emerging bilateral strategic partnership with a hefty check. Indeed, US officials, including president Barack Obama, had lobbied for the deal, which would have pumped money and jobs into the ailing American economy. The “deeply disappointed” US ambassador to India, Tim Roemer, promptly announced his resignation.

India has also recently defied U.S. sanctions against Iran and has continued buying their oil. In fact, this article just appeared online about 30 seconds ago titled, India’s decision to import Iran oil a slap on US face: Former US diplomat, which states

“India’s decision to walk out of step with the international community on Iran isn’t just a slap in the face for the US – it raises questions about its ability to lead,” said Burns.

India is extremely cognizant of the fact the U.S. Achilles Heel is India’s neighbor Pakistan. India has also very expressively voiced their displeasure over the America’s close relationship with India’s arch enemy, Pakistan. To say that the relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan have soured would be the understatement of the century. A huge political wild card for probably the entire world, is the fragile political relationship between India and China. It those two countries ever became close allies, it could alter the entire geopolitical landscape. As recently as a week ago, an article titled India-China relations on an ‘upward’ trajectory, stated:

NEW DELHI, FEB 14 – Nepal’s two giant neighbours–India and China, who jostle for influence in their immediate neighbourhood and beyond–seem to be working hard to take their bilateral relations to new heights.

Has India suddenly grown a pair? Or are they simply stepping up to the plate and flexing their muscles? Or perhaps, with the recent NIA chargesheet and special court order, are they subtlety demanding that the U.S. finally deliver David Headley or else?

Contact Information:

Twitter: Dobroyeutro


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Exclusive: Richard Chichakli Speaks About the Viktor Bout Trial

The DEA’s Insurance Policy

Many people that I have met during the three week Viktor Bout trial in New York including journalists as well as Viktor Bout’s attorneys were unaware of a second pending indictment against him, an insurance policy if you will. All the people that knew about the second indictment, Daniel Estulin, Dimitri Khalezov and attorneys Barry Bachrach and Douglas McNabb all told me the same thing, “I thought everyone knew.”

The confusion for some was that the second indictment was also most identical to a previous indictment levied against Viktor Bout in Thailand that was later dropped in order to expedite his extradition to America.

Richard Chichakli.

There is one other person that obviously knew as well at that is Richard Chichakli. I know this for two reasons, in addition to Viktor Bout, his name appears on the indictment, as well as later seeing a reply to the indictment by Chichakli himself which can be found here: U.S. Announces New Indictment Against International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout and American Co-Conspirator for Money Laundering, Wire Fraud, and Conspiracy. Since Chichakli had all his assets frozen by the U.S. government which led to him and his family eventually fleeing the country and basically starting a new life from scratch. The reason, according to Richard Chichakli is simply ‘guilty by association’ for merely being friends with Viktor Bout. I asked Mr. Chichakli if he would be like to comment on the Viktor Bout case as well as the trial and he was kind enough to oblige.

The Richard Chichakli Viktor Bout Connection

Before I share Richards’ comments with you I wanted to first discuss briefly the connection between the two men. What better way than to let Richard do that in his own words? Therefore, all of the following excerpts are taking verbatim form Richard Chichakli’s website from the page titled What connects Richard Chichakli to Viktor Bout. I did, however, take the liberty of merely rearranging some of the paragraphs but not the words.

Richard Chichakli first introduction to Victor Bout took place about 14 years ago, in August of 1995, in the state of Sharjah, one of the seven states in the United Arab Emirates. At that point of time Richard was an employee of the government of Sharjah, serving as the commercial manager of Sharjah Airport International Free Zone and Victor Bout was one of the hundreds of investors who were interested in setting up a business in that free zone.

Viktor Bout’s defense attorney Albert Dayan facing reporters after the verdict was read.

Richard Chichakli and Victor Bout developed a personal relation since their meeting for the first time nearly 14 years ago in the UAE. The two men were aviation enthusiasts who enjoy developing business, managing aircraft, and working in a fast-pace environment. The families of both men became friends and their children found a mate with whom they can speak and play in that conservative community where they lived. Since the year 1996 Richard maintained personal relations with Victor and his family, with periods of inert and active participation as commonly occur in friendships. 

Richard has always called Victor a “brother and friend” and he is that to Richard, nothing more and nothing less. What was unique in the friendship of these two men is that after the UN [the infamous Johan Peleman] published its report about Victor Bout in 2001 and which led to the financial collapse of Victor Bout, almost all of Victor’s friends abandoned him except for Richard Chichakli.  For those who know Richard that would not be surprising because Richard is a descendant of a large Arabian family with history of values and traditions. Richard will not abandon a friend on the basis of “hearsay”, nor will he accept to “hush up” in order to be politically correct. Therefore, he publicly demanded of those using Victor Bout for personal gains to show evidence and corroborate facts, and that was fatal because he was the only one standing in the face of a current. 

Richard is not and was not an employee/associate of Victor Bout or any of his companies for any length of time. Richard is not, nor was he ever the chief financial manager of Mr. Bout’s, nor the spokesperson for him or any of his organizations, nor was he ever an officer and/or director of any company belongs to Victor Bout and to which account any amount of money was sent or received for any purpose.  It is imperative to understand that Mr. Bout was not sanctioned by the US government until July of 2004, and prior to that date there was not any prohibition to conduct business with him.  

Viktor Bout being led off the plane by DEA agents in White Plains, NY.

A Tale of Injustice

I urge everyone to PLEASE visit this link and read his story titled Richard Chichakli: a tale of injustice. I will just share two excerpts with you from the above link:

It was an early morning in Texas on that Tuesday of April 26, 2005 when a long line of government vehicles was seen approaching a quiet middle-class Richardson neighborhood. The convoy stopped short of the house with a blue door on Syracuse place, and dozens of heavily-armed masked men in armored battle uniform poured from the black trucks and rushed to position themselves around the target house where a family of three lived for twenty years, the house where an accountant named Richard Chichakli lived.  At 6:00 am of that day, a story beyond imagination began, and today, few years later, it is still unresolved despite that all of what it was based upon has been proven false shortly after it began.

On April 26, 2005 shortly after 8:00 am, and while the government agents in Texas were still busy dismantling and destroying the life of the disabled United States Army veteran Richard A. Chichakli, the spokesperson of the Bush administration, in a special press conference held in Washington, DC,…

Richard Chichakli In His Own Words

Dear Mr. Chichakli,

I am asking if you would like to add or say anything in a piece I am writing post trial RE: Viktor Bout? If you care to comment on his trial, the DEA operation dubbed ‘Relentless or perhaps about you and your situation and how you have been effected, I would print your comments verbatim! Perhaps, we could do a piece and an interview solely on you and your story in the near future if you would be willing. Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards,

Dear Mr. Mapp

Thank you for your message, and here are my comments about the trial of Victor Bout.

“ Victor was convicted before he was trapped, captured in the land of US servicemen R&R, illegally transferred to the UN, or, so-called tried.  He was convicted at the time the 50 congressmen and senators pressured the so-called government of Thailand.

Victor Bout was nothing in the world of arms trafficking, he was an armature trying to play a game in the big league, and that is why he was not ever considered by the Russian government.  Victor Bout is the person that was made through a conspiracy of a failing journalist called Douglas Farah, and an opportunist UN clerk named Johan Peleman who was working for the UN panel on Angola.  The Staff of IPIS, the entity where Peleman was working will testify to how Farah and Peleman created Victor Bout for their own financial benefits.

As to the so-called trial, it was nothing but an orchestrated dog and pony show, planned nicely  and done hastily, not surprising with a conspiring lawyer who was relieved 11 times, and who’s record in NY Federal Court is limited to three trial with one win in a minor drug possession charge prior to the Bout Trial. Albert Dian’s [Dayan’s] interest was limited to pocket the$ 750,000, knowingly lying to court, and intentionally refusing to call witnesses who indisputably show the holes in the fabricated story.  Dayan’s knowingly lied to court and intentionally betrayed his client; the money he never dreamed of making and the favor with the government were more important to him than his duty to Victor.

The United States government is not about justice, it is all about domination and control. The US government despite its grave mistakes throughout time, never ever admit being wrong, nor once acknowledge making a mistake. It is crazy to even think that Victor Bout could stand a chance of justice in the US, the US government who is always perfect and always right, will not allow the case of Victor Bout to expose its corruption and flows, it will never allow the Bout case to prove many US cabinet Secretaries, and 50 Congressmen and Senators wrong. Can you imagine the possibility of Victor not getting convicted? It is the Iraq weapon of Mass destruction, the Democracy in Bahrain, Saudi, and Yemen, winning war in Afghanistan and Somalia, and the justice of Guantamo… and people thought Obama will bring change!”

Richard Chichakli

Contact Information:

Viktor Bout is Fair Game: In the Midst of the Shadow Wars

Hung by the Jury

On Wednesday November 2, 2011 I was on the 8th floor cafeteria of the Federal court house in New York located at 500 Pearl street. At approximately 1:35pm,  I stood up from the lunch table as Albert Dayan was walking towards me. Viktor Bout’s defense lawyer whispered to me, “the jury reached a verdict.” Alla Bout was at still at home and she had told me during an earlier phone conversation, “that it was too difficult for her and her daughter to sit around and wait at the court house.”

Alla Bout outside MCC prison before she visit’s her husband Viktor.

I immediately grabbed my bag and started to rush to the pay phones to call Alla so that she might have a chance to make it to the verdict reading in time. A tense and nervous looking Albert Dayan said, “don’t run walk, they told me not to tell anyone, just his family.”

Walking swiftly to the pay phones on the 8th floor and while passing Dayan, I asked him, “did you call Alla?” He replied, “I don’t know where she is.”

At approximately 1:58pm the jury entered the packed court room to read the verdict. There were extra security guards, many journalists, the DEA agents occupied the entire first bench directly in front of mine. The seconds before the verdict were very tense and time seemed to sit still. Then Heather H. Hobson, the jury’s appointed forewoman stood up and read the jury’s verdict to the court room focusing mostly on the judge until after the third count was read, she starred directly at Viktor Bout before reading out loud the the fourth and final guilty.

I called Alla Bout three times since I heard the jury had reached a verdict. The last time was shortly after the verdict was read to warn her of the media frenzy awaiting her so that she had the option of whether or not to come to the court house. Needless to say she did not come to the Federal court house on that unforgettable day.

The jury in only  approximately 2 hours of deliberations on Tuesday and approximately 3 hours on Wednesday, unanimously found Viktor Bout guilty on all 4 counts of the indictment [entire indictment PDF 37 pgs]. You can see a summary of the indictment from the actual charge sheet on the jury verdict form. The previous day the judge ruled, only after agreement from both attorneys, that the jury was able to take the chargesheets home with them on Tuesday night. The Honorable judge Shira A. Scheindlin told the jury explicitly that the were not to show it anyone including their family and spouses.

Jury forewoman in the Viktor Bout trial Heather H. Hobson.

A New York Times piece titled, Arms Dealer’s Own Words Convicted Him, Juror Says ran the day after the verdict. According to the article, jury forewaoman, Ms. Heather H. Hobson was very proud of what she did and said that “she felt a sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Here is a short excerpt from the article:

When it came time to deliver the verdict, Ms. Hobson paused after reading the first three counts. She turned her gaze away from the judge, and purposefully stared at Mr. Bout. Then she resumed, announcing the final finding of guilt. It was a simple gesture, she said, one that was motivated by respect, not scorn.

Ms. Hobson seemed to put a lot of weight into the DEA informants testimony according to her own words.

She said, “the informants, working with the Drug Enforcement Administration, had been “very convincing” FARC representatives who had made it clear to Mr. Bout that their whole purpose was to take down U.S. helicopters with U.S. pilots.”

Ironically, as a person who sat though the entire trial from the opening statements to the reading of the verdict, I personally thought that was the prosecutors weakest argument. During Carlos’ cross examination by Albert Dayan, he got Carlos to say on record that it was DEA informant Ricardo that spoke about about killing Americans and not Viktor Bout. In fact, the honorable judge Shira A. Scheindlin was explicit and crystal clear in her directions to the jury in her explanation of the law. There is no conspiracy charge if Viktor Bout was solely found conspiring with DEA agents and / or operatives. It was demonstrated many times by the defense throughout the trial that the DEA informants in operation ‘Relentless’ were highly paid to pretend, or play a “role” as prosecutor Brendan McGuire repeatedly said. Or as DEA agent William S. Brown said repeatedly while on the stand, it was all part of the “scenario” that they had to create.

An article titled, The $9 MILLION supergrass: How man who helped snare ‘Merchant of Death’ arms dealer was highest paid informant in history, appeared on 7 November 2011 in the UK’s Daily Mail just several days after Ms. Hobson’s piece in the NY Times. According to the article in the Daily Mail, Thomas Pasquarello, a former DEA special agent who headed the Bout probe in Thailand, said Mr Sagastume was among the DEA’s best informants.

Former DEA Special Operations agent Thomas Pasquarello.

If you’re looking at big fish, you need big bait,’ he said. ‘That’s what guys like Carlos are good at. They’re pros at what they do and they have deep connections.’

‘Look at Viktor Bout. He wasn’t going to fall for a rookie informant. Guys like that could see through a rookie undercover in five minutes,’ said Mr Pasquarello, now chief of police in Somerset, Mass.

The media’s character assassination of Bout which I wrote about in The Assassination of Viktor Anatoliyevich Bout in September 2010, apparently holds a lot of water. Here is one more excerpt from the previously mentioned NY Times article:

Another thing also became obvious: her [Heather Hobson] knowledge of Mr. Bout was more expansive than she had realized.

“I had seen that terrible Nicolas Cage movie,” she said, a reference to the film “Lord of War,” which is believed to have been inspired by Mr. Bout, “and I had no idea it was about this guy.”

Finally, Ms. Heather Hobson added, “He’s a very scary man.”
The Spin Doctors

While I am on the topic of character assassination, another interesting article about Viktor Bout caught my eye over the weekend. An Associated Press articled titled, Files Show Convicted Arms Dealer’s Libyan Ties written on 5 November 2011 by Stephen Braun. I actually laughed out loud when I read the authors name. In case you are not familiar with the name, Stephen Braun along with co-author Douglas Farah wrote the book titled the “Merchant of Death” which is about Viktor Bout. Before I continue, it is extremely important to understand that neither Braun or Farah have ever met, spoken to nor met Viktor Bout, not even once. Their book is filled with lies, manufactured flow charts and disinformation. It is filled with opinions and hearsay that are completely unsubstantiated and based almost entirely on one persons imagination and invention. According to author and investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, the Lord of War or Merchant of Death was invented in Belgium by Johan Peleman in 1996. For much more about Johan Peleman, read The Making of a Legend: Viktor Bout.

Johan Peleman.

It is entirely possibly that Braun and Farah believed what Johan Peleman said as truth and did not intentionally spread disinformation and lies. However, it is extremely odd to me that they wrote an entire book about a person without a single conversation or interview by them whether by phone, email or in person. Many of my doubts re-emerged when I read the above mentioned article written by Stephen Braun tying Viktor Bout to Gadhafi and Libya just days after Bout’s verdict was read. Here are a few excerpts from Braun’s article:

“Records found in Moammar Gadhafi’s former intelligence headquarters in Tripoli show that British officials apparently warned the Libyan regime in 2003 about its dealings with Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who was convicted in New York on federal conspiracy charges.”

“The documents indicate that Bout had been trying to expand his operations in Libya.”

“American officials and allied governments have sent teams of weapons specialists into Libya in recent weeks to scour for loose, Russian-made, anti-aircraft missiles and other dangerous munitions.”

“We know there are a lot of conventional weapons floating around Libya now and an important question to pursue is how they got there,” said Lee S. Wolosky a former Clinton administration national security deputy who headed U.S. scrutiny of contacts between Bout’s network and the Gadhafi regime in 2000. “Viktor Bout’s operation in Tripoli would be a good place to start.”

If you understand that some of Viktor Bout’s charges were conspiring to sell SAM’s [Surface-to-air-missiles] specifically Igla’s [A Soviet man-portable SAM], anti-aircraft weapons and RPG’s [Rocket Propelled Grenades], then it becomes clear that the allegations of  a direct connection to Gadhafi and Libya can have extremely serious and grave ramifications for Viktor Bout.

If you are not starting to see a connection, perhaps this will help. In a February 16, 2002 LA Times article titled, Al Qaeda Linked to Russian Arms Broker, written by Stephen Braun as well as Sebastian Rotella and Judy Pasternak. Once again the name Stephen Braun appears as well as his many references to Johan Peleman in this article. Let us examine a few excerpts. First please note that you will also see the familiar name of  Lee S. Wolosky who Stephen Braun quoted in his 5 November 2012 article tying Bout to the deceased Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Russian S-300 surface to air missile sysytem.

Lee S. Wolosky, a former National Security Council official who headed a U.S. effort to stem Bout’s trading, said Ruprah’s arrest “is a very significant development in dismantling the Victor Bout organization.” Wolosky described it as the “largest arms-trafficking organization in the world.”

Belgian investigators have spent the last three years focusing “on money flows associated with Victor Bout through Belgium,” Peleman said. Belgian authorities, Peleman said, have examined “thousands of money transfers” flowing from several Bulgarian-based firms and through several African governments through “aviation and handling companies in Belgium that are run by Bout.”

“Although U.S. and Belgian interest in Bout’s activities predated the Sept. 11 attacks in America, evidence that his far-reaching arms trading empire might have aided Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network and Afghanistan’s now-deposed Taliban government appears to have heightened both nations’ investigative efforts.”

Usama Bin Laden.

One of the things that struck me as peculiar was that in searching for the above mentioned LA Times article, I did not come by it immediately or easily, in fact it took some time. What I did find quite easily was the exact same article but in a PDF file. It seems that this particular article was intended to be found easily and to be able to be used as a reference. I also came across a time line titled A Complete 911 Timeline, that quite conveniently intertwines the name Viktor Bout, Al-Qaeda and 9/11 quite seamlessly.

Smoke and Mirrors

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, among many others, has stated numerous times in an array of different mediums that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since 2001. How does he explain Operation Geronimo? Basically to paraphrase him, “it was staged.”

Author Chuck Pfarrer who is writing a book about how Operation Geronimo went down has been met with some skepticism. Here is a comment on Time’s Battleland blog which catch phrase is: Where military intelligence is not a contradiction in terms. Here is the link: Squawking SEAL as well as the comment below.

“CNN chum Barbara Starr has the inside skinny on the new book purporting to detail the inside skinny of how the Osama bin Laden raid went down – as told by a former SEAL. Author Chuck Pfarrer claims to have spoken to some Navy SEALs who conducted the raid. It seems his story has more holes in it than the post-raid bin Laden.

Here is just one more article of many on the topic titled Osama Bin Laden Has Been Dead Since December 2001. Here is a couple of excerpts from the referenced article:

During the period 4-14th of July, 2001 (only two months prior to the 9/11-WTC terror attacks), Bin Laden was in the American Hospital in Dubai. According to the United Press International (Oct 31, 2001), Bin Laden underwent kidney surgery and treatment under Dr. Terry Callaway. According to both the French “Le Figaro” & the “Radio France International”, Bin Laden was visited by a top US-CIA agent. This report and the one below are further substantiated by CBS anchor Dan Rather, Peter Bergen, investigative journalist Barry Petersen and Prof. Michel Chussodovsky.

More astonishing is the fact that just a day prior to the September 11 attacks, Bin Laden was undergoing treatment in the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi itself (Le Figaro – Jan 28, 2002). So both the Pakistani Military establishment and the ISI as well as the CIA were more than aware of Bin Laden’s whereabouts.

Apache attack helicopter.

A bit off the topic but another example of the secrets as well as the lack of intelligence sharing between U.S. agencies and in some cases the outright withholding of info or in worse cases intentional misinforming can be seen clearly in this article titled the CIA’s Account of 9/11 Under Attack. The article is date 16 October 2011 and I highly recommend everyone to read it. For now I will just share one excerpt:

A growing number of former government insiders – all responsible officials who served in a number of federal posts – are now on record as doubting ex-CIA director George Tenet’s account of events leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. Among them are several special agents of the FBI, the former counterterrorism head in the Clinton and Bush administrations, and the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, who told us the CIA chief had been “obviously not forthcoming” in his testimony and had misled the commissioners.

The biggest contradiction that I find in Operation Geronimo, besides that fact I believe that Osama’s bin dead, is the completely unbelievable claim that the U.S. military wanted to give him a proper burial at sea. We live in a society where the FBI, NYPD, CIA, DHS, TSA as well as the entire U.S. population is fed anti-Muslim propaganda and taught to stereotype. Suddenly we care about giving him a proper Muslim burial? It would be much more plausible, giving the hideous allegations against the former CIA asset Osama Bin Laden, if his dead body were on public display on the White House lawn as opposed to a secret and swift Muslim burial at sea. It is the modus operandi of the CIA / U.S. government to display such victims to the general public whenever possible, i.e. Malcolm X, J.F.K., Che Guevara, Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi as well as former FARC commanders Raul Reyes and most recently Alfonso Cano. If you want to see for yourself, just enter any of the previous names then add dead after their names and then search under Google images. They do now have a few photos of Osama Bin Laden, whether they are real or fakes created by a Hollywood special effects team is for you to decide.

Video Of Osama Bin Laden’s Burial At Sea Leaked [Satire]


The DEA’s New Mandate

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen did a taped RT television interview last January titled Viktor Bout: Lord of War blame game. Madsen raises some very interesting points and topics, he mentions how “the Bush administration probably left him [Bout] alone because he was doing business with that administration.”

Madsen also mentions the broader range of the DEA as well as having a new mandate. He states in the RT interview, “The DEA is not only involved in drugs anymore but they have a new mandate. The DEA is now in the intelligence gathering business which is perhaps out of their league. According to Madsen, the new DEA is “operating far beyond it capabilities and its knowledge.”

Wayne Madsen also states that “Viktor Bout was entrapped in Thailand by the DEA.” Madsen goes on to say that “Bout was not really extradited he was renditioned.”

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has become a vast international spy network as shown by U.S. Embassy cables revealed by Wikileaks. The DEA now has 87 offices in 63 countries and close partnerships with governments that distrust the CIA, such as Nicaragua and Venezuela. Many nations are eager to take advantage of the agency’s drug detection and wiretapping technologies as stated by a Public Intelligence December 27, 2010 article.

According to a Wikileaks cable that was reprinted in the New York Times, “The Drug enforcement Administration has been transformed into a global intelligence organization with a reach that extends far beyond narcotics, and an eavesdropping operation so expansive it has to fend off foreign politicians who want to use it against their political enemies, according to secret diplomatic cables.”

The Birth of DEA Operation Relentless

I first learned about the DEA’s covert Special Operations Division or SOD from investigative journalist and author Jeremy Scahill in his article titled Blackwater’s Black Ops that first appeared on September 15, 2010 in The Nation. Scahill in his article quite clearly shows how the DEA’s Special Operations Division came into existence and perhaps their new mandate that Wayne Madsen refers to as the DEA’s New Madate. As well as perhaps the inception of DEA’s Operation ‘Relentless’ which was to pursue and catch Viktor Bout ‘by any means necessary’. Here are some excerpts from Jeremy Scahill’s article:

While the network was originally established for use in CIA operations, documents show that Prado [former CIA paramilitary officer Enrique “Ric” Prado] viewed it as potentially valuable to other government agencies. In an e-mail in October 2007 with the subject line “Possible Opportunity in DEA—Read and Delete,” Prado wrote to a Total Intelligence executive with a pitch for the Drug Enforcement Administration. That executive was an eighteen-year DEA veteran with extensive government connections who had recently joined the firm. Prado explained that Blackwater had developed “a rapidly growing, worldwide network of folks that can do everything from surveillance to ground truth to disruption operations.” He added, “These are all foreign nationals (except for a few cases where US persons are the conduit but no longer ‘play’ on the street), so deniability is built in and should be a big plus.”

The executive wrote back and suggested there “may be an interest” in those services. The executive suggested that “one of the best places to start may be the Special Operations Division, (SOD) which is located in Chantilly, VA,” telling Prado the name of the special agent in charge. The SOD is a secretive joint command within the Justice Department, run by the DEA. It serves as the command-and-control center for some of the most sensitive counternarcotics and law enforcement operations conducted by federal forces. The executive also told Prado that US attachés in Mexico; Bogotá, Colombia; and Bangkok, Thailand, would potentially be interested in Prado’s network. Whether this network was activated, and for what customers, cannot be confirmed. A former Blackwater employee who worked on the company’s CIA program declined to comment on Prado’s work for the company, citing its classified status.

Time ran a very interesting and informative article titled, The DEA’s Terrorist Hunters in August of this year. The article backs up what Jeremy Scahill first wrote about last year as well as emphasis the astronomical sums being paid to DEA informants. Here are some excerpts from the Time article:

While few think of the DEA as a counterterrorism organization, since 2007 it has leveraged a little-known federal statute passed in 2006 to conduct sting operations across the globe, netting major figures including arms dealer Monzer al-Kassar and the “Lord of War” Viktor Bout by connecting the suspects to terrorism plots.

DEA agents escorting Bout off the plane after his extradition to the U.S.

That statute effectively created the team within the DEA’s multiagency SOD to take on investigations in which drugs and terrorism crossed over, what policy types call a nexus.

Interesting terminology, it said by connecting suspects to terrorism plots perhaps like a sting operation. Oddly, Viktor Bout has never been arrested until March 6th 2008 in Thailand and has never been associated or accused of terrorism until the DEA’s Operation ‘Relentless’ sting or plot was developed. As it is well documented by airplane registrations, company records, cargo receipts that Viktor Bout had no dealings in Columbia. Africa and parts of Europe is where he did the majority of his air cargo business. In fact, the two witness’s that the prosecutors put on the stand that had met or worked for Bout in the late 1990’s were both from Africa and both testified that they had met Viktor Bout in Africa.

DEA Terrorist Hunters

The DEA’s Special Operation Division has poured millions of dollars into its covert activities that span across the globe. Besides the huge sums being paid, I am surprised that the question and legality of jurisdiction have not been raised by watch dog and consumer interest groups. Here are a few more excerpts from the Time article mentioned above:

The arrests and prosecutions do not come cheap. Among the expenses the government has incurred in these investigations is compensation for informants. One DEA informant, Patrick “Paddy” McKay, a former pilot with the South African mercenary company Executive Outcomes said he has received $450,000from the government since 2005. “When I first saw these cases, I found it hard to believe that all these resources were being expended,” Merer says.

DEA drug money and weapons.

Similarly, cooperation can be rewarding for nations partnering with DEA investigations. Liberia’s narcotics- and law-enforcement-assistance package from the State Department has jumped from $800,000 in 2007 to a requested $17 million for 2011, a more than 2,000% increase.

Just to point out, the Russian pilot Yaroshenko who was caught by the DEA and then extradited to the U.S. and recently sentenced to 20 years in prison was arrested in Liberia. As I previously mentioned, the question of jurisdiction has not become a hot topic in the mainstream media but it has raised questions from criminal defense attorney and judges, including the judge that presided over Viktor Bout’s trial.
Jamal Yousef is a dual Swedish and Lebanese citizen that was renditioned by masked member’s of the DEA’s SOD squad  from the streets of Honduras then ferried by helicopter to Guantánamo Bay, Cuba where a learjet then escorted him to Westchester County Airport in White Plains, N.Y., the exact same airport where Viktor Bout first arrived onto U.S. soil. The significance of landing in White Plains is that it by default then creates a legal venue for any court proceedings to take place in The Southern District of New York. One journalist told me the Federal court in Manhattan is nicknamed the DEA’s playground and that the prosecutors have never ever lost a terrorism case in The Southern District of New York.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba prison camp Delta 1.

Yousef’s defense attorney expressed her criticism at the SOD’s tactics as well as Viktor Bouts judge in the second excerpt. The following excerpts are from the same Time article previously mentioned:
“The government creates imaginary links to terror organizations to ensnare people who may not actually have any other connection to terrorists,” says Melinda Sarafa, a criminal defense attorney who is representing Yousef.Prosecutors in the Bout case faced vocal criticism on this issue not just from the defense, but also the judge.
In Bout’s case, he went to a Bangkok hotel to meet with DEA informants who represented themselves as FARC operatives wishing to purchase weapons to be used against Americans. Judge Shira A. Scheindlin accused the government of “bravado” in making its case to prosecute the Russian citizen in the U.S. “There’s a long line of cases where we look at the facts of each case,” she said. “This one is weak.”

Viktor Bout with translations headphones and the honorable judge judge Shira A. Scheindlin on the bench.

I discuss in great detail the topic of manufactured jurisdiction as well as manufactured evidence in my article Imaginary Crimes: The Never Ending Viktor Bout Story as well as give over a dozen examples of the U.S. government exerting pressure on the Thai government to extradite Viktor Bout. I will give just one example from the Wikleaks cable but strongly suggest you read the article cable via the link below:

“Finally, despite the listing by the US and EU of the FARC as a terrorist organization, we understand that the FARC is not listed as such by the UN. A move to have the FARC listed formally by the UN would assist the effort to keep Bout in custody. JOHN”

Here is the link to Wikileaks cable that appeared in the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/220583

Connect the Dots

I have mentioned Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi, former FARC commanders Raul Reyes and Alfonso Cano as well as SAM’s, RPG’s and Igla missiles. What could this possibly have to do with with Viktor Bout. It is actual not very complicated but rather simple. A predated and carefully designed media smear campaign as well as a premeditated witch hunt against Viktor Bout that spanned over a decade was then followed by the DEA terrorist’s hunters mandate to go after Viktor Bout in Operation ‘Relentless’ via their Special Operations Division. It becomes quite evident when you consider the astronomical sums paid to the informants in DEA Operation ‘Relentless’ in conjunction with the decade plus smear campaign and the intentional and blatant character assassination of Viktor Bout.

Moammar Gadhafi and his female bodyguards before he was killed.

Put in more simple terms, Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi and Alfonso Cano were all killed while Viktor Bout was in prison. Raul Reyes was killed just 5 days before Bout was arrested in Thailand but after he had already agreed to meet in Bangkok. Even if you believe Wayne Madsen that Osama Bin Laden was already dead before Operation Geronimo, that means that the U.S. intelligence agencies had a specific reason to stage his death. Now with U.S. enemy number 1 ‘officially’ dead and gone that apparently left Viktor Bout as the new enemy of the state. Conveniently for the U.S. authorities, hired journalists made baseless claims and allegations to Osama Bin Laden and Viktor Bout. As luck would it approximately 6 months later Moammar Gadhafi was killed and was kind enough to leave valuable intelligence in an easy to find location which linked himself and his rogue missiles directly to Viktor Bout.

A NY Times article appeared on March 2, 2008 titled Colombian Forces Kill Senior Guerrilla Commander, Official Says. I have quoted two excerpts from the article:

The death of Raúl Reyes, one of the rebels’ highest-ranking commanders, was a severe blow for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, which has been waging an insurgency against the government for the last four decades.

The United States, which provides Colombia with more than $600 milliona year in military aid, was offering a $5 million reward for the capture of Mr. Reyes, 59, part of the FARC’s seven-member secretariat and believed to be a contender to succeed the group’s top commander, 77-year-old Manuel Marulanda.

FARC’s Alfonso Cano answering journalist’s questions in San Vicente, Columbia on February 2, 2001.

Just three days after Bout’s verdict was read another FARC commander was killed. The article titled FARC leader Alfonso Cano killed in military raid didn’t actual appear until 5 November 2011, the exact same day as Stephen Braun’s article linking Viktor Bout to Moammar Gadhafi. As you can see from the quotes below, Columbia’s President celebrated the death as a victory, they did however also immediately issue a photograph of Alfonso Cano unlike Osama Bin Laden which the U.S. intel agencies squabbled about in the press whether or not to release photographs.
Friday’s killing of Alfonso Cano, a bookish 63-year-old from Bogota’s middle class, was celebrated by President Juan Manuel Santos as “the hardest blow to this organization [FARC] in its entire history.”

Authorities released a photograph of Cano’s head in which his face did not appear disfigured.

Shadow Wars

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen asserts in this RT television interview titled Viktor Bout: Lord of War Blame Game on Jan 21, 2011 that the U.S. wanted Viktor Bout very badly because he knows who was behind 9/11. Wayne Madsen is almost right. The U.S. didn’t want Bout so bad because he “knew” who did 9/11 but instead wanted to pin 9/11 on him!

In addition to all the allegations and alleged connections between Viktor Bout and Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi and his alleged rogue Russian missiles, it is by no mistake that Johan Peleman’s UN report that eventually put Viktor Bout out of business and ruined him financially appeared in 2001. It was the same year that 9/11 occurred as well as former CIA asset Osam Bin Laden officially became America’s number one enemy of the state, at least in the mainstream media. I have taken the following excerpt below from Richard Chichakli’s website from a page titled What connects Richard Chichakli to Victor Bout.

Richard has always called Victor a “brother and friend” and he is that to Richard, nothing more and nothing less. What was unique in the friendship of these two men is that after the UN [written by Johan Peleman] published its report about Victor Bout in 2001 and which led to the financial collapse of Victor Bout, almost all of Victor’s friends abandoned him except for Richard Chichakli.

The Twin Towers burning on September 11, 2001.

Let’s talk more about Osama Bin Laden and 9/11. As many people know especially those who follow alternative and independent news sources as well as those with ties to the the intelligence community know for a fact that Osama Bin Laden was never formally charged with 9/11. Just more smoke and mirrors and diversions to the average American citizen. The article titled Osama Bin Laden never charged for 911 – Inside Job likely is just of many that discusses this very topic. Here are a couple of excerpts from the previously mentioned article:

Osama Bin Laden was never formally charged, because the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation didn’t deliver the necessary evidence to the Department of Justice, which would be the required path in this matter.

“The FBI gathers evidence. Once evidence is gathered, it is turned over to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice then decides whether it has enough evidence to present to a federal grand jury. In the case of the 1998 United States Embassies being bombed, bin Laden has been formally indicted and charged by a grand jury. He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.”

Anyone who has followed the The Curious Case of Viktor Bout either in Thailand or New York for that matter must be asking themselves a question; what happened to Michael Belozerosky aka Misha and why was he not arrested? According to the prosecutors portrayal of DEA Operation ‘Relenteless’, the DEA agents and informants were obviously not arrested but Viktor Bout and Andrew Smulian were immediately arrested. However, Misha walked out of the DEA sting operation unscathed, hopped in a taxi proceeded to the airport and then flew home to Russia. Unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to hear him testify before us in the Federal court house. We did however get to see a picture of him displayed in the court room, not to sound cruel or judgmental, and to borrow juror Heather Hobson’s words in her description of Bout, I thought Misha was very scary looking.

Andrew Smulian and Viktor Bout in Moscow, November 2007 photo taken by Misha.

What was much scarier than the photograph of Misha was how easily he disappeared from the DEA’s Special Operations Division and flew back home to Russia never to be troubled again while Viktor Bout is facing life in prison in a foreign country. After all, he arrived with Viktor Bout and accompanied him from Russia to Thailand. Andrew Smulian testified to also meeting Misha in Moscow with Viktor Bout in November 2010. How scary he looked is actually irrelevant but the fact that he was untouchable leads me to believe in Dimitri Khalezov’s theory that Misha was in fact FSB [Russia’s Federal Security Service a branch of the former KGB] working in collaboration with the DEA in Operation ‘Relentless’.

I spoke with an acquaintance of mine on the phone today about the mysterious Misha. We both agreed that Misha was not needed by the DEA thus not detained. Just for the sake of convenince we will call this acquaintance anonymous. It is apparent that DEA Operation ‘Relentless’ was a well thought out intricate plan than spanned over three continents that had very specific objectives and specific ways to execute and achieve those objectives. In fact,one could say that Viktor Bout was treated as a High Value Target (HVT) by the DEA’s Special Operations Division empowered by the U.S. Department of Justice in their pursuit of him.

Russian FSB agents.

Anonymous did not buy the FSB theory but they offered in their own words a non-expert and common-sense opinion. Misha was an unknown variable is this very delicate and previously worked out equation. Thus, being an unknown variable would make him dangerous to the DEA’s case. In addition to that, anonymous suggested that Misha could only collaborate and empower Viktor Bout’s case and by default weaken or even perhaps destroy the case the DEA’s case. I agree with anonymous on both of their points and both seem very plausible. However, I also think that Misha being FSB doesn’t negate anonymous’ two points but in fact would add strength to their argument.

Investigative journalist and author of SHADOW MASTERS, Daniel Estulin delivers an extraordinary and captivating exclusive interview with Dimitri Khalezov. Dimitri Khalezov is a former Soviet commissioned officer of the “military unit 46179”, otherwise known as “the Special Control Service” of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the Soviet Union. Basically in layman’s terms, he worked in nuclear intelligence for the Soviet army. In an interview with Dimitri titled Arms Trafficking, Stolen Missiles, Soviet Submarines, Nuclear Detonations and 9/11: Exclusive Interview with Dimitri Khalezov in Bangkok, he links Viktor Bout, former FARC commander Raul Reyes and uranium. The following is an excerpt from Dimitri Khalezov’s previously mentioned interview:

Primarily, the Israeli secret services – the Mossad and Sayaret Matkal. They have keen interest in this case, too. It was demonstrated by the unprecedented Sayaret Matkal’s involvement in the case of one of the FARC leaders – Raul Reyes and “his” weapon-grade Uranium that was planted by “someone” around his camp in the Ecuadorian jungle. Don’t miss this point – Raul Reyes was murdered on March 1, 2008, while Victor Bout was scheduled to be lured to Bangkok on March 4, 2008, in direct connection with the FARC and Uranium affairs, while all legal paperwork that requested the Thais to arrest him has been submitted to the Thai side by the Americans in the last day of February – that is BEFORE the murder of Raul Reyes.

Former FARC commanders Raul Reyes on the left and Alfonso Cano in the center.

In my face-face interview with Dimitri in Bangkok in February of this year titled, Reality is Stranger Than Fiction: Dimitri Khalezov discusses 9/11 with George Mapp in Bangkok was focused primarily on 9/11. However, we did touch on the subject of Viktor Bout. Here is a sample from the previously mentioned interview between Dimitri Khalezov and myself with just a portion of his entire answer.

I know you are very close to Viktor Bout and his family as well as his Thai lawyer Lak. You were also extremely involved in the actually court case in Thailand. Is there any connection to Viktor Bout’s extradition to America and 9/11?

Yes, of course. The Americans do not even hide this. They openly state that Viktor Bout is “bad guy” in connection to 9/11. But they do not go into details. However, I will. Viktor is actually wanted in America because the U.S. security officials are gullible enough to believe that Victor has allegedly sold the nuclear-tipped missile that hit the Pentagon on 9/11 to “terrorists”. In addition they believe that Viktor also sold several portable mini-nuclear devices (known as “mini-nukes”) to the so-called “Al-Qaeda” prior to 9/11, and they also believe that he sold weapon-grade Uranium to various terrorists who used the Uranium to produce home-made nuclear bombs that were used in several acts of nuclear terror – particularly in the infamous mini-nuke’s bombing at El-Nogal, in Bogota, Columbia, in 2003, that was presented to plebes as a “car-bombing”.

Dimitri actually goes into much greater detail in his interview with author Daniel Estulin. The full text of Daniel Estulin’s interview of Dimtri Khalezov as it relates to Viktor Bout and 9/11 can be found here in a 28 page PDF: http://www.911-truth.net/Victor_Bout/Most_shocking_interview_English.pdf

For anyone interested in the transcripts used in the trial you can find them at the link below. Please keep in mind that these transcripts are only a small sample of all the conversations that took place and these particular segments were cherry picked by the prosecutors. Albert Dayan in his cross of Ricardo Jardenero got him to admit on stand that DEA informant Carlos Sagastume had the ability to turn the recording device on and off at will. Viktor Bout – Government Trial Exhibit 1002-T: [PARTICIPANTS: Viktor Bout, Andrew Smulian, Misha Belozerosky, Carlos Sagastume, Mike Snow, Ricardo Jardenero, Unidentified female, and Unidentified male]

Fair Game

“I am proud to have served my country by working at the Central Intelligence Agency. I and my former CIA colleagues trusted our government to protect us as we did our jobs. That a few reckless individuals within the current Administration [Bush] betrayed that trust has been a grave disappointment to every patriotic American…. I feel strongly that those who acted so recklessly, and who acted in such a harmful way, need to answer for their shameful conduct…” ~ Valerie Plame Wilson, July 14, 2006.

Valerie Plame who was a covert CIA operative whom did extensive work in the CIA’s counterproliferation operations. She began her long career with the CIA sometime in 1985 [the CIA will not release exact dates]. Valerie had served her country first, ahead of her husband and her twins, risking her life on the front lines of terrorism often in foreign countries. Her husband Joseph Wilson, former Ambassador to the United States wrote an article in the New York Times on July 6, 2003 titled What I Didn’t Find in Africa.

Former CIA covert operative and author Valerie Plame Wilson.

Joseph Wilson’s was standing up for the truth, unfortunately for him, his article directly contradicted the White House, the entire Bush Administration as well as attacking their premise for invading Iraq. After that article was written, many insiders on Capitol Hill and inside the White House considered Valerie Plame as ‘Fair Game’. In retaliation for her husbands article members inside the Bush administration ‘outed’ Valerie Plame on July 14, 2003 Robert Novak intentionally revealed her name as well as saying that she was a CIA operative in a newspaper column.

If a CIA covert operative working for the agency for approximately 18 years can get ‘outed’ and betrayed by her own government, then what chance does Russian citizen Viktor Bout have? The short answer is slim to none! The State Department, the White House, the Department of Justice, the FBI [did forensic analysis on Bout’s laptop], the NSA probably helped with the wiretaps and Google records, more than likely the CIA lent a hand and of course the DEA and their secret Special Operations Division with their highly paid informants all collaborated in DEA Operation ‘Relentless’. Not to mention the Thai government that broke international law in their cooperation with the U.S. government in the illegal extradition of Viktor Bout who still had a legal pending court case in the Royal Thai court system. If you believe Dimitri Khalezov’s theory about Misha working for the Russian FSB then that would implicate the Russian government at least at the highest levels also conspired against Viktor Bout and collaborated with the Thai and U.S. governments to help catch him.

Viktor and Alla Bout in a Thai court room October 4, 2010.

On Monday 4 October 2010 in a Bangkok, Thailand court room I had several opportunities to speak face-face with Viktor Bout. Late in the afternoon that day, Bout left me, according to him, with a famous Russian saying, translated into English of course because my Russian is slightly better than my Thai. Bout said, “the circus is gone but the clown’s still remain.” He was referring to the biased, illegal [Thai] court proceedings that have detained him for over two and half years and that have separated him from his wife Alla and their [then] sixteen year old daughter Elizabeth.

I hope to have an opportunity to speak with and interview Viktor Bout directly in the near future as opposed to second-hand via his wife Alla. If so, one of the first questions that I will ask him is what he thought of the entire legal procedure that he had undergone from his extradition through to the verdict. One thing is certain and indisputable, from the Wikileaks cables showing that Viktor Bout was pursued as a high value target as well as lobbying the U.N. to add the FARC as a terrorist organization, the intentional disinformation and lies, all the spin doctoring, all the character assassinations in the media, to the all the resources, time, efforts that the U.S. have expended in their pursuit of him, and that is that Viktor Bout is ‘Fair Game’!

Contact Information:

Dimitri Khalezov on 9/11 Pentagon Attack

Dimitri Khalezov explains that it was not plane that plowed through 6 walls of the Pentagon but a Russian made Granite Missile.




Dimitri, on behalf of our readers and myself, I want to thank you for these last several days and the wonderful and insightful discussions that we had as well as for your time. I am sure that since I have written quite a bit about Viktor Bout, that many readers would like to know more details about the Viktor Bout case and how it relates to 9/11. Perhaps we will have another discussion soon. Thank you again!

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