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‘US intelligence needs prosecutions to get more budget dollars’

Original article: US intelligence needs prosecutions to get more budget dollars’ By RT Posted on: October 30, 2014

The article below is an excerpt from a live interview during a featured program titled, In The Now hosted by Anissa Naouai. I have attached the video of the entire show below the Russia Today article, as well as several of the articles that I referenced during my interview.

A crest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (AFP Photo)

A crest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (AFP Photo)

There is competition among 17 US intelligence agencies – they catch people whether it is within the law or not to get part of the multi-billion ‘black budget,’ George Mapp, an investigative journalist, said on RT’s In the Now show.

The FBI has acknowledged it faked an AP story to snare a suspect in a series of school bomb threats in 2007. However, the agency denied earlier allegations that it spoofed a Seattle Times web page as part of the investigation. Both the Associated Press and the Seattle Times objected to the FBI’s actions.

Back in June 2007, police in suburban Lacey, near Olympia, asked the bureau for help after a series of bomb threats that led to several evacuations at Timberline High School. The FBI in Seattle said they lured the 15-year-old suspect into revealing the location and IP of his computer by sending a link that led to a fake AP story about the bomb threats. By clicking on the link, the suspect helped agents to identity him.

Documents obtained by the Electronic Freedom Foundation suggested that the story was posted on a fake Seattle Times site, but Seattle FBI spokeswoman Ayn Dietrich said on Tuesday it was wrong and there was no reference to The Seattle Times.


READ MORE: FBI pretended to be Seattle newspaper in order to hack suspect’s computer

RT: The FBI claims their goals are to catch criminals and terrorists. What can you say on this subject?

George Mapp: When you are operating outside the law, there’s a couple of problems here with that. First of all, the person who was arrested was a minor. If you catch somebody or entrap them in a potential crime using illegal methods then what does it mean to the prosecution? Is it still legal? So there are a lot of problems with that.

The DEA set up a fake Face Book page

The DEA set up a fake Face Book page

RT: The FBI is a secret agency and the line is always fine on what they can do legally and illegally. Do you have any understanding of further tactics that they use here trying to catch suspects?

GM: If there is a line, it is very blurred, if it exists at all. This is not just the FBI. Approximately about a week ago, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) was using a fake Facebook profile to potentially catch a suspect. And Facebook said that the DEA violated their user agreement. I think in 2013, the DEA was using intelligence gathered in wiretaps to catch American citizens. They came under fire because they were accused of gaining that intelligence illegally. There is a huge problem, you have 17 intelligence agencies in the United States and there is a lot of competition. When you think about the black budget, it is in billions, $50 plus billion. There is a lot competition among the agencies to get part of the budget dollars. So they need prosecutions, they need arrest. It seems like the line keeps getting crossed or keeps getting moved out. It seems like there are no boundaries, there is this bravado among some of the agencies. The way they have been behaving lately is this“cowboy” attitude that will catch people by any means necessary, whether it is within the law or not.


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RT: The Seattle Times, of course, got a good amount of PR. Do you think this case should draw attention to violations in terms of these tactics?

GM: I definitely think it will. The story is gaining attention and that is because it’s the media. Where does this end or what will this lead to – next time possibly there will be stories written that might not be true by intelligence agencies to try to catch suspects or smoke them out. When the media is involved like this, without their permission or without their knowledge, it is very scary.

RT: The FBI claims that they didn’t use the logo of The Seattle Times. Is there going to be a case for them? If the FBI says they didn’t do this how can you prove it?

GM: Exactly. There are a lot of legal issues here. And there is a big problem in our society – not just with intelligence agencies but with corporations, its technology and the laws. The legal system in this country hasn’t kept pace with the rapid advance in technology. If you are arrested by police officer – we are seeing now cases in the Supreme Court – can they access your technology, your smart phone without your permission? I think there is going to be a lot more issues about technology and wiretaps intelligence being used and gathered on Americans. See the NSA and Snowden. It just keeps happening again and again. It is not just the FBI, it’s the NSA, the CIA, the DEA special ops division. There is a combination of the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and IRS (Internal Revenue Service)… they were gathering intelligence on Americans. Some people are accusing them of gathering it illegally to build cases. If you are building cases and prosecuting people in a court of law, is that really due process if you are entrapping or catching people illegally?


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Video segment of RT’s In The Now

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Twitter: Dobroyeutro

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Is America Becoming Like Nazi-Germany? A Black Man’s Tale Of Racism

Me and my daughter.

My daughter and I.

Edited: Monday October 28th, 2013 to add updates of Ocean Township Police Departments’ prompt & professional reply. Added to the end of the post.


It all started with a strange and unexpected phone call. On Thursday October 24th, 2013 at 4:46pm a very close friend, Erica [not her real name] called me and said, after a few pleasantries and small talk, that the Spring Lake police just came by looking for you. Erica asked if I went to Wegman’s today and I said yes earlier, “why”?  She told me that officer Michael Palmer Jr. received a call from a lieutenant from the Shrewsbury police department. An unnamed woman whom I’ll refer to as Suka Bliat thus using her initials S.B. for the duration of this article. So S.B. saw me at Wegman’s Thursday afternoon which is located in Ocean, New Jersey thus falling under the jurisdiction of the Ocean police department [please see update on Ocean. police departments correspondence to me at the end of this article] S.B. must have been at Wegman’s sometime around 2:30pm. My receipt for the 4 items that I purchased at Wegman’s has a time stamp of 2:36pm earlier that same day.

So I asked Erica why did the police come looking for me? She said that S.B. said that I had “snapped” at my daughter. I told Erica that I was shocked. I said that I didn’t even raise my voice nor did my daughter have a tantrum nor shed a tear which is not uncommon for 3 year olds. As I was talking to Erica my phone started beeping. I said it must be the police and said I’ll call you back later.

I answered, “good afternoon officer Palmer.” He said something to the effect that I guess you were expecting my call. In light of the events that transpired, I said “It was an educated guess.”

The officer was very polite, friendly as well as apologetic. It was a very cordial conversation and the officer even said that he had a child and that parenting and / or disciplining your child is not a crime. I told him that I was very disturbed that a call was made, especially today when not only did I not snap at my daughter but did not even raise my voice. I even offered to drive to the Spring Lake police station and tell him face-face as well as offering to take a lie-detector test. I said to him that this doesn’t make any sense except that S.B. which I understand is an older caucasian women, whom saw a large African-American or possibly Latin American looking male with a white blond-haired girl. PERIOD! Officer Palmer agreed! I do not remember what he said verbatim but something like, you are probably right. Now I didn’t have a chance to tape our call with Google Talk but I know that it was taped by the Spring Lake police department, so they will have the ability to transcribe the exact language.

My daughter and I playing Godzilla along the beach.

My daughter and I playing Godzilla along the beach.

I then mentioned to the officer that Wegman’s has many surveillance camera’s that can be used as evidence. After this the officer seemed to back off quite a bit. Then officer Palmer went on to say that you can tell me anything, you can even tell me, “to go sniff paint.”

It is not the particular phrase that I would chose if I were to engage in an heated or adversarial conversation. It was obvious that the officer felt uneasy and / or embarrassed about the task that he was assigned. It was evident by the specific wording that he chose as well as his apologetic tone. Officer Palmer apologized for bothering me and then said that there is no further action being taken and that it ends here. At this point I thought to myself, “No further action on what?” Nothing happened nor was their anything that got started. Nothing official or legal that is. Our call ended shortly after this. We spoke for a duration of 6 minutes and 11 seconds. Ironically officer Palmer and I are very similar in height, build and weight, we could almost be brothers except that I have facial hair, he wears his shorter and our skin color is different.

The next day I chatted with Erica and she told me that the officer was indeed extremely uneasy about why he was sent and what he was doing. According to Erica he expressed this several times verbally as well with his body language. I told her it was probably because he knew very well that his superiors assigned him a task that was illegal and a violation of privacy and civil rights. Not to mention harassment of myself whom did not commit any crime as well harassment of Erica and her family whom have lived at the house longer than officer Palmer has been alive. Most importantly my private information that officer Palmer was given from an unnamed Shrewsbury police lieutenant was obtained without following protocol in addition to being obtained unethically, unprofessionally as well as illegally!

Adolph Hitler

Adolf Hitler

The 411

From the intelligence and facts that I obtained, this is what happened: S.B. just an average citizen for a reason unknown to me followed me to my car and / or followed my vehicle and took down and / or relayed my license plate number and called a personal friend whom is a lieutenant at the Shrewsbury police department and then S.B. gave the officer my tag number. S.B. to the best of my knowledge did NOT make an official complaint with the Ocean police department [there was no action that warranted a legal complaint nor any crime or violation that occurred] within the jurisdiction where I was physically located. In fact not only did I NOT go to Shrewsbury, I drove away in the complete opposite direction toward Spring Lake. My last known address registered with the DMV was located in Spring Lake. According to officer Palmer of Spring Lake police department, the lieutenant from Shrewsbury then proceeded to relay my personal information obtained illegally without any probable cause to an officer at Spring Lake police department at which point then sent an officer to go the residence that they believed I lived.

I contacted the Spring Lake police department twice on Saturday the 2nd call was exactly at 8am when I tried again to obtain the lieutenant’s name at Shrewsbury police department that was passing around my personal and private information like a $2 hooker on a Saturday night.

The person that I spoke to that stonewalled me and offered absolutely no assistance was detective Christopher Kucinski. Kucinski offered to give me the Shrewsbury police department phone number. I declined and said I can find that myself and then said thank you and hung up the phone.

Moments before detective Kucinski and I disengaged our conversation he told me that I have to call the Shrewsbury police department because that is where the incident occurred. I politely told him that he had his facts incorrect and that no incident occurred in Shrewsbury other than the possible criminal action of one of its officers for violating my privacy and civil rights and civil liberties. 

Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Racism 101

My very first encounter in my life with the police was over 30 years ago when I was 15 in High School dating a girl named Deirdre who was half-Hispanic and half-White. She was very faired skin and most people wouldn’t guess that she was Hispanic. We used to skip school sometimes and go to the top of the World Trade Center and sit inside the huge windows and make out. One day in either Brooklyn or Manhattan on a subway platform, Deirdre was very angry [the temper she told me was from her Spanish-half] and kicked a glass bottle very hard about 20 feet that went smashing to bits against the back wall across the tracks. Obviously it was very loud. All the way at the extreme end of the platform was a NYC transit cop. He walked up to us and said to me, “why did you kick that bottle.” I told the officer that I didn’t kick the bottle. I grew up in Brooklyn and learned street ethics from some of the nicest guys that happened to be in the Italian mafia. The officer then proceeded to tell me that. “I saw you kick it!” WOW, I was flabbergasted. The hopeless exchange went no where. He asked me for I.D. and I told him that I was a student and didn’t have any except a monthly train pass. Finally to avoid arrest for a crime I did not commit I lied to the officer and said that I did it and had to apologize profusely. That memory has left a deep impression on me from that day on. I am still quite proud that I didn’t give Deirdre up to the cops. But it wouldn’t have mattered to that particular cop because all he saw was a guilty black boy. One of the things that breaks my heart the most is that ALL these years later my African-American sons have to endure the same biases and racism.


I blame officer Palmer the least. He is a young cop on the force doing what he is told by his superiors. I have no quip with the Spring Lake police department. Although they could have done much more due diligence and questioned the basis and motive of Shrewsbury’s police department as well as outright refuse their request. That does make them culpable as well as an accomplice should any future criminal and / or civil action be taken. As far as Shrewsbury’s police department, I can not make a blanket judgement of the entire police department due to the potential criminal actions of one rogue cop gone mad. As far as S.B., a third party and I are exploring all potential legal possibilities against her. I have no idea what she actually said to the rogue Shrewsbury cop. I am solely going on what officer Palmer told me as well as what she told Erica and her mother. I just learned that Erica’s mother was present for most of officer Palmer’s visit. But I know that S.B. didn’t tell the rogue Shrewsbury cop gone mad that it was kidnapping. I know for a fact that is the F.B.I.’s jurisdiction and there happens to be a F.B.I. field office one town over from Shrewsbury in Red Bank.

Unfortunately as a man of color, I have suffered numerous violations, harassments, being profiled and pulled over for nothing other than the color of my skin. I have traveled to over 30 different countries, lived in several countries as well as having lived in at least 4 different states. New Jersey is ranked the absolute highest racial injustices from my experiences as well as that of others that I know personally.

What the lieutenant did was no different that what has recently been dubbed, LOVEINT [<– click on link for the full story]. LOVEINT stands for Love Intelligence. The National Security Agency recently admitted that several employees were illegally spying and abusing their powers to keep tabs on girlfriends, spouses and more often than spying on Ex’s. Many investigations are ongoing due to the abuse of power by small percentage of The National Security Agency.


I am of the school that if I do not legally fight and explore all potential criminal and civil violations against me then I am as guilty as those that have committed the crimes. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

I am for a strong National defense and all for our countries 16 intelligence agencies protecting us and our national security. As well as an avid Patriot and staunch supporter of The Constitution of The United States. Unlike that rogue lieutenant from Shrewsbury, Cops Gone Mad! He has taken an oath to defend and uphold the constitution instead he chooses to violate it. Instead of uphold the law he breaks it! There are too many rogue cops breaking the law and violating the Constitution of The United States that should be held accountable and punished to the full extent if the law.

To ALL the law abiding officers that serve and protect and that understand the meaning of words like Honor and Valor, I SALUTE YOU! For Instance Captain Gifford, Operations Commander at the Ocean Township Police department. He acted professionally, courteously and promptly in my letter addressed to the 3 police departments mentioned in this article. Not surprisingly, I have not heard a word from Shrewsbury and Spring Lake Police departments. My guess is that they are collaborating and devising a fictitious story and / or phony alibi to cover their tracks?

The others disgust me and make me ashamed to be an American! If you have a son or daughter, a husband or wife that has cancer — would you want them to die OR would you try everything you could to cure the cancer to make them “healthy“? I choose to make my country healthy and one day I hope to be able to travel internationally without lying about where I am from out of concern for my life. It’s time to weed out the cancer making our country sick! Most people in the world hate us mostly for our foreign policy. However, when I have traveled to those 35+ different countries, person by person I restore peoples faith about America. At the very least, I ALMOST always have people not judging ALL Americans by the actions of a few but to judge us individually.

I first heard the term Blowback’ in 2011 from mentor, friend, role-model and fellow investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill. Scahill gained famed and notoriety from his book, ‘Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army’ and more recently in his new acclaimed film and book, ‘Dirty Wars’. In simplest terms Blowback refers to the cause and effect of certain aspects of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, basically we are creating more enemies and / or terrorists than we are killing. Especially in regards to our governments covert drone program run by the CIA. With the overwhelming amount of strikes targeting Yemen, Somalia and of course Pakistan. Every time a hellfire missile misses its intended target and /or accidentally kills children, women [sometimes pregnant] elderly etc., it creates animosity toward our country as well as those victims entire families. Thus the term Blowback. A recent article that was published less than a week ago is titled, Every Yemen Drone Strike Creates 40 To 60 New Enemies, Former U.S. Official Says. I will share just one excerpt from the article and you can read the rest if the topic interests you:

Nabeel Khoury, the deputy chief of mission in Yemen from 2004 to 2007, writes, “Drone strikes take out a few bad guys to be sure, but they also kill a large number of innocent civilians. Given Yemen’s tribal structure, the U.S. generates roughly forty to sixty new enemies for every AQAP [al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] operative killed by drones.”28052_10151539900554746_878355088_n

My purpose today is not to debate the CIA drone program. I am here to say that illegal actions, harassment and crimes committed by those rogue and corrupt cops do have very real consequences. I can tell you as an African-American male that I was NOT born with any ill-will or hate towards law any enforcement official. Nor do I make a blanket judgment against all law enforcement due to racist and criminals running around with a gun and a badge. Even after I became a target of continued and blatant and completely unwarranted racism by bad cops, I still don’t judge all as criminals due to the illicit activity of a minority of law enforcement officials.

I am assuming that the Shrewsbury police department has nothing to do with this and it was one rogue lieutenant that acted illegally and criminally without the departments consent. However, evidence can easily be procured to see if the entire department was complicit or the sole act of an individual. Forensic analysis can be done on their computers, internal video can be monitored, phone records can be reviewed etc. So until proven otherwise I am under the assumption that the Shrewsbury lieutenant acted alone.

In fact, I have many friends, acquaintances and colleagues that served and continue to serve with Honor and Valor! Including both former and current U.S. Navy Seals, including security personnel that work for Academi [formerly XE & formerly Blackwater], Dyncorp and Triple Canopy. As well as many current and former intelligence officials both domestic and foreign.

Am I as a United States citizen by birth supposed to now think twice before I leave the house with my daughter when my wife is not present? Am I to second guess where I should go and not go? Is that freedom and liberty? All because some sick and confused woman calls a rogue cop that decide to violate my privacy, my civil liberties and my civil rights? Absolutely not! I will fight and defend the Constitution of The United States as long as I am alive, especially from those in power that abuse their power illegally!

That is why racism is both scary and dangerous and blind. S.B. made all kinds of wrong assumptions based solely on the color of my skin! And the rogue Shrewsbury cop gone mad took her word for it. I am not a mind reader but even Ray Charles who is both blind and dead, could see that he didn’t hesitate to violate police protocol & procedure, that it was okay to illegally search my private information without any just cause and then pass it around as he deemed fit, solely because I was black / minority.

The rogue Shrewsbury police lieutenant has not only acted in a criminal manner but has caused damage to myself and my entire family. His criminal actions have caused real and measurable consequences. My wife is a nervous wreck since the violation occurred and my 3 year old is biting her lip and showing signs of emotional stress. I have not slept properly and have suffered both physical and emotional stress. My crime was going alone to a grocery store with my white daughter!

My wife, daughter and I approximately 1 1/2 years ago in Thailand.

My wife, daughter and I approximately 1 1/2 years ago in Thailand.

Police State

S.B. should have been laughed at by the Shrewsbury Cop Gone Mad or been told to report the Non-Incident [I call it that because absolutely nothing remotely illegal occurred] or at the very least told to call the Ocean police and report that a black or Hispanic looking man was with a white baby. Hmmm, I wonder why that didn’t happen?

Unfortunately racism is alive and well in our society. Some laws and the language in which they are written actually encourage and promote while, un certain instances making racism legal. For instance the stop & frisk in NY as well as the NYPD’s collusion with the CIA and targeting Muslim’s and their mosques in NYC. The NYPD have set up surveillance camera’s targeted at certain religious institutions as well as Mosque crawling, that is having undercover agents infiltrating Mosques in order to gather intelligence. I am not against under cover surveillance per se but I am absolutely against it when it is targeting ANY individual based on race, religion, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

The astronomical shift of our country from being the land of free to a police state has drastically eroded all Americans liberties and freedoms. But when you add racism to the volatile equation then it has to the potential to highly combustible.

To answer the question in my title, Is America Becoming Like Nazi-Germany? In terms of the overt and covert racism that continues to flourish and goes unpunished and unchallenged, I am afraid the answer is simple but unpleasant, we are already there!


**On Monday afternoon I received a very professional, courtesy and prompt reply to my information request from the Ocean Township police department that was sent earlier that day. I simultaneously sent the request about some missing facts and information to the Spring Lake and Shrewsbury police departments as well as to Ocean. Neither one has complied nor replied. It appears that it will take F.O.I.A.’s to get anything out of the those two departments. Here is an excerpt of the letter from the Ocean Township police department:

“In this case I do not see the relevance to Ocean Township, other than the fact that Wegmans is within our jurisdiction.  I see no calls for service for our agency at Wegmans during the date and  time you referenced in your email.” **

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Twitter: Dobroyeutro


The Invisible Line Between Social Media Data Mining and OSINT

smdataminingSocial Media Explosion

The recent exponential growth in social media has made it an absolute necessity to use for anyone and everyone competing for any type of business worldwide. When watching CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and other major news networks you are likely to see displayed on the bottom of the telivision screen: as reported by Twitter. Almost on a daily basis the local news will use Face Book photos of a suspect or people of interest if their profile is public.

Because of the vast numbers of people using social media, it has caught the attention of advertisers, venture capitalists, recruiters, the IRS and yes many other U.S. government agencies including the Intelligence Community. Twitter had over a half-billion users as of July 2012 according an article by Tech Crunch titled, Analyst: Twitter Passed 500M Users In June 2012, 140M Of Them In US; Jakarta ‘Biggest Tweeting’ CityWhat I find provocative about Twitter is that you can follow the journalists’ directly that are stationed worldwide reporting instantly what they are seeing, what is happening and additionally they are sometimes adding photos and video links instantly before any media outlet has reported on the story.

Last October Face Book hit 1 billion users as reported by Digital Life of the Today Show. That’s ‘almost’ an inconceivable amount of data and information to comprehend. Imagine how many photo’s, wall posts, likes, comments etc. that each user has and then multiple that by a billion! Fortunately due to the advances in technology all of that information can be gathered, stored and can even be used to predict the future. And some even say effect politics and go so far as to say that social media and data mining effected the outcome of the U.S. Presidential elections. I will provide several examples throughout the this post to clarify the above statements.

Data Mining VS. OSINT

The title of this post mentions an ‘invisible line’ between Social Media Data Mining and OSINT because the definitions as well as the uses often overlap with each other. Most of my readers know what both mean as well as the fine distinctions, however, I will define the two for the novice readers.

Data Mining: The process of collecting, searching through, and analyzing a large amount of data in a database, as to discover patterns or relationships: the use of data mining to detect fraud. The gathering of information from pre-existing data stored in a database, such as one held by a supermarket about customers’ shopping habits.

OSINT: Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a form of intelligence collection management that involves finding, selecting, and acquiring information from publicly available sources and analyzing it to produce actionable intelligence. In the intelligence community (IC), the term “open” refers to overt, publicly available sources (as opposed to covert or classified sources); it is not related to open-source software or public intelligence… continue reading on Wikipedia

Others definitions from the community via Recorded Future

  • Any unclassified information, in any medium, that is generally available to the public, even if its distribution is limited or only available upon payment.
  • Intelligence is a process by which information is treated to answer and provide analysis which is used by a body. That information comes from open source or not does not makes it Open Source Intelligence. Stricto senso Open Source Intelligence would mean that it would be open, available, to all.

After reading the definition it becomes evident why OSINT and data mining have become so crucial in today’s environment. Here is an example by at Recorded Future of how much intelligence is considered open source:

With an estimated 90% of required intelligence available in open source, it is imperative that intelligence analysts become adept at mining open sources. Recorded Future can help reduce research time, identify new sources, build timelines, chart networks, perform link analysis and more.

Due to the sheer volume of available data and the continued rise of technology in our daily lives, data mining is a necessity for many business’ to compete and to stay in business. The term open source intelligence has risen to a new level because of the internet and the vast amounts of data on the web. Also, with the advances in technology hackers and / or hacktivist’s. The definition of what is open source and what is private or considered classified by business’ and governments has become increasing blurry. In fact, many members of the U.S. intelligence community see hacking, cyber security, infosec and cyber threats as the number one national security threat in our country.

Data Mining and OSINT in Use Today

Here are a few examples of how both data mining and OSINT — in some instances combined — current uses in our world today. To give you an understanding of just how much data there is in use, I have used the NSA as an example.

The U.S. super secret code crackers better known as the The National Security Agency are building a $2 billion spy center in Utah to keep up with explosive growth of social media and the tremendous amount of data it produces daily. In a Forbe’s article last year titled, NSA’s New Data Center And Supercomputer Aim To Crack World’s Strongest Encryption, here are a few highlights about the agency and the vast amount of data that it collects:

  • The $2 billion data center  being built in Utah would have four 25,000 square-foot halls filled with servers, as well as another 900,000 square feet for administration.
  • It will use 65 megawatts of electricity, with an annual bill of $40 million, and incorporates a $10 million security system.
  • Since 2001, the NSA has intercepted and stored between 15 and 20 trillion messages, according to the estimate of ex-NSA scientist Bill Binney. It now aims to store yottabytes of data. A yottabyte is a million billions of gigabytes. According to one storage firm’s estimate in 2009, a yottabyte would cover the entire states of Rhode Island and Delaware with data centers.
  • When the Department of Energy began a supercomputing project in 2004 that took the title of the world’s fastest known computer from IBM in 2009 with its “Jaguar” system, it simultaneously created a secret track for the same program focused on cracking codes. The project took place in a $41 million, 214,000 square foot building at Oak Ridge National Lab with 318 scientists and other staff. The supercomputer produced there was faster than the so-called “world’s fastest” Jaguar.
  • The NSA project now aims to break the “exaflop barrier” by building a supercomputer a hundred times faster than the fastest existing today, the Japanese “K Computer.” That code-breaking system is projected to use 200 megawatts of power, about as much as would power 200,000 homes.

Earlier in my post I mentioned that social media and data mining effected the U.S. Presidential elections. An article written this past November titled, How social media, data mining, and new-fangled technology tipped the 2012 election, solidified how important and influential social media is in our daily lives. Here is an excerpt from the above mentioned article:

While Facebook is still arguably the place that people turn to before and after events, Twitter solidified itself as the go-to for all things real-time last Tuesday night. And better yet: It didn’t break.

“[During election night] Twitter averaged about 9,965 [Tweets per second, TPS] from 8:11pm to 9:11pm PT, with a one-second peak of 15,107 TPS at 8:20pm PT and a one-minute peak of 874,560 TPM,” Twitter announced, via its Engineering Blog. “Seeing a sustained peak over the course of an entire event is a change from the way people have previously turned to Twitter during live events.”

Defense contractor’s are also in on the action. This is significant because the U.S. Department of Defense is the world’s largest employer thus its contractor’s are currently developing products that the DoD might purchase from them. Earlier in February an article tiled Raytheon’s New Social Media Data Mining Software, ampliflies the importance of both social media and data mining. Here are a few excepts from the article:

Defense giant Raytheon’s new RIOT software data mines information from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and image EXIF metadata, and applies predictive analytics to determine users’ physical locations.

“Riot is a big data analytics system design we are working on with industry, national labs and commercial partners to help turn massive amounts of data into useable information to help meet our nation’s rapidly changing security needs,” Raytheon’s Jared Adams told The Guardian by email.

Here is another recent article by Danger Room titled Pentagon Inks Deal for Smartphone Tool That Scans Your Face, Eyes, Thumbs , that illustrates how important social media and data mining are to the U.S. government. The following excerpt is taking from the previously mentioned article:

In a few years, the soldier, marine or special operator out on patrol might be able to record the facial features or iris signature of a suspicious person all from his or her smartphone — and at a distance, too.

The Defense Department has awarded a $3 million research contract to California-based AOptix to examine its “Smart Mobile Identity” biometrics identification package, Danger Room has learned. At the end of two years of research to validate the concepts of what the company built, AOptix will provide the Defense Department with a hardware peripheral and software suite that turns a commercially available smartphone into a device that scans and transmits data from someone’s eyes, face, thumbs and voice.

Think about the amount of ALL the billion plus Face Book users and now imagine how many photos that each user has including many photos of those that chose not to be on Face Book for a variety of reasons, thus you have a huge data base for facial recognition. The FBI recently announced a $1 billion facial recognition software project. Here are a few excerpts from a Business Insider article last September titled, The FBI’s Nationwide Facial Recognition System Ends Anonymity As We Know It:

The FBI has begun installing state-of-the-art facial recognition technology across the country as part of an update to the national fingerprint database, Sara Reardon of the New Scientist reports.

The agency’s $1 billion Next Generation Identification (NGI) program will also include iris scans, DNA analysis and voice identification by 2014.

Now let’s look at a company that analyzes open source intelligence and makes predictions about the future. The company is called Recorded Future. For further information you can go to their website and watch a video called How Recorded Future Works. I will provide the following excerpts from Recorded Future’s website which describes a bit more of what exactly they do:

Collect Public Web Content:

We continually scan tens of thousands of high-quality, online news publications, blogs, public niche sources, trade publications, government web sites, financial databases and more.

Analyze the Text:

From these open web sites, we identify references to entities and events. These are organized in time by extracting publication date and any temporal expressions in the text. Each reference is linked to the original source and measured for online momentum and tone of language: positive or negative sentiment.

Visualize Insights:

You can explore the past, present and predicted future of almost anything in a matter of seconds. Our powerful interactive tools facilitate analysis of temporal patterns and better understanding of complex relationships and issues.

Recorded Future is very cutting edge, so much in fact that it has attracted the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency. It is well known both inside and out if the Intelligence Community that the CIA uses In-Q-Tel as its investment banking arm. It so happens that In-Q-Tel has in fact invested in Recorded Future. Given their area of expertise the investment should come as no surprise to many.

Data Mining and OSINT Aren’t Just for Spooks

I must give the credit to the caption above to at Krypt3ia. He recently wrote an interesting blog post titled, No, You’re Not A Spook Just Because You Track Social Media and Do OSINT, this article just reinforces my point of how important data mining and OSINT tools are crucial to any individual, business, government and intelligence agency. In short, social media data mining and / or OSINT is not just for the intelligence community but to anyone who wishes to use it. Both of these tools have become such an important part of our everyday lives, behavior and more so everyday a part of what we will do tomorrow.

More DEA Spies and Lies: Opening Statements in the Viktor Bout Trial

David vs. Goliath

Viktor Bout and his defense attorney Albert Y. Dayan against all odds are facing the largest and most powerful legal entity in the world, the United States government! Representing the U.S. government is Assistant District Attorney, Brendan R. McGuire. Coincidentally Albert Dyan is much shorter than McGuire. Dayan is less experienced, less polished but much livelier than his rival. Dayan as well as being tenacious, exhibits determination and veracity. Dyan in his own words to the jury, “I’m just an attorney from Queens.”

Viktor Bout's attorney, Albert Dayan carrying legal documents for his case.

The Attorney From Queens

In my opinion, all these qualities are a big plus to Viktor Bout. Dayan appears to have much more in common with the jury which is comprised of 9 females and 6 males, with most of the jurors appearing to be minorities as far as ethnicity is concerned. Dayan engaged the jury well and even got a chuckle out of them in his opening statement. At one point he objected that two handbooks written in Russian of Ilyushin-76 and Ilyushin-18 cargo planes were being admitted into evidence because prosecutor McGuire translated one small except as opposed to the entire book. Dayan insisted that the jury examine the two handbooks written in Russian to understand how many pages there were in each handbook. The jury appeared to have been woken up and even seemed glad to have a temporary distraction from McGuire’s monotonous drone of voluminous evidence. Several times during the trial when prosecutor McGuire had DEA agent William S. Brown on the witness stand, I elbowed Viktor and Alla’s daughter Elizabeth and pointed to how many people fell asleep. I joked with her that the Honorable Judge Shira A.Scheindlin looked like she was almost asleep as well.

Ilyushin IL-76 Russian Medium-Range Transport Aircraft.

The Players Enter The Theater

Attorney Brendan McGuire is tall and slender with slightly-long wavy hair as well as being well-spoken and experienced he also exudes an air of self-confidence. It is understandable that he would be confident with the full backing and financial support and virtually unlimited resources available to him. Being inside the court was like deja vu. To me it was very surreal, almost like I was watching a live play but for the second time.


Alla Bout and defense attorney (far right) Albert Dayan waiting to enter the Federal court building.

Over the years I have met Viktor Bout face-face, spoken and even interviewed him in the court room in Bangkok, Thailand. I know his wife Alla and their beautiful and charming 16 year old daughter Elizabeth. I have seen pictures and video and watched on television, DEA agents Derek Odney, William S. Brown and the rest of their posse. I have read many statements and articles about the Honorable Judge Shira Scheindlin. I have met with, spoken with and have lunched with Lak, Viktor’s Thai lawyer.

In addition I have become very close with the two foremost experts on the Bout case (in respect to the Thai court case), Daniel Estulin and Dimitri Khalezov. Estulin is an investigative journalist and author of several books including SHADOW MASTERS, in which he devoted a large portion of his book specifically on Viktor Bout. No author’s have spent more time with or interviewed Viktor Bout more extensively than Estulin and Khalezov. Dimitri Khalezov is a former Soviet nuclear intelligence officer and author of 911thology. To my knowledge, no one besides Viktor Bout’s wife Alla, has spent more time with him during his almost three years of incarceration in Bangkok than Dimitri Khalezov.

There were also a vast array of journalist’s both international and domestic covering the Bout trial, a few I met in Bangkok but most I met on Wednesday for the first time. As I was waiting for Alla and Elizabeth Bout outside the court room, at least thirty people were re-directed to the overflow room 9A where they would be able to to watch the trial live on television. They did add several folding chairs inside court room 15C since the Honorable Judge Shira A. Scheindlin does not allow standing in her court room. Thus there was no where near enough room to accommodate all the attorneys, journalists and general public that wanted to get into court room 15c.

Invisible Evidence

The reason that Vikor Bout was found not guilty twice in the Royal Thai courts is due to lack of evidence. It took a back room deal between the U.S. and Thai authorities to extradite Bout illegally from Thailand to America. Viktor Bout’s court case is still legally pending in Thailand. Also, there are no legal transfer of custody papers between the Thai prison and the U.S. government according to his Thai lawyer Lak and Alla Bout.

Viktor Bout's Thai lawyer Lak during an interview in Bangkok, Thailand.

There are many people who have questioned the jurisdiction of the trial even to be allowed in the U.S. since Viktor Bout has never been to the U.S. nor committed any crimes in this country. Even the Judge presiding over the case has questioned the legality of jurisdiction as well as many politicians and human rights interest groups. In my in-depth and detailed article, Imaginary Crimes: The Never Ending Viktor Bout Story, I give a multitude of quotes as well as their sources in relation to both the illegality of the extradition as well as the legal issue of jurisdiction.

Now let us examine a small snippet of the evidence presented by prosecuting attorney McGuire. Some of the evidence presented included a paper napkin with some scribbling on it, a Lonely Planet Guide for Columbia, exhibit 304 which is a map of Montenegro, as well as some pictures with paid DEA informant Andrew Smullian dining with Viktor Bout in Moscow as well as many other pictures of various hotel lobbies in several different countries. Also there is exhibit 1208 a black thumb drive alleged to be Viktor Bout’s, according to both the word of the convicted criminals who also happen to be generously paid DEA informants as well as the DEA agents themselves.

Basically, it is exactly the same evidence presented by the DEA in Thailand which was not nearly enough to convict Viktor Bout. In fact, the Thai ruling warranted Bout a free man come Novemebr 20, 2010. Since Viktor Bout’s Thai attorney Lak filed an appeal, which was accepted by the Royal Thai court, Viktor Bout’s legal case was still open, pending and on-going. With the deadline of Bout’s extradition to the U.S. set by the Thai courts of 20 November, 2010 fast approaching and his court case in appeal, the DEA had decided to ‘rendition’ Viktor Bout on 16 November 2010. He was swiftly and expeditiously renditioned just 4 days before he would be set free under Thai law, without his lawyer or wife (Alla did not have a chance to even say goodbye) being notified.

The DEA’s Bait and Switch scheme

Viktor’s defense lawyer, Albert Dayan, argued that his client had only agreed with DEA operatives to secure the sale of two transport jets, for a total cost of $5m. The reason is that Viktor Bout was so desperate to sell his last two planes since many years earlier the U.S. had ceased doing business with him. In fact they froze millions of dollars in assets that belonged to Richard Chichakli for simply being a business associate of Bout’s.

In my piece about Viktor Bout that I wrote in September 2010 titled, The Assassination of Viktor Anatoliyevich Bout, which discusses who is behind the character assassination of Viktor Bout, I pointed out that Viktor Bout was not a billionaire as stated by the media but in actual fact that he was broke. Alla Bout in a press conference held in Bangkok on Monday 22 November 2010, stated that the family is in debt.

Alla Bout.

“Mrs. Bout detailed how the Bout family is actually in debt, having to support her daughter in Russia and herself in Thailand, paying for rent, food, transportation fees, visa fees, and Viktor’s care,” according to Russia Today.

In the court room on Wednesday Bout’s attorney Dayan said, “Bout was framed by U.S. undercover sources who pulled a “bait and switch,” according to an article in Bloomberg. An excerpt from the same article stated that:

“They baited Viktor by pretending they were interested in purchasing two cargo airplanes,” Albert Dayan told jurors in his opening argument. “They then planned to inject a conversation about arms into that deal.”

Bout “never wanted to, never intended to, and was never going to sell arms to anyone in this case,” Dayan said.

The $9 Million Man

That is right, it is now public record. Three DEA informants were paid $9 million to help caputure and entrap Viktor Bout in the DEA’s sting operation. A slight exaggeration, the total is actually $8,990,000.00! DEA agent William S. Brown testified that DEA informants, Carlos and Ricardo were both previously convicted criminals.

DEA informant Mike Snow was paid $420,000.00, Carlos $750,000.00 and Ricardo $320,000.00. In addition, Carlos was paid a separate sum of $7,500,000.00 by the U.S. State Department. The same guys who paid millions to bail out CIA assassin, Raymond Davis from a Pakistan jail.

Raymond Davis after his arrest in Pakistan on January 27, 2011.

During the cross-examination, defense-attorney Dayan, asked Agent Brown, “Why did the DEA use two convicted criminals as opposed to two of their own agents. Were their not two capable DEA agents available?” Agent Brown replied, “Since they were overseas, it was too dangerous for DEA agents.”

Ironically, the DEA has approximately 87 offices is 63 countries, so I thought agents Brown’s testimony was inconsistent. Perhaps, like the CIA who have approximately 25,000 employees which only 22% are non-white, it poses challenges in covert ops in many countries; like Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan etc. Since Carlos and Ricardo were supposed to be FARC rebels from Columbia, it is understandable why they had to outsource. However, I do think it would have been possible for DEA agent Derek Odney to pose and pass as a FARC rebel.

In this short video on November 16, 2010, you can see DEA agent Brown to the screen’s right, arm in arm with Viktor Bout. Also in the first row on the screen’s far left is DEA agent Derek Odney. The video is of Viktor Bout’s arrival from his extradition from Bangkok, Thailand in a charter jet which arrived at a White Plains, NY airport.


Spies and Lies

Here is an extremely important observation that I want to acknowledge, according to a very well-written and informative article titled, Turf Wars in Washigton, which was published September 2010, Bout never before had any dealings in Latin America before the DEA sting operation where the agents posed as Columbian FARC rebels. Also Viktor Bout told me himself last year in a Thai court room that he never, ever had any dealings in Latin America. Bout told me in so many words he was simply set up and framed.

Assistant District Attorney, Brendan R. McGuire repeated the indictment against Viktor Bout verbatim in his opening statement to the jury. The entire list can be found in my article titled, The Assassination of Viktor Anatoliyevich Bout, as well as my thoughts on the indictment [PDF] which can be downloaded in its entirety.

The DEA has testified to spending together in conjunction with the U.S. State Department astronomical sums to just three DEA informants to catch their prey. Andrew Smullian has not yet testified nor Misha another snitch and paid informant in the DEA sting operation. Andrew Smullian was at one time a friend and business associate of Viktor Bout for many years who out of pure greed became a DEA paid informant and helped the DEA entrap Bout. Mike Snow was paid $420,000.00 for merely introducing the DEA to Smullian. I can not begin to imagine how much money the DEA paid Smullian to rat out and entrap his one time friend and business associate that could possibly put Viktor Bout behind bars for life?

David Gaddis deputy chief of operations for the DEA.

I do know for a fact that DEA agent Derek Odney offered $20 million to a very close associate of Viktor Bout’s in Bangkok, Thailand in order for his help to extradite Viktor Bout to America. The same person has told me that they have the entire conversation on tape.

That is the DEA’s modus operandi to turn convicted criminals into rats in turn for leniency, to throw vast sums of money at people to testify in their favor as well as plant evidence to achieve their ‘by any means necessary’ objectives. I just read today in an article published yesterday concerning the Iranian terror plot that the DEA was involved in as well. The article asks,”how is it that these two Iranian “terrorists” just happened to meet up with a Mexican drug cartel assassin who just happened to be a longtime DEA informant?”

I have extensive first hand knowledge on former DEA operative David Coleman Headley. Headley later graduated to become a deep cover operative for the CIA / ISI as a double agent. He by his own admission admitted being the mastermind behind the Mumbai fidayeen-style terrorists attacks on 26/11. Much of what I learned about Headley and how the the DEA operates came via his wife Faiza Outalha whom I know extremely well. In fact I spent 6 weeks with her in Morocco as well as interviewed her earlier this year. Let us examine the DEA a bit more closely.

Former DEA operative David Coleman Headley.

The Terrorist Hunters

The DEA have expanded and diversified from the drug trafficking business into the terrorism business. According to a Wikileaks cable the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has become a vast international spy network. The DEA now has 87 offices in 63 countries and close partnerships with governments that distrust the CIA, such as Nicaragua and Venezuela. Many nations are eager to take advantage of the agency’s drug detection and wiretapping technologies. The cables also shows that the DEA use scores of informants and that a few agents have been killed in Mexico and Afghanistan.

DEA agent William S. Brown is own our right holding Bout's arm and DEA agent Derek Odney is on the far left corner.

Last August there was a fascinating article in Time magazine about the DEA titled, The DEA’s Terrorist Hunters: Overreaching Their Authority?  The article also questions the issue of jurisdiction which I discussed in Imaginary Crimes last January. Here is an excerpt from the Time article:

The prosecutions are almost exclusively handled in New York’s Southern District [exactly where Bout’s case is being held], where defense lawyers and some judges alike have questioned the DEA’s tactics, raising criticism that investigators have “manufactured jurisdiction” and ensnared common criminals with no link to terrorism.

One of those judges mentioned above is the Honorable Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, who just happens to be Viktor Bout’s judge. I must say that she exhibited no bias whatsoever and is very detailed and patient. I have met and witnessed several judges in at least three countries and she is definitely first class material. Another excerpt from the same article:

Judge Shira A. Scheindlin accused the government of “bravado” in making its case to prosecute the Russian citizen in the U.S. “There’s a long line of cases where we look at the facts of each case,” she said. “This one is weak.”

A sketch of Viktor Bout with translation earphones and the Honorable Judge Shira A. Scheindlin on the bench.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen also voiced some criticism toward the DEA and their new ‘mandate’. Madsen also mentions the broader range of the DEA as well as having a new mandate. He states in a RT television interview last year that, “The DEA is not only involved in drugs anymore but they have a new mandate. The DEA is now in the intelligence gathering business which is perhaps out of their league. According to Madsen, the new DEA is “operating far beyond it capabilities and its knowledge.” Wayne Madsen also states that “Viktor Bout was entrapped in Thailand by the DEA.” Madsen goes on to say that “Bout was not really extradited he was renditioned.”

Plausible Deniability

One thing that struck me as odd during Viktor Bout’s attorney’s opening statements was why didn’t Albert Dayan tell the jury that it was also the U.S. that employed Viktor Bout’s services and hired him? In my brief meeting alone with Albert Dayan, I had many things to discuss and did not have a chance to ask him this specifically. It is well documented that various branches of the U.S. government used Bout’s planes to transport goods. I will just share a few excerpts from the the following article, Turf wars in Washington.

The only fly in the ointment of this roseate picture of U.S. determination to bring Bout to justice is that the Pentagon freely used his services in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Beginning in 2003, Bout’s 60 aircraft and 300 pilots and personnel provided Pentagon officials with “plausible deniability” in case one is downed, causing far less of a PR ruckus than if insurgents downed U.S. military aircraft. Bout’s airline, British Gulf, flew massive amounts of material into Baghdad International airport for the U.S. occupation forces.

To a question about whether the DoD had ever used Bout’s services Hess replied, “I have not heard anything about that. But if you had some details, we can certainly check into it.” The next month, in a January 2005 letter to Congress, then-assistant defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz admitted the Defense Department “did conduct business with companies that, in turn, subcontracted work to second-tier providers who leased aircraft owned by companies associated with Mr. Bout,” ABC news reported.

Great Expectations

The judge presiding over the Viktor Bout trial has instituted a no Internet policy for the jurors. According to an article that appeared in the Gothamist, “Judge Shira Scheindlin ordered jurors to sign a pledge not to research the case online or post information about their involvement as jurors on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.”

My question is how good is that signed pledge? The jury was dismissed on Wednesday and they do not return to the court room until Monday morning. I have some friends who can not stay off Twitter or Face Book for more than an hour. As far as I understand the pledge does not ban jurors from using social media, just not to post or research anything associated with the trial or Viktor Bout. Jurors are also instructed not to read about the cases in newspapers or discuss the case with friends and family. However, the easiest way to arouse a human beings interest in a particular topic is to tell them that they can not know or I can not tell you. This goes back to childhood. If one were to be a rogue juror and go to a friends house there really wouldn’t  bea way to trace the IP address directly back to them.

My really big concern is how come the jury is not sequestered in this case? In an AFP article last month titled, Google effect worries judge in Viktor Bout trial the judge said “she could not sequester the jury for a trial that could last several weeks.” However, in this age of information and social media, it poses concern with the defense as well as the judge. In the same article mentioned above Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin said that this could be “a major problem” in making sure that the jury trial, which starts October 11, is fair. But Scheindlin said that in the Internet age, that rule was becoming increasingly hard to enforce, noting, “It’s a problem now in any high-profile case. I can’t seize their computers… I can’t lock them up,” she said.

Ironically, there is absolutely not one charge related to narcotics in the Viktor Bout indictment. However, the DEA have a history of catching drug addicts and dealers and turning them into paid informants. They quite often display a ‘by any means necessary’ attitude to obtain their objectives as well a pattern of throwing vast sums of money to convince people to rat out their friends. The following is an excerpt from the same Time magazine article mentioned previously:

One DEA informant, Patrick “Paddy” McKay, a former pilot with the South African mercenary company Executive Outcomes said he has received $450,000from the government since 2005. “When I first saw these cases, I found it hard to believe that all these resources were being expended,” Merer says.

Drug money and weapons seized by the DEA.

If anyone has followed the trial of former DEA agent David Coleman Headley they would know that he threw onto the railroad tracks his boyhood friend Tahawwur Rana. Headley also used and physically abused his wife Faiza Outalha.

Mike Snow was paid $420,000 simply for introducing the DEA to Andrew Smullian. Smullian out of pure greed turned on his one time friend and long-time business associate Viktor Bout. As I previously mentioned Ricardo was paid $320,000 for being a fake FARC rebel in the bait and switch scheme to entrap Bout. Carlos, who apparently was a far better negotiator, got $750,000 from the DEA and $7,500,000 from the U.S. State Department for his performance.

My most pressing concern is that with the jury not being sequestered and the U.S. government investing millions upon millions of dollars already in their quest to capture and set up an innocent man and tear apart his family, how far will they go? It is not beyond the DEA to throw $5, $20 or perhaps $50 million additional dollars at a few select jurors that are probably struggling working class citizens like most Americans. It only takes 1 or 2 to sway a jury pool. They have already invested many years and millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to entrap Viktor Bout. Paranoid you make ask? Perhaps I just watched the movie “Runaway Jury” too many times. Then again, thousands of people watch the fictional movie the “Lord of War” and actual believe that it is a true and accurate depiction of Viktor Bout which is pure fantasy. It is an entertaining movie and it grossed well in Hollywood and it conveniently has helped to assassinate Viktor Bout’s name in the main stream media.
PLEASE WATCH: Runaway Jury Trailer
It doesn’t take  a rocket scientist to understand that if Bout was really guilty it wound not be so costly, time-consuming and difficult to catch him. Not to mention the international and extradition laws and treaties that were bypassed and broken. Perhaps Time magazine got it right, The DEA’s Terrorist Hunter’s: Overreaching Their Authority?
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Please watch my Live interview on RT Moscow that aired on Tuesday October 11, 2011.


NYPD Gone Wild: Drones vs Occupy Wall Street?

My debut television interview on RT. Police in New York have violently dispersed an anti-Wall Street rally, arresting more than seven hundred people after a dramatic showdown on Brooklyn bridge.

Occupy Wall Street protestor’s at the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1, 2011.

When I was first contacted by RT producer Maria Kvantrishvili from  Moscow this morning, I was exhausted and half asleep from moving the previous day. I was only awake because I set my alarm to 6:30 am so that I wouldn’t miss the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean. Slowly as I started to awaken, I was very interested in being on an RT interview. I told Maria via phone that I had just moved and had not even checked my modem to see if it worked.  The modem worked fine and it was a go! Please watch my debut television interview on RT.

I ran out of time during my interview and had a few more things that I wanted to add concerning the NYPD. Raymond Kelly the NYPD commissioner said on 60 minutes a week ago today that “The NYPD has more employees than the FBI.”

In addition, the NYPD collaborates with the Secret Service, U.S. military, FEMA and the CIA. They also ‘mosque crawl’ (infiltrate mosques with under cover agents and target muslim’s) in the State of New Jersey! That is correct, the New York Police Department are conducting undercover ops in the state of New Jersey. Wait, it gets better. The CIA are only supposed to engage on intelligence activities on American’s off of U.S. soil but they are training the NYPD how to do it, even outside of the state of New York and outside of the country for that matter. The NYPD have ‘cops on the ground’ gathering intelligence in the Dominican Republic, UK, Singapore, France, Spain, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Tel Aviv and Montreal.

An article in the Atlantic stated that, “Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the New York Police Department has become one of the nation’s most aggressive domestic intelligence agencies, targeting ethnic communities in ways that would run afoul of civil liberties rules if practiced by the federal government, an Associated Press investigation has found.These operations have benefited from unprecedented help from the CIA, a partnership that has blurred the line between foreign and domestic spying.”

I say that the line is not merely blurred but is invisible, there is no apparent distinction especially in regards to jurisdiction. What is the NYPD a police department or an international intelligence agency? Were New Yorkers and Americans so blinded by 9/11 that they would let this happen to them. Let their rights be stripped from them and then enable the NYPD to become a colossal surveillance agency with no boundaries nor jurisdiction? As well as using 3 $BILLION of taxpayers money since 9/11 to do it?

Government Uses Social Networking Sites for More than Investigations

EFF August 16th, 2010

In the midst of recent controversies over Facebook’s privacy settings, it’s easy to forget how much personal information is available from other sources on the Internet. But the government remembers. EFF recently received a number of documents from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) highlighting the government’s ability to scour not only social networks, but record each and every corner of the Internet. These documents were released in the second of a series of government disclosures resulting from EFF’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in which EFF, with the help of UC Berkeley’s Samuelson Clinic, sought information on the procedures and guidelines employed by government agencies when conducting social network monitoring or investigations.

As an example of the government’s substantial information collection capability, several documents [PDF] in the CIA’s disclosure discuss the CIA’s so-called Open Source Center, established in 2005, which has been collecting information from publicly accessible Internet sources such as blogs, chat rooms and social networking sites, in addition to monitoring radio and television programs. The Open Source Center’s website,, bills itself as the “US Government’s premier provider of foreign open source intelligence.” It is accessible to almost 15,000 local, state, and federal government employees and offers products ranging from reports and analysis on publicly available information dating back to the mid-90s, video reports and internet clips, translations, and media mapping and hot spot analysis.

In the other document [PDF] included in this release, FBI emails reveal the FBI’s interest in the University of Arizona’s Dark Web Project, an attempt by computer scientists to “systematically collect and analyze all terrorist-generated content on the Web.” Information in the document describes the Dark Web Project as especially effective in employing spiders to search Internet forums and find hidden web sites in the “corners of the Internet.” In addition to being able to search the Internet for content, the Dark Web Project is developing a tool called Writeprint that claims to help identify the creators of anonymous online content. The FBI emails reveal an interest in applying the Dark Web Project’s tools to the FBI’s own “operational analysis and exploitation of data, including web forums.”

As EFF and the Samuelson Clinic continue to seek information about law enforcement investigation techniques used on the Internet, we hope to learn more about how the government uses this information and especially how long it plans to keep it. In the meantime, however, it is clear that government investigators are collecting a wealth of information though the Internet in general and outside of the law enforcement context. It is also a good reminder that while social networks and other websites have privacy settings, the Internet does not. Stay tuned here for the next release.

Facebook users warned over 'dislike' scam

Guardian UK, Monday 16 August 2010

Facebook looking into reported scam that tricks users into giving away permission to access their profile pages

Facebook members were warned today of a rogue “dislike” feature luring users into giving away personal information to scammers.

The site said it was investigating examples of the scam, which tricks members into giving away permission to access their profile pages.

The alert comes after calls for the introduction of an official dislike feature to accompany the “like” button already in place, according to the IT security firm Sophos.

Graham Cluley, of Sophos, said: “Facebook users should think carefully before they click on an unknown link in a friend’s status update as these scams are becoming increasingly common.

“Giving away personal information in a survey and allowing an application access to your profile is extremely risky and Facebook users need to wise up to this rather than just clicking on links that they see, just because they appear to be from a trusted source.”

Two versions of the scam were reported to Facebook by Sophos. A spokeswoman for the site said it disabled malicious applications as soon as they were reported.

“We’re always working to improve our systems and are building additional protections against this type of content,” she said. “As always, we encourage people not to click on suspicious links anywhere on the web, even if they’ve been sent or posted by friends.

“We also have a robust reporting system in place and encourage our users to report any content they suspect to be spam or have the potential to compromise a user’s account through the ‘flag’ button underneath each post.”